Gaming Mouse For Small Hands

Gaming Mouse For Small Hands - It is common evidence that the average hand size is a person who can be lifted easily, but what if that person has a smaller hand size?

It can be measured easily so that person of course needs to get a peripheral device for himself according to the size that can be used so that it can be used easily.

Gaming Mouse For Small Hands

Steps To Choose A Gaming Mouse

Basically, gaming mice are divided into two types, for FPS, and for MMO. Because each type of mouse has a different character, based on the type of game you choose.

For FPS games: See DPI, polling rate, and IPS

In FPS games, it is important to aim at the target quickly so that your shooting is precise. Please find out the right mouse character for this type of game.

Specify that the DPI can be set the same according to the sensitivity and precision required

DPI (dots per inch) is a number that shows the number of points achieved when the mouse is moved one inch. The higher the DPI, the faster the cursor will move. So, you can run your character faster with just a little hand movement. Thus, your hands are not easily tired.

On the other hand, if you use a mouse with a Low DPI, you can aim for a more precise and easier target. If you play a variety of other games, choose a mouse that can be changed DPI. By using a mouse like this, you can enjoy playing FPS or MMO games comfortably.

Besides DPI, there is also the term CPI (counts per inch). However, basically, this term conveys a similar description to DPI.

The higher the polling rate, the faster the PC reads info from the mouse

Polling rate is the amount of info sent from the mouse on the PC per second. The higher the number, the faster the info the PC secures when the button is pressed. Of course, a high polling rate can increase your advantage when playing.

In FPS games like PUBG or Counter-Strike, the opponent is constantly on the move. So, select the time to determine and know the priority. It will definitely be annoying if you lose because of the slow response of the mouse.

In general, a mouse with a high polling rate will be useful. However, a tall mouse that receives the most hand movements can make the cursor move on its own. Like DPI, a mouse with a polling rate setting feature is getting more functional for a variety of games.

High IPS can provide a fast hand movement response

IPS (inch per second) or search speed as a value that shows how fast the mouse responds to your movement. If the IPS is high, you will definitely move the cursor more smoothly even at high speeds. On the other hand, a mouse with a low IPS will respond slowly even if you move it fast.

In FPS games that require reflexes, the IPS number is an important point. Standard gaming mice usually have around 50 IPS. While on high-performance gaming mice, there are products with an IPS value of more than 400. If you buy a mouse with a high IPS, of course, it will give you an advantage in the game.

For MMO games: The more side buttons, the easier it is to use

When playing MMO games, you generally use the keyboard to operate it. The right gaming mouse for MMO games is a product that has a side button or macro button. If the mouse is equipped with a lot of side buttons, you can easily activate the capabilities that have been inputted. Of course, the number of short paths entered depends on each game. However, if there are several shortcuts that you want to enter, it's better to use the mouse with the twelve side buttons.

More buttons will take you more time to adjust. However, if you are trained, playing will be easier just because you use one hand. It should be noted that the side button is not only on the side of the mouse. So, don't forget to make sure the mouse has a side button status that is comfortable for you.

Determine based on the presence or absence of cables

For a gaming mouse, we prefer to use a wired mouse because there is no info transport interval. Besides that, many gamers like to use a wired mouse because they don't have to worry about running out of battery.

However, lately, several wireless mice have almost no intervals. Whether using dry batteries or rechargeable batteries, the quality has been improved. If you're bothered by wires, choose a wireless mouse with details that can seed a wired mouse.

Choose an easy-to-use mouse

You can add comfort when using a gaming mouse by weighing your weight, grip feel, and hand size. Please read his narrative further.

Determine the size based on how you hold the mouse

Using the mouse will be easier if you choose the same product according to your grip when playing. If your type of grip is a fingertip grip, that is, your fingertips are on the mouse, choose a small mouse and light. However, if you type claw grip, namely the palm and fingertips that touch the mouse, choose one that is large enough. The slightly larger mouse is getting more constant and easy to use in this state.

For the palm grip type or all of your palms, choose the size that fits your palm. If possible, check with the store first before making an option.

Determine the weight of the mouse based on the type of game and your playing style

A robot mouse is one of the main points to be able to play comfortably. The weight of the mouse that is less than 150 grams can move faster and doesn't make your hands tired quickly. This will reduce the load on your hands and shoulders. On the other hand, a mouse weighing over 160 grams is useful for determining the exact firing status more easily. If you want to adjust the weight of the mouse based on your game and playing style, choose a product that weighs the same.

Choose a mouse with an onboard memory feature if you change PCs frequently

Memory is installed so that the mouse can save settings or macros that you have put on your PC first. If you frequently change between PCs, netbooks, etc., this feature will definitely help. You also do not need to bother to reset the mouse button.

Choose a mouse from a well-known manufacturer for more constant performance

If you want to opt for a design and constant performance, choose a mouse from a well-known manufacturer. We recommend Logitech as the standard gaming mouse manufacturer. Logitech has been trusted by many newbies or professional gamers. This manufacturer offers several product choices, ranging from affordable prices to high-end ones.

However, if you like the design and beautiful light decoration, choose the Razer brand as your gear. Products from Razer are well known among gamers for their constant performance. At that time, if you want a mouse with an exclusive mode, choose a product from SteelSeries. Use our information as a recommendation when choosing the same gaming mouse according to your choice.

If a person is a gamer with small hands then there is no need to worry because we will provide you with a list of the best gaming mice for small hands so you can choose which of them.

This one is specially designed for people with small hands so that they can easily use it without any problems and with some perfection so far.

Razer Diamondback Gaming Mouse

The Razer Diamondback is considered the best gaming mouse for small hands and will surely fall in love with you for its excellent features.

This is seen as the top option. After all, it has a good shape which is best used because it can be used by both right-handed and right-handed people.

This mouse has an Ambidextrous design that is so catchy and suitable for gamers who want to get the best mouse for themselves.

It consists of rubber side grips which will offer this mouse maximum control which makes it even more comfortable to use alone.

This little mouse has a 16 DPI range and can be easily searched so you can use it as well as possible to enhance their gaming experience.

It has adjustable RGB lighting that lets you in at 16.8m of color and is perfect for gaming accessory lovers.

Both right-handed and right-handed can be used and the three styles of grip will make the palm, fingers, or paws even more comfortable to wear.


  • It came out with 16 DPI
  • It has adjustable RGB lighting
  • It is divided into 7 programmable buttons
  • Available with an ambidextrous design
  • The enhanced ambidextrous factor of the original Razer Diamondback
  • The world's most accurate gaming mouse sensor with 16,000 DPI and capable of 1 DPI reconciliation
  • chroma illumination with 16, eight million color matching

Razer Naga Chroma Gaming Mouse

The Razer Naga Chroma is indeed the best mouse for little hands and it is too comfortable to wear that people can use it as well as possible.

The smaller size which is smooth enough for some people with small hands to wear and really light to wear

This mouse comes with a mechanical thumb case that will provide you with 12 programmable buttons that will allow you to enhance your gaming experience.

It has a complete concave shape that has been perfect so far and it will provide support for each button you use individually which will offer your other roles.

This mouse provides your support with a scroll wheel that can point left and right and this mouse has an excellent 16 DPI sensor.

It has a polling rate of 1000 Hz and allows you minimum acceleration and the widest commensurate options.


  • Comes with 12 programmable buttons
  • It has a tilt scroll wheel which is more than prime
  • Available with compatible RGB lighting
  • It has a 16000 DPI optical sensor
  • The world's most accurate gaming mouse sensor with 16,000 DPI.
  • 19 Fully Programmable Buttons-Whether you're an MMO player or just someone looking to expand their macro usage, this mouse offers the freedom to program up to 19 buttons just as you'd expect.
  • Chroma Lighting- 16, eight million color options make sure your Chroma Dragon looks as good as it tastes. Predicted size: 4.68 inches (Length) x 2.95 inches (Width) x 1.69 inches (Height). Predicted weight: 135 g / 0.30 lbs with cable
  • 12-Key Technician Thumb Grid The Razer Naga 12-key mechanical thumb grille gives gamers the tactile heart they love on their keyboard, right now in the palm of their hand. Enhanced Ergonomics-The Razer Naga Chroma features a one-to-one ergonomic form factor to make sure your hand fits for optimal comfort.
  • Up to 210 inches per second / 50 G . acceleration

Razer DeathAdder Elite Technician Gaming Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder Elite Mechanical is the best gaming mouse for little hands and you can use it as well as you want until you're sure to enjoy it all along.

This allows you to use an optical sensor with 16 DPI which is perfect for gamers and gamers who love it.

This mouse provides your support with 7 different programmable buttons that can be easily matched and one can easily get the best support when playing games.

This can be seen in several performance factors as it has outstanding features so far which will obviously be loved by people due to some of its amazing features.

The scroll wheel of this mouse is divided into rubber grips into both sides which will make this mouse more pleasant to use and definitely an amazing performance.

It has a polling rate of 1000 Hz only used by right-handed people as its shape doesn't work for right-handed people because of its shape.


  • It is divided into 7 programmable buttons
  • It has RGB chroma lighting
  • It provides your support with a 16 DPI optical sensor
  • It provides your support with a 1000 Hz rate poll
  • #1 Leading Manufacturer of Gaming Peripherals in the US: Source - The NPD Group, Inc., US Retail Search Service, for Gaming: Keyboards, Mouse, PC Earphones and PC Microphones, By dollar, January 2017- June 2020 combined
  • High Accurate 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor: Provide direct adjustment reconciliation via dedicated DPI button (reprogrammable) for innovative games and tasks
  • Immersive and Matchable RGB Illumination Chroma: 16, eight million colors with included preset profiles; adapted to gameplay and peripherals that support Razer Chroma and Philips Hue products
  • 7 Programmable Buttons: program repeat buttons and assign complex macro roles via Razer Synapse
  • Rubber Coated Scroll Wheel for Maximum Accuracy: Small, tactile bumps improve grip and allow for more controlled scrolling in high-risk playing conditions
  • Durable Tech Switch: Provides support for up to 50 million clicks, backed by a two-year warranty

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

Corsair Scimitar Pro is indeed an excellent mouse and is said to be the best gaming mouse for small hands so that one will have an amazing user experience so far.

There is a 16000 DPI optical sensor which is very good because it will give you excellent control when playing games.

This amazing mouse comes with 12 different programming buttons which can be used easily when playing games with the contribution of this mouse.

Its utility software can be used to customize the perfect RGB lighting as it allows you with 4 different color zones.

This mouse has RGB lighting that can be equated with a DPI rating of 16000 and is indeed the best so that people can use it as well as possible.

It has some of the best awesome features that allow you to have three other profiles and this mouse can easily work with windows 7, 8, and 10.


  • It provides your support with 3 standard gamer profiles
  • It has 4 color zoom RGB lighting
  • It has 12 different programmable buttons
  • Available with 16 DPI optical sensor
  • The key slider macro key control mechanism is limited. Compatibility - PC with USB port, Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7
  • 12 maximized side buttons planned for pro players' detail for stable tactile feedback and accurate actuation. The side button buttons have texture giving them a better grip and feel
  • The patent lock design provides 8 millimeters of travel with a secure lock to ensure each key is within reach. Surface calibration chip utility: Maximize the sensor for your playing surface
  • Onboard storage with hardware macro playback: Three predefined profiles including common treatment for MMO games and common directional keyboard shortcuts
  • Special gaming-grade 16000 DPI optical sensor: ultra-accurate finder and high engine. Cable: 1.8 meters. braided fiber

Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse is the best gaming mouse for small hands so people will love it and only give it a very fast response.

It has the most powerful optical sensor that you will definitely love and is just right so that people can get the best out of it.

This mouse has 6 programmable buttons that can be customized easily and one can be easily found for the best gaming experience so far.

It is the lightest mouse with an ergonomic shape so you can use it and have the most comfortable experience.

Prodigy has 16, eight million colors that work so well that you can use them to the fullest and the rubber grip on the sides will be made more perfect for use.

It's only 4.9 inches long which is great and you'll probably like it so it's the best option to wear it with confidence.


  • It has 16, eight million compatible RGB colors
  • It has the most lightweight ergonomic design
  • It came out with a great optical sensor
  • Comes with 6 different programmable buttons
  • Logitech G403 mouse for great game-level precision and performance
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design with rubber grip and 10g detachable weight for the most comfortable grip and control
  • Logitech's most powerful optical sensor delivers unmatched fps mouse precision and plenty of
  • Match lighting from a palette of 16, eight million colors to match your gaming style and equipment
  • Six programmable buttons and onboard memory make it easy to organize and store custom commands for your favorite games

Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse

The Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse is the best gaming mouse for small hands that you will definitely love and so far only has a size of 4.4 inches.

There is an Ambidextrous design that has rubber on both sides so you can certainly use it as well as possible.

This is with an 8000 DPI optical sensor with which one will be activated to get the best gaming experience that is more prime.

It provides your support with 4 different programmable buttons and you can easily customize it so that it can help you become a pro in your favorite games easily.

This is the lightest mouse that you will definitely love and you can use it to the fullest and it will give you an amazing heart.


  • Weighs only 1.9 lb
  • It has a polling rate of 1000Hz
  • Available with 8000c. optical sensor
  • It has a complete Ambidextrous design
  • To Win: Made with the contribution of great pro games teams around the world.
  • Pro player model: Speed ​​with configurable performance and slick styling matched by the world's top players.
  • Compact, ultra-light design: Weighing only 85 grams, it can help you react faster and reduce fatigue.
  • 8,000 DPI optical sensor: over-precision for FPS and MOBA games. Acceleration 0 gives him the right fit for headshots or champion kills.
  • Interval without interface: 1,000Hz polling rate which drives the USB procedure limit to invisible intervals.
  • Ambidextrous Shape: Rubber facet grip has a texture that is maximized for left and right-handed players.
  • Four programmable buttons: extensive customizable control -- from simple repeat scaling to complex macros.
  • Fast on-the-fly DPI: instantly match your mouse speed to the state for overall commands in any environment.

Logitech G Pro FPS Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS is the best gaming mouse for small hands and is still the highest-rated mouse because of some of its amazing features that have been the best so far.

It provides your support with 6 different programmable buttons which are called the best so you might like them as they will help you while you are playing games.

It's great enough that it has two DPI ranges including 200 and 1200 which is good so people will use it to its fullest.

It has a spring tightening mechanism that will help you optimize it and make it look beautiful.

This mouse has the best RGB lighting that can be easily customized and has 16, eight million colors in it so that one can choose the best according to him.

Logitech's gaming software is perfectly designed with onboard memory so you can have a customized profile for your favorite games.


  • Available with compatible RGB lighting
  • It provides your support with 6 long programmable buttons
  • Comes with an onboard memory feature
  • The pro gaming mouse made by Logitech G and professional eSports competes best for playing performance. Weighs 3 ounces
  • The powerful PMW3366 optical gaming sensor gives it an impressive rating at any hand speed for precise pixel targeting and high speed in all 200 to 12,000 DPI ranges
  • The Metal Spring Button Tightening Mechanism is designed for the most stable and reliable click performance at the most competitive levels. 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Compatible with up to 16,8 million RGB lighting colors to match your style, team colors, and setup plus compatibility with other Logitech G gaming tools
  • Six programmable buttons and onboard memory make it easy to organize and store cause-specific commands for your favorite games Physical details-Height: 116.6 mm Width: 62.15 mm Depth: 38.2 mm


In the end, we want to relate that with the best Gaming Mouse For Small Hands, one can make a difference and will improve his gameplay over time.

They are a lot of excellent mice with some amazing features so far which is great and you will definitely feel the difference in their use as well.

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