5 Ways To Recover Data From An External Hard Drive

How Recover Data From External Hard Drive. Undoubtedly, the biggest concern of 90% of computer users is to keep their files safe on an exter...

akuh 20 Jul, 2021 2

4 Way to change the date and time in Windows 11

If the time or date on your Windows 11 is not correct, this is how you can correct it. You decide to let it sync automatically, but if that ...

akuh 5 Jul, 2021

Best Settings Ever How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance

Hello there guys what’s going on, today we gonna be show you, how to speed up your Windows 10 performance.

akuh 3 Jul, 2021

How to Customize Windows 10 to the Maximum

How to Customize Windows 10 to the Maximum - We bring you a guide with several options to customize Windows 10 to the maximum to give it tha...

akuh 16 Jun, 2021

How To Install Roboto, Google Font, On Windows

How To Install Roboto , Google Font, On Windows - Roboto is a family of sans-serif typefaces created by Google to use as the default font fo...

akuh 14 Jun, 2021

Clean installation of windows 10

If what you are looking for is a tutorial on how to Clean the installation of Windows 10, you are in the right place. Windows has plenty of ...

akuh 14 Jun, 2021

How To Restore Laptop Screen Color To Normal Windows 10 Mode

How to Restore Laptop Screen Color to Normal Windows 10 Mode - Blue screen of death is common in Windows 10, but the pink screen of death (P...

akuh 8 Jun, 2021