How To Install Imacros In Mozilla V56.0

What Is Imacros?

Imacros help of repeating the same task thousands of times, that task that you... again... Today I'm going to give you great news: This is over! I am going to present you with an extension that will help you automate all these repetitive tasks that take us upside down.

This extension is called iMacros, it is nothing more than an addon for the browser in which we can create macros and automate any type of task that we can perform in the browser. 

Some examples of iMacros use are being able to fill in forms that we have to repeat, self-publishing, capturing different URLs, getting points in addmefast, and much more.

How to install iMacros in Mozilla

In order to use this extension, we must have one of these two web browsers installed: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. I personally recommend using Firefox as iMacros doesn't work 100% on Google Chrome.

But especially for this time, will provide a full-functional Imacros tutorial in Mozilla Browser version 48.0

Link Update

Firefox 48.0 X86
Firefox 48.0 X64
Imacros Fix

Add -p -no -remote

Download the extension in previous links, install and restart the browser, we will have iMacros ready

Now the iMacros icon will appear in the toolbar in Firefox, we click on the iMacros icon and a panel will open on the left side of the browser.

The iMacros panel is divided into a small window at the top of the panel where we can view the files of our automated tasks and a window at the bottom of the panel where we can reproduce, record, and edit any automated task.

At the bottom we find the following tabs:

  • Run tab: In this tab, we find the buttons "Run", "Pause", "Stop" and "Run (Loop)", with these 4 buttons we can start, stop and pause the selected macro.
  • Record tab: The Record tab allows us to record all our movements in the web browser, for example when we open a window, when we click on any button, when we fill in a field on a form, etc.
  • Manage tab: The last tab contains buttons to be able to share macros, update the list of macros, macro options and help options.

Task recording modes

The record tab is the one that has the most options and the one that we will use the most, in this tab we will record all the movements and actions that we carry out in the browser. Depending on what you want to record, we can use different recording modes.

To change the recording mode within the "Record" tab, press the "Record options" button and the following recording options appear:

  • Select the best way to record automatically: This is the default mode as it is the most recommended for HMTL websites. This model finds the different attributes in elements like ID, NAME, Text, HREF, etc. to select and record them in the best way that iMacros considers.
  • Event recording mode: It is the last command to automate web controls that the classic iMacros TAG command cannot automate. This recording mode is for advanced users.
  • Conventional recording mode
  • X / Y coordinates: With this option, the XY coordinates of the window where you click will be saved.


From my point of view, it is one of the most useful extensions that I have found since it allows us to do 'everything we want within a web browser with infinite possibilities for automating tasks. In the next posts, I will publish javascript for macros that perform very useful tasks and I hope they serve and help you

Now it only remains to put the automatic pilot of your work and save time that we can use in other tasks. is not responsible for these tutorial
This tutorial is only for education
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