LinkCollider Bot Get Automatic Unlimited Tokens

What is that LinkCollider?

LinkCollider Bot Get Automatic Unlimited Tokens - LinkCollider improves your website SEO in several ways and helps you connect socially. Our tools are aimed at helping you get the most out of your website while ranking in search engines. They help promote your business by creating and maintaining social media audiences that help improve your online presence

What is that LinkCollider Tokens

Tokens are the currency on LinkCollider. Like money, you can pay people in tokens to help you get found and noticed or get paid in tokens for helping other people and their businesses.

Why Do I Need Tokens?

Tokens serve as money on LinkCollider. You get new tweets, likes, shares, blog posts, followers, subscribers, and more website traffic by paying other users of LinkCollider to share your content and website.

You get what you give when it comes to tokens - the more you can offer, the better you’ll be.

How are Reward Tokens Used?

Whenever a user creates an activity for your site, like a share, tweet, or like, tokens are deducted from your account but you can set a limit for how much activity is performed.

The more tokens you have, and the higher you set your limit - the more you’ll receive from LinkCollider users.

You are required to click on other people's webs or surf other websites and you will get tokens/points to get traffic.

Free video SEO tool and increase website traffic with link collider

For myself, I prefer to get auto surf tokens, so once I autosurf, I just have to live with the computer, the tokens will automatically increase and with these tokens, I can use the SEO tools available on the website.

Advantages of using Link Collider

Web traffic

An increase in your web traffic indicates a rising opportunity to make a profit for your business. This helps you earn more money.

No Proxy Server

No proxy servers or bots. Your website will get real visitors and web traffic with a unique and correct IP address from the worldwide link collider community.


Perhaps the most popular way to increase your search engine visibility, but it is also often the most expensive. But in link order, you don't even have to pay a penny to have Backlinks. By using Backlinks Generator and depending on your site description, link collider guarantees that your Backlinks remain forever and will be indexed by Search Engines.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Youtube, and Pinterest

As part of the link collider SEO service, it also includes exchanging social media activities such as sharing, liking, blog posts, and tweeting 

Instant Articles

You don't need to have a blog to write an article about your website. In link collider, you can create your own articles directly from your link collider account with a high Backlink PageRank bonus.

Online Directory

Most of it is used to index the most important websites around the world. Linkcollider collects the most popular online directories and lets you submit your website in just one click using the link collider Directory Submission tool.

Drop My Link

Forget thinking about where you can post a link to get additional Backlinks. Drop My Link will help you to find websites where you can post your link in the comments section to promote your site and create free Backlinks.

Create Automatic Articles

The article generator will help you to generate new and unique articles by swapping words with equivalent synonyms for free.

Website Optimization

Based on countless web developers, blogs, and Google HTML content guides. Linkcollider applies 10 HTML Rules to increase search engine visibility.

How To Collects Unlimited Tokens  Automatic has prepared several imacros scripts that can be used to automatically collect tokens on LinkCollider, but before that, you have to install imacros

Install Old Imacros Chrome

Install Old Imacros Firefox

Script imacros

Works in Mozilla {Some Script does not work if run in chrome}

YouTube must be set to English and the subscribe must be public, you can click below for automatic settings:
Youtube Setting
YouTube Subscribe

I skip Facebook Share and Twitter Tweet, this caused social media accounts to be banned

Only works on Chrome is not responsible for this tutorial
This tutorial is only for education
If it is useful, please click the ad on site. 1 click is very useful, thank you

Video Tutorial

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