12 Ways How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers

How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers - Simply essential for the YouTube algorithm to pay attention to your channel and videos. Today I will show you the real ways you can get free subscribers. Without cheats. No tricks. Only tactics that work.

In recent years, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have dominated the social media video spotlight. But YouTube is still an incredible marketing channel, with more than 10 million visitors per day and 5 billion daily video views.

In recent years, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have dominated the social media video spotlight. But YouTube is still an incredible marketing channel, with more than 10 million visitors per day and 5 billion daily video views.


According to  GlobalWebIndex, one in four YouTubers viewed a branded video in the past month. Not only do millennials use YouTube, anyone does. Google shows that YouTube reaches 95% of online adults over 35 in one month. Additionally, according to new demographics from Google, YouTube's reach continues to expand to older audiences.

In this post, you'll learn 11 ways to start getting YouTube subscribers for free. If you are just starting to create your YouTube channel or are looking for ways to optimize existing content, this post is for you.

12 Ways How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers

1. Start promoting.

If you search “How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers, you will discover a delightful subgenre of social media tips dedicated to 'tricks and glitches for YouTube'. These shortcuts, which are typically sold through tabloid titles like 'How to get millions of YouTube subscribers for free', promise to teach you a hidden trick that will flood your YouTube subscriber channel for free (YouTube tricks only exist if the definition of a "trick" is a little known function).

If you have a new or unknown YouTube channel, you need to gain ground. Without the attention of the YouTube algorithm, your videos will not appear in search results or recommendation lists.

So how can you make the organic wheel spin? I asked this question of Gianni “Luminati” Nicassio, one of the founding members of the indie band Walk Off Earth. Gianni used YouTube to catapult his unknown band onto the world stage, earning him more than 634 million organic views on YouTube.

His advice for new YouTube channels? Be ruthless about promotion. “If you're just starting out, don't be afraid of routine work,” says Gianni. “Creating engaging content is only half the process. You have to get ruthless and promote over and over and over again. "

“Start with your Facebook friends and openly (albeit with some class) ask them to share your video. Then find out where your audience is and start targeting those sites. Visit blogs that relate to your content and share your video. Or, leave a reply in the comment section of the related video. "

Your task: Stop wasting time looking for shortcuts on YouTube. Instead, develop a plan to promote your YouTube channel. Start with manual tasks. Once you've achieved some traction, free YouTube subscribers and organic traffic will start to flow.

2. Comply with the 1 × 4 content calendar

“The BEST thing you can do with YouTube (or any content creation in this regard) is to come up with a lot of content that is consistent. For seven years, I have made at least one video a week ”.

This often helps you keep your subscribers (another important metric for YouTube) as well as attract new free YouTube subscribers.

“The time comes when people expect your content. You create a continuous beat like your favorite TV show. You know they pass it every week. Plus, when you create more content, you increase the number of places people find you online. Instead of seeing your brand in one or two YouTube searches, you start showing up again and again in search results.

A simple formula that works is this: 1 × 4. He posts four YouTube videos every month. That is summarized in a video every week. It's an easy number to remember and you'll soon see new YouTube subscribers arrive.

Your task: Stick to a publishing schedule. An easy formula: a YouTube video every week for a total of four a month.

3. Stop talking. Start offering.

YouTube expressly states: "channels and videos with longer viewing times are more likely to appear in search and recommendation results."

How can you increase the viewing time? There are many tips and tricks online. But the most important principle is this: value your viewers' time.

you need to deliver value immediately. “We have realized that the first 8 seconds of your video are the most important. The click-through rate to exit in those precious seconds is staggering. If you make music videos, start playing music right away. If you are going to show something or explain a product, start by providing the information ”.

akuh.net recommends that you go straight to the content and then promote your product at the end. “Don't talk to people about your day, don't talk about the videos you make or where to buy the song. Just play the song and give them the additional information after the song or in the description. "

Your mission: reduce your introduction. Avoid flashy intro and theme music. Make sure the first 8 seconds of each video attract visitors.

4. Make search engines subscribers with playlists

You work hard to get the first viewer. The viewer needs to search for a relevant keyword, see your video in YouTube results, and click on your result. To convert these casual viewers into subscribers, use YouTube playlists. These increase content consumption, retain subscribers and increase watch time.

Instead of creating multiple playlists, create a content track for new users to see. In other words, treat your YouTube subscribers as a group, segmenting your audience into groups of users who will see your content.

Create playlists for three types of groups:

  • New Visitors: What content should a first-time subscriber see? I recommend creating a playlist that says. "New to this YouTube channel? Check out these videos first." This playlist needs to introduce the follower to your channel and show your best, funniest and most useful videos for them to become a subscriber.

  • Task-oriented viewers: If you offer educational content, a large part of your audience will seek to solve specific problems. This could involve learning a specific skill or fixing a problem. For example, Cochrane (the YouTube expert cited above) has a specific playlist that helps its audience complete different music tasks. These playlists increase content consumption, as well as reminding people that your channel is a good place to look later if they run into a problem

  • Topic-Focused Visits: By creating playlists that comprehensively cover a specific topic, you'll attract one of the most beneficial types of visitors: content hogs. These visitors search for video collections on a specific topic and will advance methodologically through your playlists. A good example of this comes from the Google Analytics YouTube channel. You can watch a collection of videos on "TV Attribution," "Google Data Studio," or mastering the basics of "Google Tag Manager."

It's easy to create a YouTube playlist.

  • Start with the video you want in the playlist
  • Below the video, click  Add to
  • Click  create new playlist
  • Type the name of the playlist
  • Use the drop-down menu to select your privacy settings from your list of results. If it's private, people won't be able to find it when they search YouTube.
  • Click  Create

Your task: Create YouTube playlists based on three age groups of viewers: new viewers, task-oriented viewers, and topic-focused viewers.

5. Expand your search network on Pinterest

Most of your subscribers will discover your channel by searching Google or through the YouTube search bar. Pinterest is also a visual search engine, making it a perfect match for your YouTube strategy.

Not all companies or brands are suitable for Pinterest. To determine if your customers live on Pinterest

Hire a designer to turn your best YouTube videos into Pinterest-compatible images. For example, if you run a cooking channel, you might have an image on Pinterest that offers tips on proper cutting techniques or quick baking tips. For each visual, put a link to your YouTube channel and tell people they can watch the full video.

Collect these images and create an SEO-focused Pinterest collection. For example, you could turn your theme-focused playlist into a Pinterest collection. Use an extensive list of keywords in your Pinterest collection like, "healthy summer recipes" or "photo tutorial 101".

Consider spending budget on  Pinterest ads. They are quite effective and will help you boost your visibility. This is optional, as people will discover your Pinterest collections through searches.

Your Mission: Create SEO-focused Pinterest collections that have links to your YouTube channel.

6. Add mentions in Amazon reviews

Is your YouTube channel about a product category like electronic equipment? Or maybe it covers a topic that many books have written about, such as gardening, crafts, or fashion. Leave reviews on popular Amazon products and mention your YouTube channel.

Let's say you have a cooking channel on YouTube. You could leave reviews for popular cookbooks, like for The Joy of Cooking or a new book by a celebrity chef, and tell people that they'll be sampling some of the recipes on your YouTube channel. Or if your YouTube channel is about hiking gear, you can mention that you will be reviewing a popular item on your channel.

By Amazon's review rules, you are not allowed to post URL links from external sites. So if you include a link to your YouTube channel, your review will be blocked.

But you can mention your channel by saying, “I also reviewed The Joy of Cooking book on my YouTube channel 'Cooking with James and Owly'”, and thus carefully promote your channel. YouTube also allows you to post product review videos. If you leave a review in video form, end the video with a subtle mention of your channel.

Your mission: find popular books or products related to your YouTube channel. Add a genuine and detailed review on Amazon. In the end, mention your YouTube channel. Note: It is against Amazon policy to include a URL, but you can mention the name of your YouTube channel so that people can search for it on Google.

7. Promote your YouTube channel through Facebook groups

For the past year, I have been rediscovering Facebook groups. You can search for a group for most topics and interests. For example,  #TeamofOne  (#EquipoDeUno) is a community of social media advisors and strategists. Also, I follow a group of advertising writers. as well as groups related to my hobby of music production.

You can search for relevant Facebook groups by entering "YOUR KEYWORD" with the "Groups" filter in the Facebook search bar. To browse different groups and sort by interests, use  Facebook's discover feature. If you sell local products,  you can find local buying and selling groups here.

Your task: Find 10-20 relevant Facebook groups and add a comment, in which you tell people about a YouTube video that you are proud of. If you don't want to do this manual work, outsource a freelancer using Upwork.

8. Promote with Subreddits

Reddit users organize themselves as subreddits. These are communities based on a theme. Search 10-20 subreddits and tell people about your YouTube channel.

If your content is awful and not relevant to the subreddit, the Redditors will poke fun at you and take you off the subreddit. However, a good marketing rule of thumb is to only promote and advertise once you have a wonderful product. Otherwise, as marketing legend Dan Kennedy puts it, "Marketing only increases the speed at which people discover that your product is terrible."

Your task: Search 10-20 subreddits and post a link to a YouTube video that you are proud of. I have written a complete guide to search for subreddits here.

9. Create searchable titles

I also asked Cochrane if he had any simple enhancement techniques that people overlook. He recommended spending a few minutes creating SEO-focused titles and descriptions.

"The best thing you can do is create YouTube titles and descriptions that have the most relevant search terms," ​​says Cochrane.

“A great way to check is to start by typing in the YouTube search bar the words you ARE going to use in your title. What search results does it return? Now try other words (one word at a time because YouTube will auto-fill based on popular search terms) and you can see what people are REALLY searching on YouTube and see how many results those search terms give you.

Your task: Use YouTube's autofill feature to create search engine optimized titles and descriptions.

10. Translate popular videos

It's hard to find a winning YouTube formula. But once you find it, you need to focus your efforts to replicate that success.

After posting for a few months, you will have some videos that will resonate. I recommend translating these popular videos into a few languages ​​(like German, French, and Spanish). This helps you rank international markets, gain new YouTube subscribers for free, and expand your reach. It is always a good idea to add subtitles to every YouTube video.

Your task: Hire a translation company to turn your best YouTube videos into international hits.

11. Expand your reach with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

YouTube is a wonderful way to attract free subscribers. Also, typically what works on YouTube can work with videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter videos.

Expand your reach by posting your YouTube videos on different social networks.

Thanks to Hootsuite, you can do this faster. Use Hootsuite to upload and schedule your YouTube videos; and then post the same video on other video networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It's easy to use our video integrations like the amazing Vidyard tool to access detailed video and conversion data.

Your mission: Once you have mastered YouTube, repost your best video content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

12. Using Goviral

GoViral.ai is an online YouTube Growth Service that provides free views, likes, comments, and subscribers.

After registering, you can earn coins by watching videos and engaging with them (likes, etc).

Then using those coins, you can order free views, likes, subscribers, or comments.

GoViral.ai also promises:

  • Full Automation – their system will automatically send everything to you.
  • Boost Organic Growth – over time you will naturally gain more subscribers and views.
  • Super Easy to Use – user-friendly dashboard and interface.
  • Delivery of orders depends on how many users are on the network at any time.

You can also buy coins, so you basically buy YouTube subscribers/views, etc for a very cheap price.

GoViral.ai also offers excellent support via a contact form: all inquiries will be answered within 72 hours.

But here akuh.net will share how to get coins for free and automatically using Imacros, but for this time I recommend using Imacros on chrome because chrome is lighter for this site

Install Imacros In Mozilla

Install Old Imacros In Chrome

Official Website: https://goviral.ai/

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