Virtual Keyboard

The virtual keyboard or virtual keyboard is an invention that allows it to be an alternative in the midst of the conservative keyboard movement.

This keyboard actually started when optical technology was patented by engineers from IBM (International Business Machines) in 1992. There is also a virtual keyboard called a laser keyboard. This keyboard is really useful for someone who can't run a standard keyboard.

Virtual Keyboard

If initially we categorize the keyboard as hardware, but after the emergence of virtual keyboards because of that you can enter this type of keyboard as software. Besides that, there is a fundamental difference between virtual keyboards and conservative keyboards. That disparity is for the virtual keyboard that is on the monitor. So, you write some of the keyboard keys directly through the monitor.

At that time, conservative keyboards had a physical form that you could hold. Then you write directly from that keyboard to enter commands as you would expect.

The Role of the Virtual Keyboard Then what is the role of the virtual keyboard? One of them is the role of the virtual keyboard to replace the conservative keyboard. But actually, the role of the virtual keyboard is more than that. By using this type of keyboard, therefore you can be free from attacks by hackers, spyware, keyloggers, trojans, and others. All that terror can attack you anytime and anywhere.

Most people write using a physical keyboard because it's easier for them to get a password or no credit card typed using a conservative keyboard. Therefore, some of the keys on the virtual keyboard are typed both using the mouse. Another role of this keyboard is that it can be used while in space.

The sensor will be read via infrared the same as what you wrote on the virtual keyboard. You can also connect a virtual keyboard and use it via telephone lines, PDAs, PCs, tablets, netbooks, and others. That's why they use of a virtual keyboard is really needed in certain circumstances.

What Are the Advantages of a Virtual Keyboard?

After knowing the information about the understanding and role of the virtual keyboard, the next information is about its advantages over traditional keyboards.

One of the advantages possessed by a virtual keyboard is the type of keyboard that tends to be more secure than a physical keyboard. When you enter important information such as personal data or passwords, then hackers, keyloggers, and the like will find it difficult for your information.

In addition, the virtual keyboard is found to be more sterile. This is because you are not writing directly with your fingers. So, even though the keyboard was used by several people, it was still sterile. As opposed to a physical keyboard that has been touched or typed by several people. Another advantage is that the virtual keyboard includes a type of keyboard that is multi-functional and can be used for various cellphones.

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