Fixed Error Select the driver to be installed When Installing Windows

The process of installing Windows whether it's Windows 11, Windows 10 or other versions of Windows is easy. However, there are some users who face the error Select the driver to install during Windows installation when they try to install Windows on their PC. In this article, I have several solutions to fix this problem and help you continue with your successful Windows installation.

Generally, the necessary drivers for our PC are bundled with Windows. They are installed automatically along with Windows. There are instances where a driver is not detected for installation and you see an error to select a driver for installation. The cause of the error is as follows.

  • Corrupt or corrupted ISO media.
  • Broken USB port.
  • The installation media uses SATA, not IDE.

Let's fix this problem so that you can install Windows and its drivers normally.

Fixed Error Select the driver to be installed When Installing Windows

When a driver fails to install during the Windows installation process, you can fix this problem with the following methods. Let's look at each method in detail.

Change USB Port

The port you used to connect the USB to install windows might be wrong. the connection may be unstable because it is difficult to detect the required files. Change the port and plug the USB into another port and try to install it again. If you are using a desktop PC, you should use the port on the back of your CPU. If the problem occurred due to a faulty port, then it should be resolved by now.

Format USB Drive to FAT32

Sometimes the NTFS file system may not be supported by your PC. Errors may occur because of this. So format your USB drive to FAT32 and create a bootable USB using the Media Creation Tool or Rufus. Previously, you may need to check whether your USB drive is bootable or not.

Change Settings in BIOS

Sometimes something wrong in BIOS might be the cause of this problem. When the machine is using Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) and the installation media is booting with Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA), this error may occur. So boot into BIOS and change the storage configuration from SATA to IDE

Redownload Windows ISO

Missing files in the ISO or corrupted files can cause this problem. You will need to re-download the Windows 10 ISO or Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft and create a bootable disk or USB with the file. Then try reinstalling Windows.

Those are some of the ways that you can use to fix the error Select drivers to install during Windows installation.

How to install drivers when installing Windows?

The necessary drivers for your PC are installed automatically along with Windows. You don't have to do anything except face any problems with the driver installation. You can update the driver manually if you face any issues after installation.

How do I fix the drivers for installing Windows 10/11?

If you encounter problems installing drivers during Windows installation, you can easily fix them by changing the USB port, changing the BIOS settings, and re-downloading the Windows ISO.

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