How To Manage Multiple Accounts Facebook At One Click Part II

 How To Manage Multiple Accounts Facebook At One Click - In part II, adds auto likes, why do you need to like Facebook? because establishing communication or interaction with other users, incomplete if you only update the status without doing other interactions

In part III, will make an auto comment so just wait, the more interaction the account has, the more friends and the better

How to make Facebook like automatic

Not different from the previous part you have to open Mozilla that has been installed imacros first, if you don't know how to install Mozilla and imacros you can go to the previous post

Install Imacros In Mozilla V56.0

  • open Mozilla

  • login to Facebook

  • Record using imacros

Get code like this: 


Change POS=1 to POS=2 POS= 3 etc

Add 10 for 10 likes, recommends a maximum of only 50 a day so that Facebook doesn't consider it spam, and also adds a WAIT of 3-5 seconds for each like so that Facebook doesn't consider it a bot

Or you can use code that has made just copy and paste it into the bookmarks bar:

Facebook Like 

Facebook like login

For Facebook, automatically, like you have to log in first because you haven't logged in first, there will definitely be an error, remember, this automatic code is for imacros without imacros the code will not work,

Is it possible to run the imacros script on google chrome? Of course, you can, has written the article here

How To Manage Multiple Accounts Facebook At One Click

Okay, continuing from the previous article How To Manage Multiple Accounts Facebook At One Click, this time has added auto like Facebook and made it 1 with the script in part I,
so now this script can write posts and likes automatically

For the script itself, has put it in the link below, no editing is needed, everything is ready to use, just copy and paste it in your imacros

Install Imacros In Mozilla
Install Old Imacros In Chrome
Part I
Part III
Part IV

Get all the code below:

All Code Here is not responsible for this tutorial
This tutorial is only for education
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Video Tutorial

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