Fix Keypad Not Working On Laptop

Laptop Keypad has no function? Take it easy, the steps to handle or make repairs are really easy and you can do it yourself at home. In fact, you don't have to spend a lot of money to service a laptop!

It must be considered, a keypad that cannot function optimally is certainly a frightening specter for anyone who uses it, whether it's users of ASUS Laptops, HP, or other brands.

What do you need to do next? Here, ApkVenue will tell you some tricks on how to fix a Laptop Keypad that doesn't work well and is guaranteed to work.

The keypad does have an important role, so if it doesn't work properly it will hinder the task.

Generally, damage to the keypad takes the source of the hardware or software device.

Therefore, after knowing the source of the problem, you need to immediately make repairs in these ways.

Causes of Keypad Not Working on Laptop

Two things can cause the keypad to malfunction, namely because of the hardware or software. We have to make sure where the damage is.

This setting is very important because it will determine what kind of workaround needs to be carried out later on the Keypad.

The way to check it is really easy, namely by connecting the BIOS to your laptop.

If you can enter using your Keypad, then the damage is probably in the software.

But if not, most likely the damage is on the hardware.

  • Hardware Problems: Includes pads on the Keypad that have loosened or are insensitive.
  • Attacked by Outpouring of Liquids: Automatically will make the Keypad short.
  • Exposure to Dust or Foreign Matter: Dust or foreign matter stuck between the Keypads can render some or all of the same.
  • Software Error: The software on your Laptop or PC cannot match the Keypad.

Steps to Handle Keypad Not Working On Laptop

Ensure Keypad Damage

In essence, there are two things that could trigger the Laptop Keypad not to play a role in Windows 10, 8, or 7. I don't know whether it's because of the hardware or because of the software.

Make sure which side is destroyed is important because this determines what fixes will have to be executed on that Keypad later.

How to check it? Try to connect your Laptop's BIOS. If you can log in and use your Keypad, then it's possible that the fault is in the software.

Cleaning the Keypad from Dust

If some of the Keypad buttons do not play some or all of their roles, while the other buttons are fine, there is a chance that the Laptop Keypad has an error because it is blocked by accumulated dust.

To efficiently remove dust from the Keypad, here's what you can do:

  • Make sure your laptop has not been activated.
  • Tilt the Laptop at an angle of 75 to 90 degrees.
  • When tilted, shake your laptop to get rid of the dust.
  • Re-clean the bottom and top of the Keypad with masking tape.
  • Check all buttons, is it working or maybe not.

Button Combination

Taken from Windows Report, the steps to fix the ASUS Laptop Keypad not working in Windows 10 can be done by pressing the Windows key + Space on the Keypad.

On some laptops, you will see a lock icon above certain letter keys. Generally, the lock icon is on the Fn or Esc key.

If the Windows key + Space key combination fails, you can try combining the Shift key with the key that has a key icon.

Windows Mechanism Update

Microsoft continues to improve Windows 10 with various mechanism improvements (updates).

Citing Windows Central, the Keypad has a chance problem that could arise because the mechanism has not been updated. So, do regular testing to see if there are any improvements from Microsoft.

Fix Keypad Driver

The keypad that doesn't work can be caused by the Keypad driver that may not be up to date.

Or if not, it could be because the keypad is not responsive. To find out, you can check it in the way below.

  • Click the Start Menu and press the Control Panel button
  • Click System and Security, then click Device Manager
  • Select the Keypad menu and there you will find the driver menu at the bottom

If in the driver menu there is a yellow triangle with a great sign on the inside, it means that the Laptop Keypad is messed up.

If so, quickly update the Keypad driver you have via the laptop manufacturer's official website.

Restore Windows

Well, if your Keypad has problems after you change settings or install new programs, you can solve them by restoring Windows.

Thus, Keypad will most likely play a role again.

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