How To Unsubscribe On Youtube 1 Click Imacros Script

How To Unsubscribe On Youtube 1 Click Imacros Script - Subscribe is a familiar word in today's modern era. Even so, more people understand it as a word in the YouTube service only. Yet it has a broader meaning for customers in various companies.

Many websites, company products, and services for specific customers to have access to. Most subscription-based models are paid services, which are mutually beneficial.

Like someone entering a newspaper. Access to receive information or products is faster and easier than other people.

How To Unsubscribe On Youtube

How To Unsubscribe On Youtube 1 Click Imacros Script-  go over ways you can unsubscribe from youtube easy with imacros only 1 click

YouTube channel on mobile or a desktop. Users have a couple of options on their browsers to view and remove subscriptions.

Tut the way that is sharing this time is only specifically for desktops because imacros only runs on desktops

Sign in to your YouTube account

  • On the landing page, click "Subscriptions" on the sidebar.
  • This page will show a feed of recent content from your subscriptions.
  • On the top right, click the "Manage" button. Here, you'll be presented with an alphabetical list Of every channel, you subscribe to.
  • To remove any channel, click the gray "Subscribe" button, and then confirm the removal in the pop-up.
  • You can also unsubscribe from a channel while watching its content or browsing its page.
  • You can find the subscription prompt next to their name in the description. 
  • On their channel, the prompt will appear in the top right.

On the mobile app, navigate to "Subscriptions" from the menu bar.

Like on desktop, you'll see a feed of the latest content from your subscriptions.

Unsubscribe Youtube 1 Click Imacros Script

Just click the script that shares below remember you have to install imcaros to run this script

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