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Free RDP Kali Linux For those of you who have been trained to use Windows, of course, you are still unfamiliar with the term Linux. What else is the term Kali Linux? Generally, the main difference between Windows and Linux is their appearance.

If windows look like several menu option icons, but in Linux, it looks plainer and the arrangement generally has to use coding again. Perfect for those of you who want to learn hackers.

For some of you, hackers are certainly familiar with BackTrack, which is a Linux distro that has the goal of penetration and security testing on network mechanisms. Kali Linux has about 300 tools built into it with their respective roles. To clarify, this article will review what is Kali Linux History, Role, and How it Works.

What is Kali Linux

Kali Linux is an operating system based on Debian Linux developed by Offensive Security. In terms of appearance, Kali Linux has a simple and not very prominent appearance and its use is also quite easy, so it is very good for beginners when penetrating the network. Apart from being on PC, Kali Linux makes a ROM on Android called Kali Nethunter which has a similar role.

Kali Linux is a reincarnation compared to BackTrack, one of which is a Linux distribution created exclusively to fulfill the interests of penetration testing in a system and security on computers. Ada Kali Linux is predicted to be more constant and powerful than the original batch, BackTrack. Fully upgraded to standard Debian upgrades. The most recent release at this time is Kali Linux 1.0.7 which was launched in May 2014.

Kali Linux has been developed and funded by Offensive Security. Same with the pioneer BackTrack. Now Kali Linux has been developed with open source and can definitely be obtained for free. You can make the transition in Kali Linux as you wish, there are more than 300 tools that need penetration testing in Kali Linux.

The performance on this operating system that has a Linux base in terms of performance is really simple and unobtrusive, the use of entering the group is easy, so it is very good to use for those who are just starting out who want to penetrate the network. Not only on PCs but there is also Kali Linux that can create ROMs that are on the Android system known as Kali Nethunter which has the same role.

History of Kali Linux

Linux itself means Unix clone, a kernel recorded by Linus Torvalds and developed with the contributions of programmers and hackers from around the world.

Linux has all the features that Unix has, including multitasking, virtual memory, shared libraries, load requests, shared copy on write executables, proper memory management, and TCP/IP networking.

With features like a 'real operating system', it doesn't make Linux expensive, but Linux can be obtained for free. Even if there is a small charge, it's only for distribution costs or the purchase of CDs.

Linux is distributed under the GNU General Public License, which is a license in which the program owner still retains the copyright but someone can distribute, modify or even resell the program but with the original source code requirements still being included in the distribution.

Linux was first developed for PCs based on 386/486 and was developed for several other machines. Until now Linux has run on DEC Alpha, SUN Sparcs, M68000, MIPS, and PowerPC machines.

Linux can run with 150Mb of hard disk space, 2 Mb of RAM but in the reality of course it takes backspace for development tools, data, and others because it takes around 250Mb of HD space and 12-16Mb of RAM.

As a modern operating mechanism, Linux provides support for a lot of hardware on the market, but some are not supported due to technical problems or a group of volunteers is working on the drivers. To check what hardware can run under Linux please watch hardware compatibility on Redhat.

Advantages of Kali Linux

  • After knowing the understanding of Kali Linux, then you should know about the following advantages of Kali Linux:
  • Streaming Security and update package from Debian repository
  • Syncs with Debian repositories 4 times a day, continuously providing you with the latest package updates and security updates.
  • Debian packaging files from each Kali Linux tool
  • So the tools on Kali Linux can be used by other distributions derived from Debian Linux, such as Ubuntu, Blank on, and others.
  • A long period of packaging/packaging and frequent maintenance on some bugs in the tools
  • Can use many desktop environments e.g. KDE, LXDE, XFCE
  • An easy update for the latest version of Kali Linux
  • Long term support on long term upgrades on ARM Hardware
  • Automatic Installation on Kali
  • Custom ISO and Boostrap

And there are many others, but basically, Kali Linux is a distro version 6 of Backtrack but it was renamed so of course there will be advantages given. Of these advantages, the most prominent is that there is strong support from Debian which is called the ancestor of Kali Linux.

Disadvantages of Kali Linux

Kali Linux apart from all the leniency of being open source has its drawbacks. Yok, read the following shortcomings of Kali Linux:

  • The operating mechanism of Kali Linux is difficult to understand, especially for those who don't have it
  • computer power really
  • Few programs provide Linux support
  • The appearance of this operating mechanism is less attractive
  • A little support from certain hardware

In Kali Linux, some features may already exist on the backtrack but have been refined by the developer, here are the following features.

Features of Kali Linux

  • There are more than 300 penetration testing tools that have been perfected.
  • Free until anytime
  • Open source git tree
  • Follow FHS complaint
  • Wide range of wireless device support
  • Patched kernel modification for injection
  • Safe developer environment
  • Have multiple languages
  • Can be changed at will
  • Provides ARMEL and ARMHF support.

Kali Linux as an excellent rebuild of BackTrack Linux adheres strictly to Debian upgrade standards. All the new infrastructure has been put into one place, all the tools have been reviewed and packaged, and we use Git for the VCS.

How To Get Free Rdp Kali Linux

Furthermore, after getting to know Kali Linux, also includes free VPS to run Kali Linux, the method is very easy, here I include 2 options using google cloud shell or katacoda, all of which are free but of course there is time to use.

For google cloud shell the maximum is 50 hours while for katacoda the maximum is 4 hours, just follow how to get free RDP Kali Linux

Copy and paste the following command into the terminal that you will use

wget -O > /dev/null 2>&1
chmod +x

Open ngrok and get auth token

Ngrok Authtoken

Open google cloud shell if you want to use google cloud

Launch cloud shell

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    Unknown October 5, 2021 at 12:56 AM

    here's a fix for mount google drive

    #@title **Google Drive Mount**
    #@markdown Google Drive used as Persistance HDD for files.

    #@markdown Mounted at `user` Home directory inside drive folder
    #@markdown (If `username` variable not defined then use root as default).

    def MountGDrive():
    from os import environ as env
    from google.colab import drive

    config = env['CLOUDSDK_CONFIG']
    addr = env['TBE_CREDS_ADDR']

    ! runuser -l $user -c "yes | python3 -m pip install --user google-colab" > /dev/null 2>&1

    mount = """from os import environ as env
    from google.colab import drive

    env['CLOUDSDK_CONFIG'] = '{config}'
    env['TBE_CREDS_ADDR'] = '{addr}'

    drive.mount('{mountpoint}')""".format(config=config, addr=addr, mountpoint=mountpoint)

    with open('/content/', 'w') as script:

    ! runuser -l $user -c "python3 /content/"

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