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Get free YouTube Subscriptions and Instagram Followers - A large community, in number and quality of subscribers, is an immense source of visits and the quintessential feature of a successful YouTube channel. It's no wonder we all want to have the maximum number of subscribers to our channel.

Well, I have good news for you: it is not that difficult to achieve it if you know how Naturally we want the maximum number of subscribers possible, that's what this post focuses on, but you have to be absolutely clear that those subscribers only have value if they are of quality

A good subscriber base is a great source of direct traffic, but, in addition, they are an invaluable growth engine for your channel because these people will share your videos with other people, and with that, they will grow your channel even more. That's obvious.

What, however, is less obvious, if you don't have much experience yet, are the indirect consequences of having poor or good quality subscribers.

Why is it so important to have quality subscribers?

A quality subscriber is someone who really follows your topic with interest and trusts you.

These people are the ones who will share your videos, make comments, and will ultimately achieve that when you reach a threshold, your channel grows by itself, the famous snowball effect that, on the Internet, occurs in a particularly intense way when it happens.

What difference a good subscriber from a bad one

The other passive subscribers will simply be there, increasing the number of subscribers that the cover of your channel looks like, but beyond that, they will not contribute anything to you.

The thing is even clearer if we go to the economic effects. If you would like, apart from having fun, to generate income with your channel, again, this income will come almost exclusively from your most hooked subscribers.


I give you examples with different ways of monetization to see it:

If you recommend products using affiliate links to the websites of those products (which will generate commissions on purchases), the vast majority of those who will listen to your recommendations will be the subscribers who trust you. So much so, that there are even very grateful people wanting to return the favor using your affiliate links.

If we take the previous example to the field of own products (typically an online course, for example), the behavior will be, again, very similar. Since they trust you, they want your course, not the competition course, and again, they will be happy to reward you for your work by paying you for it.

For this reason, a channel with a community of 1,000 subscribers with whom you are very connected ( “engagement” ) is much more powerful than one with 10,000 who don't even know why they have subscribed.

Always keep this perspective in mind and don't get obsessed or impatient with the sheer number of subscribers.

The famous first 4000 hours of viewing

An exception to what I just mentioned is the famous 4000 hours display in the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers that Google requires you if you want to monetize your videos with ads on YouTube (ads AdSense ).

But be careful, do not forget that the subscribers that will generate you, usually are not going to interest you too much. Consider this nothing more than a trick to overcome a concrete situation where it is all about numbers.

Therefore, once you have achieved this goal, you should immediately return to the strategies to get quality subscribers.

The 10 keys to getting YouTube subscribers fast

Now that we have talked about the first determining factor for the success of your channel, the quality of the relationship with your subscribers, we have to talk about the second determining factor:

The subscriber registration rate on your channel, that is, to what extent you can convert your visits into subscribers.

Here the crux of the matter will be to carry out as many actions as possible and that these are as effective as possible.

To do this, I have created a list of 10 points that, of all the advice that you can hear out there, seems to be the most important :

1. Be very clear about what demand you are going to satisfy

Any website, including YouTube channels, if it wants to be successful, needs a well-defined theme that meets a real demand.

If someone subscribes to your video, it is because that video and that topic interest them and they will expect to see more similar videos. If your videos deal every day with different topics without any relation, you will disappoint those expectations and lose your subscribers.

Therefore, measure the theme of your channel well and make it as clear as possible to your audience starting with the name and the cover of your channel.

2. Make a good first impression with your channel

The first impression the channel makes on you will weigh heavily in the decision to subscribe.

A channel with a shabby name, a shabby image, etc., does not motivate much. It is logical.

I'm not saying that you don't get any subscribers like that, but, without a doubt, you will get many more with the same content if your channel has a good image.

3. Try to differentiate yourself as much as possible

There are already many people with YouTube channels, on all kinds of topics. Likely, other YouTubers are already doing the same or something very similar to what you want to do.

Does this mean you should throw in the towel?


How many different themed channels have you watched and watch videos on?

Many, yes?

This is proof that, no matter how many channels there are, there is always room for new authors as long as you contribute something of your own that others have not contributed and that it prevents you from being a simple copy of what already exists.

That is, it is essential to differentiate yourself.

The good news is that differentiating yourself is less complicated than it may seem. Just because of your personality and way of transmitting, you are going to differentiate yourself naturally. Therefore, my advice is to enhance this, just be yourself, being authentic is a very important first step in the right direction.

But, in addition to this, it is good to actively work to differentiate yourself from other channels.

There are many ways to do it: specialize, how you make and present your content, the image of your channel and your videos, your personal image, the visual and audio quality of your videos, through free downloads that accompany your videos, etc., etc., etc.

4. Make quality videos

This is very simple: if your videos are bad, you will not go anywhere. The offer is so wide that users will be a click or two away from a better alternative.

Therefore, today, quality is not optional. And this also includes taking care of the visual and audio quality.

5. Be constant in the publication of your videos

As I said at the beginning when someone subscribes to your channel it is because they expect to receive more videos like the one that motivated them to subscribe initially.

But the user does not have this expectation only with the subject (new videos on that subject), but also with the frequency with which they are published.

If you don't upload videos regularly, your subscribers will get tired of waiting and will end up abandoning you.

6. Work on the visibility of each video

Visits to your channel and subscribers are like the chicken and egg problem.

How to get subscribers if you don't have visits? And how to get visits without subscribers?

Luckily, here it is easy to break this vicious circle because you can get traffic if you know how to position your videos in the YouTube search engine.

This, with the right strategies, can be done efficiently and in a short time even in newly created channels.

There are two magic words: " SEO " and "long tail" and no, the latter is not what you think

7. Connect with your community and take care of it

People like to interact with people.

Therefore, the more you manage to connect with your audience, the more subscribers you will generate.

The best advice I can give you is to be you, with your strengths and weaknesses, that will make them perceive you as an authentic person and you will naturally connect with your audience.

It will also cause people to dislike you, but it is not a bad thing. It is life itself, neither in real life, nor here we can be liked by everyone, nor is it necessary.

Now, those virtues that you think favor the connection with your audience (your talent to explain things, your sense of humor, etc.) exploit them to the fullest.

And if, in addition, you can dedicate time to taking care of the relationship with your community (answering comments, etc.), all the better.

8. Listen to your community

Actively listen to your community, that is, take time to review the comments you receive on your videos and respond to at least part of them.

It is a very intelligent way to listen to your community because you kill two birds with one stone: you do that important work of interaction with your community, but, on the other hand, you will detect concerns and demands.

These concerns and demands are the best basis you can have to create new content because you will already know that content will be very well accepted and that it will transmit to your community that feeling that you are listening to them and offering what they demand.

9. Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborations can be very effective in getting new subscribers in a short time.

Find other channels of a size not too different from yours and propose a collaboration to introduce each other to your respective communities with some guest content (such as guest posts on blogs).

At the end of the video, you recommend following the guest's channel. As simple as that

10. Make calls to action

The tenth key is the calls to action.

This is very important because a typical behavior of Internet users is that, if you do not explicitly tell them to do something you want them to do, they will not do it.

Applied to us: if you don't tell them to subscribe, most won't subscribe, even if they loved your channel, simply because they didn't think about it at the time.

You can basically do two things:

Make a call to action in the video: Encourage people with a tagline at the end of the video (and in between if you can put it naturally) to subscribe to your channel.

Use final screens: this is a YouTube feature that allows you to refer to other videos and also put the channel logo to subscribe users.

How to get your first 100 subscribers

The vast majority of readers who enter this post are starting and will have zero or very few subscribers (less than 100).

This is a very difficult stage because your channel has no traction and you still have few resources due to your lack of experience. You post a video and basically, nothing happens, maybe you will get 10 or 20 views and from there, they come with an eyedropper.

At that rate, it is impossible to grow.

What can you do?

Here the solution will go through key No. 6 (get visibility with SEO), which is the best way to get out of this vicious circle when you are at the beginning.

I advise you a small strategy composed of these three steps:

Start by investing some time in the image of your channel (key # 2) to make the best possible impression on your visitors. We want to capture the maximum number of subscribers between the visits that come to us.

Search, within your theme, highly demanded topics and explore the long queue that is explained in the SEO post on YouTube to which I refer above. Get at least 5-10 ideas for specific videos from here. Work each of them thoroughly at the SEO level to position it.

Move the published videos also everything that is in your hands on social networks. Search for groups on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. that could be related to sharing your videos (yes, without spamming ...), talk to the maximum number of friends and acquaintances with a presence on social networks so that they can share them (repeatedly), etc., etc., etc.

And remember that you can also use "creative" strategies like the one explained in the section above about the famous 4000 hours of viewing.

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