Different Types Of Mouse In Computer

Different Types Of Mouse In Computer - To be able to run a computer, the required devices with the mouse are needed to be able to operate it. Because without using a mouse, it will be a little difficult for us to do tasks, and use a Netbook, because the netbook device has been equipped with a Mouse (TouchPad).

In this article, we will review the understanding and role of the mouse. In the era of fast-growing technology like today, making mouse devices improve products so that they are even more powerful. At the beginning of its existence, the mouse had a larger size and still used the ball at the bottom as a propulsion device, the more developed the mouse is now more people have used an optical mouse or used a wireless mouse.

Definition of Mouse

The mouse is a device used to control the computer in the form of a pointer. The way the mouse works is according to the user's command because the pointer can only walk with the user's hand. Without a mouse, users can still work by using a keyboard as an alternative to a mouse, but the performance and speed are slower than using a mouse.

Mouse Use

1. Program line

The mouse has an important role to run a program on the computer. Besides, with the mouse, we can open files.

2. Select

original:Choosesuggestions:chooseDecidePointingChoose Object By using the mouse, it is easier for us to select the file or program we want to open or do.

3. Drag and Drop

Drag and drop is the role of the mouse that can facilitate our work. Enough with the mouse, we can drag the file we want to move or we want to write.

4. Scroll Operation

The role of this mouse is only in the latest generation of mice which have additions such as a ball or a small tire in the middle of the front side of the mouse. With this side. Scrolling is generally used to browse through a single page performing a search on the internet.

This scroll operation on the mouse activates the down arrow (arrow) sign on the keyboard. Besides, if the role of this mouse can also be used to decrease or increase the volume.

5. Other roles

Another role of the mouse is when the mouse is used for the next level to create image designs and certain programs.

Mouse Parts

There are 3 parts to the Mouse, and each side has its own role, including the following:

Right Click

Right-click works to see commands that have styling properties.

Left Click

Left-click serves to select or sort files, execute commands, open links, click discussion buttons, and other roles.


Scroll works to move the page appearance up and down or vice versa.

Various Types of Mouse In Computer

The more developed the world of technology is the effect also on the changes in mice. At the beginning of its existence, the mouse had a larger shape than the size we commonly see today. Here are some types of Mouse that we will discuss and you can see some differences but have a similar role.

Mechanical Mouse

One of the characteristics of this Mechanical Mouse has an element similar to a ball at the bottom. This side can point in all directions. When the ball is moved, the sensors in the mouse will know the direction of the ball's movement. In addition, this ball can help him to monitor with a similar motion.

This type of mouse was famous and often found in 2008. However, nowadays the mechanical type mouse is hard to find in the market. This is because this kind of mouse has been moved by various mouse technologies that are more modern and considered more effective.

The disadvantage of using a mouse is that you always have to use a pad as a mouse pad so that it can be operationalized. If you don't use a pad, the ball in the mouse can't move freely. This will instead make the pointer unable to point in the desired direction.


  • Affordable prices.
  • Wet because the damage is average because only the ball is dirty and it can't be cleaned easily.
  • deficiency:
  • The mouse becomes heavier because there is a ball.
  • The lack of sensitivity of cursor movement on the computer.
  • It is easy to get dirty because of the dust attached to the ball.
  • If it is too dirty it will make the ball not move and the mouse does not play a role.

Optomechanical Mouse

This optomechanical mouse is a type of mouse that has a concept similar to that of a mechanical mouse. It has elements similar to the ball type and this mouse has a light sensor that represents the coordinate status of the pointer. The advantage of this type of mouse is that it has a higher accuracy when compared to a technician mouse.

Optical mouse

This optical mouse does not use the ball-back element. using laser light to detect mouse movement. The technology of this optical mouse makes its performance more accurate when compared to the first 2 types of mouse. Amazingly again, this mouse can be used without the need for a mouse pad.


  • It- Easier than a trackball mouse.
  • The level of accuracy is getting higher
  • Can be used even without a mousepad (mouse pad).


  • The price is more expensive than the trackball mouse.
  • If it is destroyed and the side of the laser beam is difficult to glow, it will be difficult to repair.
  • sometimes the mouse emits light on the top which can make the eyes hurt.
  • Laser light is harmful to the body so it is not recommended to place the mouse on the palm of the hand or other limbs.

Bus Mouse

This kind of mouse can be connected to a PC via a bus that has been integrated into the ISA add-on card. In addition, this type of mouse was used for the first time when the IBM computer was launched to the public.

Series Mouse

This mouse series is a type of mouse that is not spread back in the market. However, this type of mouse was famous in its initial period of use. Amazingly, this mouse can be connected to a PC simply by being connected via a serial port. This serial port is a digital communication medium whose signals are sent bit by bit. The port that is commonly used is a type D with 9 pins (DB9M), which is usually on the back of the motherboard.


  • This type of mouse is suitable for use on computers such as Pentium 1, 2 to 3 computers.
  • The mouse is tighter and not easy to shake because of the attached pins and there are several options to adjust.


  • Rarely found due to increasingly different technological changes.
  • Because you have to be careful to pair the mouse if it's wrong or backward, the pins on the computer will move backward and even tilt and cause you to not be able to use the mouse.
  • Slow to move the cursor.

PS/2. Mouse

This mouse is a type of mouse that uses a connector with a 6-pin mini-din. This mouse was first released in the 80s and exploded in 1987. But nowadays, PS/2 mice are very hard to find in the market.


  • It- More compact, no need to twist around.
  • Many computers used to use this type of mouse, especially the Pentium 4.
  • There are many types of optical mice that have used the PS2 Port.


  • Has been found infrequently.
  • Care must be taken to be careful that the pins on the computer will be crushed if they are moved backward or tilted due to an error in turning or positioning the mouse.
  • Slow to move the cursor.

USB Mouse

This type of mouse is actually the same as the mouse versus the original, only there is a slight difference in the port. This type of mouse has used a USB port to connect the mouse to a PC. This mouse was first made in the 90s. This mouse is widely used now.


  • The cursor movement is getting higher.
  • Compatible with the latest types of optical mouse or trackball type.
  • It- Easy to use, no need to be afraid of installing the wrong one.
  • Many netbooks or computers are now compatible with the USB mouse type.


  • requires a connecting port if you want to use it on an old computer.
  • The cable is not very long and this results in some cases of damage to the cable.
  • In some cases, mice are easy to shake and fall off when touched.

Wireless mouse

Most technologies that use wires have evolved to use wireless, including the mouse. So, this type of mouse does not need a cable again to connect it from one device to another. This mouse movement only uses movement signals via wireless that are received by the receiving device on the chip.


  • It- More simple and flexible to use anywhere.
  • Does not require a special base such as a pad.
  • Can be used in a wide range of places because it does not depend on cables.


  • Have to change the battery when it runs out.
  • The price is more expensive.
  • When the battery runs out, the mouse sensitivity level will decrease and cause the cursor to falter.
  • Depends on the USB port because if it disappears, therefore the mouse cannot be used again.


This type is often found in netbooks. The touchpad has a data surface that requires the touch of a finger to adjust the cursor. To click, there are generally 2 buttons provided under the touchpad, or the user can press it 2x in place of the touchpad.

Mouse Game

Usually, this mouse has the latest technology sensors and has several additional buttons for additional functions, meaning to make it easier for users when playing games. Physically made stronger and longer use.

There are various types of a mouse in computers, there are always alternatives and other types of mouse that you can use to give him comfort when using the computer, of course, according to taste and your budget.

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