How To Manage Multiple Accounts Facebook At One Click Part I

How To Manage Multiple Accounts Facebook At One Click - In this article, wants to share a tutorial on how to manage multiple Facebook accounts simultaneously and automatically.

Why do you need multiple Facebook accounts?

For those who do business online, it is no secret that Facebook is very helpful as a marketing target, Not only that, even Facebook Business Manager is a destination for those who have online businesses for their business promotions

Many Facebook accounts do not mean cheating people, because the purpose of having many Facebook accounts is very much, some are to backup fan page admin, grub, etc.

How do I create multiple Facebook accounts? will discuss this next time, yes, because there are several ways you can do it automatically and manually, maybe on another occasion will review it

How to manage multiple ad accounts on Facebook?

Well for a Facebook account, the management method is very easy, as long as the account updates its status frequently and interacts with all Facebook users every day so that the ad account is not considered spam

How to manage multiple Facebook groups?

Manage multiple Facebook is also very easy to do manually and automatically, maybe in the future will also review it so just wait

Facebook multiple account manager

Currently, as far as knows, creating a business manager account is very easy, for 1 Facebook account you can create a maximum of 2 BM accounts

If you have 100 Facebook accounts you can automatically create 200 BM accounts, then how do you create so many Facebook business accounts? Of course, it returns to your own needs, there are automatic and manual methods, of course, just follow, which will be discussed in full

But in the next discussion, maybe will only make a tutorial with imacros, not using selenium or python to automate it, because it's easier and simpler

How To Manage Multiple Accounts Facebook At One Click Part I

Immediately, for this part I, will share how to make automatic updates with unlimited status on how many Facebook accounts you have

1. Create a new Profile for Facebook

3. Disable Update Mozilla and Imacros

4. Change User-agent to Android

Code Here

5. Open Facebook Then Record Login

6. Insert User-agent and external data login Facebook

7. Creat Datasources Username And Password

8. Creat Datasources Status

9. I Skip Some Steps You can get all Code below

Install Imacros In Mozilla
Install Old Imacros In Chrome
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Get all the code below:

All Code Here

Any question? write in comments
This tutorial is for educational purposes only

Video Tutorial

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