Vps Google Cloud , Free Lifetime Update June

VPS Google Cloud Free Lifetime Update June - Google is one of the tech giants that own a large cloud-based infrastructure called Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Thanks to its performance, scalability, and competitive prices, large prominent companies are relying on its services such as Spotify, HSBC, Coca-Cola, Ubisoft, Philips, etc.

Among the different services offered by the Google cloud is the Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine (GCE) that allows the creation of virtual servers.

As we discussed in the Amazon VPS article, these virtual servers are not the same as a VPS server. There are some differences, although for practical purposes we will consider them as equivalent.

$ 300 free credit

When you open an account, Google gives us $ 300 of free balance to spend on any of its GCP services. In this case, we will use it to create a free VPS.

There is no trap or cardboard, this free balance is a way that Google uses to promote itself since it knows that when you exhaust it, you will probably end up hiring their services.

We can use the free balance for a year and to get it we will simply have to go to the address https://cloud.google.com/ and register with our Google account.

We will have to enter our data including the credit card number. This information is necessary to verify that we are not a robot.

Our opinion on Google Cloud Platform

Currently, 70% of the websites are already hosted in the cloud and this trend is expected to continue to rise in the coming years. This is because the cloud currently offers the best technology.

Among the different hosting systems that exist: shared hosting, VPS, cloud computing, Google stands out above all with Google Cloud. And it is that Google has the largest fiber optic data system and the best data centers.

Akuh.net has tested the Compute Engine service to create virtual servers and has been delighted. We have also done tests with other services such as APIs, databases, obtaining very good results.

Akuh.net certainly recommends Google services for your projects; it is a safe value. But since experience is the mother of science, the best thing you can do is try it yourself and for this, the $ 300 of free credit that Google gives us comes in luxury.

VPS Google Cloud , Free Lifetime 

  • login to console
  • Open terminal
  • Paste Comand

Official site: https://cloud.google.com/shell

akuh.net has prepared the code to create a free vps from google cloud and completely free

Paste Command

Get Code Here

Google cloud shell auto disconnect after 1 hour?

Paste Command in console

Anti DC

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