Delete History Run Command in Windows

Delete History Run Command in Windows - This article will explain how to delete the history or history of the Run command in Windows. The Run dialog box is a very powerful tool in Windows. You can use this utility to open the applications and documents you want directly whose path you know. You just need to type the application name or folder path in the text box, then press Enter and it will take you to the desired location.

Moreover, it stores the commands you use to open applications on your computer. And when you type the first letter of any command, all matching commands will be listed there. If you want to delete items in your Run dialog history, then this article will help you do that.

How to Delete Run Command History

On Windows, you can use the Registry Editor to clear the history of the Run command. Make sure you are logged into your computer as an administrator.

Since we will be doing this with a registry editor, it is recommended that you back up your Windows registry because modifying the registry is very risky if you don't know what you are doing. To clear the Run command history, you need to clear the Most Recently Used (MRU) list.

  • To get started, you must first open the Registry Editor on your computer. To do this, you can search for regedit via the Search box on the Taskbar and click on Registry Editor in the results that appear. 
  • Or you can press Win key + R, then type regedit and press Enter.
  • When the UAC window appears on the screen, click Yes to open the Registry Editor on your computer.
  • After opening the Registry Editor, navigate to the following path below.


  • In the RunMRU keyreg, you will find a list of DWORD in the right pane named a, b, c, d, and so on.
  • Now right-click on each DWORD (except Default) and then select Delete. This step is to clear the history of the Run dialog on your PC.
  • If a pop-up appears on the screen for your approval, simply click Yes.

Most cleaner apps also clear the MRU list. You can also use other specialized free applications such as MRU Blaster, to clear the Most Recently Used (MRU) list and remove all traces and usage tracks from your corner of Windows, including Explorer, Office, Visual Studio, and others.

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