How To Install Old Imacros In Chrome

What Is Imacros?

Imacros help of repeating the same task thousands of times, that task that you... again... Today I'm going to give you great news: This is over! I am going to present you with an extension that will help you automate all these repetitive tasks that take us upside down.

This extension is called iMacros, it is nothing more than an addon for the browser in which we can create macros and automate any type of task that we can perform in the browser. 

Some examples of iMacros use are being able to fill in forms that we have to repeat, self-publishing, capturing different URLs, getting points in addmefast, and much more.

How to install iMacros in Chrome

  • Download Chrome any version as you want

Official Site:

Open link in same tab, pop-up as tab [Free]

  • Only use these imacros don't update

  • Click on More Tools
  • Click on Extension

  • Enable Developer mode
  • Click on Load Unpacked
  • Select Imacros Folder

Now the iMacros icon will appear in the toolbar in Chrome, we click on the iMacros icon and a panel will open on the left side of the browser.

The iMacros panel is divided into a small window at the top of the panel where we can view the files of our automated tasks and a window at the bottom of the panel where we can reproduce, record, and edit any automated task.

Examples of Using Imacros:

  • Entering large amounts of data into one website (data entry).
  • Entering data in a lot of data to multiple websites.
  • Adding a list of Facebook friends all in one click.
  • Follow the list of Twitter accounts in one click.
  • Submit blogs on various social bookmarks.
  • Extract data from the web (crawl) and store it on the hard drive in the form of a CSV (Excel) file.
  • And many more.

Imagine if all of the above cases were done manually, how much time we wasted just doing the same thing over and over again. However, if you use Imacros just one click and it will do it automatically. Of course, before executing the tool we have to make an algorithm. Quite easy, is not responsible for this tutorial
This tutorial is only for education
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Video Tutorial

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