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Instagram is possibly today the most used social network in Spain and some Spanish-speaking countries. This is the reason why searches such as "get followers on Instagram", "buy followers on Instagram" or "how to have many followers on Instagram" are in the top positions of Google Trends.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to have thousands and thousands of followers from one day to the next, unless we use applications to buy followers (which we strongly discourage). The only way to fatten our figures is by resorting to real and above all, reliable methods. This time we will show you ten simple tricks to gain followers on easy Instagram.

Change account from Instagram to Business

The first thing we must do to analyze our profile and get followers based on the interest of users for our personal brand is to change our account to a company. Thanks to this, we can see the number of people who visit our profile, as well as the age range, location, and gender.

We can also see the statistics of our photos (global reach, people who have saved our photos, etc.). In this article, we show you how to do it only.

See the people who have unfollowed us on Instagram

To grow our account, one of the most recommended tricks is to see which people have recently unfollowed us. Not only to control the number of followers but to see their profile and the reasons why they have stopped following us. We can do it through various applications for Android and iOS.

Participate in Instagram hashtags to get likes

The next trick to get followers, likes, and all kinds of interactions on our profile is to participate in popular hashtags. Since most websites to monitor their popularity are paid, it is best to search within the application itself.

To do this, as simple as going to the Search section, click on the '#' icon, and entering the term we are looking for. Then a list will appear with the hashtag in question and the number of publications with its tag. The higher the number, the more popular the topic in question.

Follow users who follow accounts similar to ours

One of the oldest methods to gain a lot of followers on Instagram. Doing so is as simple as going to accounts similar to ours with more followers than us. Once we are inside, we will open some of the last photos of the profile in question and we will see the people who have liked the publication.

Now we just have to follow each of the profiles that have liked or like any of their photos. Inevitably, the user will enter our profile to see our content.

Comment on posts of "type" accounts with content similar to ours

This trick to get followers goes hand in hand with the previous one. Commenting on other users' profiles is not always the best way to get them interested in our profile. Therefore, it is best to do it in accounts called "type", which are characterized by uploading content not related to people or brands, but to some area of ​​life. Accounts of musical covers, lifestyle, exercise at home, food ... Leaving a witty comment can be a good way to attract other users.

Download the Top Tags for Likes app

A very useful application that will help us to tag our photos to get likes. There are variants of this in Google Play and the App Store: we can use any that does what is promised. Once we have it installed on our mobile, the operation is similar in all: the application will suggest a series of popular and used hashtags to gain followers and likes (#instafollow, #followme, etc.).

We can also use pages like hashtagsforlik Files. co, which, in essence, is the same as the aforementioned mobile applications.

Add descriptions to interesting photos and profile

Since Instagram changed the algorithm to display the photos according to our interest, the content of the photos now acquires much more interest. It is well known that the application prioritizes publications that have certain content in the caption. The description should be interesting and with some call to action for people to interact with our profile: no dozens of hashtags or keywords.

Post in the afternoon and preferably on Wednesday

This will largely depend on the people who follow us (we can see it in the statistics of our account), however, according to various sources, the number of active users is higher during the afternoon. Generally from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. is the higher degree of engagement ('welcome' or 'commitment' in Spanish) usually has all the publications.

Regarding the day, it is advisable here to publish from Wednesday, although we can also do it on Thursday or you come. The weekend is when people least use their mobiles.

Buy Instagram advertising

If we are not able to get followers by any of the above methods, we can do it by paying Instagram so that our content reaches more people. Due to the operation of the Instagram algorithm, the application will ensure that our profile reaches the people who are most interested in content similar to our account.

If we have an account in Company mode, as simple as going to the photograph or story in question and clicking on the Promote button that will appear in blue.

Use applications to buy followers on Instagram (not recommended)

We come to the last trick to have more followers and at least recommended by the One Expert team. Buying followers through these types of apps and websites will not only not help to grow the real interest of our profile, but Instagram can close our account for violating community rules.

However, if we are still determined to buy followers, we can do it through the following:




GetFly Followers

Neutrino +

The last way use KingdomLike

This website is based in North America. It has been active for 2 years now, with a lot of success. More than 10,000 active owners perform actions on the platform every day. This tool functions with points as said before. Clients can either get these ones by interacting on social media with others who are in the same situation. Another option is to buy points to save them later on.

This company also has a referral program. It consists of sharing a link with a friend who might be interested. If they become active members of KingdomLikes, then the original person receives points. As stated before, they can get these points by liking or sharing what others post. This way, the platform makes sure that the traffic they receive comes from real and active accounts.

How to get KingdomLike unlimited point

akuh.net this time will share a tutorial on how to get unlimited points in kingdomlike, namely by using the imacros script, of course, you have to install imacros first to run this script

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Script Imacros KingdomLike

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