How To Manage Multiple Accounts Facebook At One Click Part III

Hi, continue from the previous post about How To Manage Multiple Accounts Facebook At One Click - in this post will add a Facebook auto comment with imacros

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Facebook is implementing more privacy and control tools than what appears on the wall: from now on it makes it easier to choose who can comment on each published article. In addition, it is possible to choose favorite publications so that they have higher priority on the wall.

The Facebook wall is the priority area of ​​this social network, the site where the publications of our friends are combined with the advertisements of the different brands that populate the platform. 

Over the years, said the wall was faded: from relevant updates, we went on to share the most absurd memes and virals; getting, in return, comments out of place. Facebook, aware that the news wall has resulted in a kind of mixed bag, takes measures in the form of new management and control options. They are already active.

Facebook comment community standards

Quoted from

Authenticity: We want to make sure that the content that people see on Facebook is genuine. We believe that authenticity creates a better environment for sharing, and that's why we don't want people to use Facebook to misrepresent themselves or what they're doing.

Security: We are committed to making Facebook a safe place. Expressions that threaten people have the potential to intimidate, isolate, or silence others and are not permitted on Facebook.

Privacy: We are committed to protecting the privacy and personal information. Privacy gives people the freedom to be themselves, and choose how and when to share on Facebook and interact more easily.

Dignity: We believe that all people have the same dignity and rights. We hope people will respect the dignity of others and not harass or demean others.

Our Community Standards apply to everyone, around the world, and to all types of content. These standards are designed to be comprehensive, for example, content that may not be considered hate speech may still be removed for violating other policies. We recognize that words mean different things and affect people differently, depending on their local community, language or background. We strive to take this situation into account while applying our policies consistently and fairly for people and their expressions. The enforcement of these standards is dependent on the information available to us. In some cases, this means that we may not detect content and behavior that violates these standards, and in other cases, enforcement may be limited to the circumstances in which we have been provided with additional information and context.

People can report potentially infringing content, including Pages, Groups, Profiles, individual content, and comments. We also give people control over their own experience by making it easy for them to block, unfollow, or hide people and posts.

How to make automatic comments

  • First, open Facebook
  • Then log in
  • Then record with imacros
  • The full tutorial is on the video
  • You will get an example code like this:






EVENTS TYPE=KEYPRESS SELECTOR="#composerInput" CHARS="your comment"


  • First test it works or not
  • Create Datasources comment.csv
  • Edit and enter your comments there as much as possible
  • Remember to comment that is good and does not violate the Facebook community standards has prepared here, just copy and paste, for comments recommends only 10 comments for each account/day to avoid spam

Auto Comment

How To Manage Multiple Accounts Facebook At One Click

Continued from part II How To Manage Multiple Accounts Facebook At One Click in part III adds auto comments so now bots that have been created from part I already have Auto login, status, updates, likes,  and comments for Facebook bots will still continue in the next part

For those who haven't read the previous part:

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Get all the code below:

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This tutorial is only for education

Video Tutorial

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