Components In A Computer

Components In A Computer - Like the internet, a computer is a must-have item in this digital era. There are many things you can do with the help of a computer, such as doing schoolwork, completing office work or just surfing the internet. Are you aware that a computer system consists of three important components, namely hardware, software, and brainware A detailed explanation of the components of a computer system will be presented in the following article

Components In A Computer


Hardware is hardware that is visible and has a physical form that can be touched. Hardware on the computer itself is still divided into four parts, namely input devices, output devices, processing devices, and storage devices. Here's the review:

Hardware Definition

Hardware is a collection of physical parts of a computer system that has a shape and size and can be felt. The most important hardware components are Motherboard, CPU, RAM memory, IO system, power supply, video display controller, Bus, and hard disk drive

Some of the normal hardware parts that you see like the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and CPU are the basic components of a computer. But inside the CPU box is a hard disk, motherboard and RAM, video card, CPU fan, sound card, server components, CD/DVD drive, and more.

Hardware components do change shape and size as in desktop computers CPU integrates all components using cables but in laptop computers, the components are integrated into one portable unit.

Basically, the hardware components in a computer system through cables work properly. From power supply to network connection, everything is wired

What are Hardware Components?

The most important hardware component is the Mother Board which houses all the important components of the Computer including CPU, memory, and various connectors for input/output devices.

Multiple input devices such as keyboard, mouse, microphone, modem, joystick, USB device, joystick, and many more are connected to work better. Similarly, output devices such as computer monitors, modems, projectors, printers, etc are connected to the available motherboard connectors

This is the main motherboard that includes a graphics processor for better screen display on your monitor

There are CPU sockets, CPU fan memory connectors, super IO chips, DIMM memory slots, IDE connectors, SATA connectors, BIOS flash chips which are the most important components to run a computer system.

Input Device

The first part is the input device or input device. Included in these input devices are a keyboard, mouse, webcam, and scanner.

This device is categorized as an input device because of its function as a tool to enter various data and commands on the computer.

A data or instruction must be inputted first before being processed into the information we want, therefore an input unit is needed which becomes the gateway for data entry from the outside world into the computer system.

The form of data that has been inputted will be converted into binary code so that it can be read by the main memory.

Processing Device

The data entered through the input device will then be processed through the processing device.

In other words, a processing device is a device that functions to process various data originating from input devices.

Included in the processing device is the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The role of the CPU is very important in a computer because it is the brain of the computer system.

The CPU is also the device that manages all the internal and external devices in the computer.

Output Device

Output devices or output devices are devices that provide or output results from incoming data and output results. Examples of these output devices are monitors, printers, headphones, speakers, webcams, and microphones.

In other words, this output device presents all the information obtained from the computer system such as images, sound, and video.

Storage Device

The last device in hardware is the storage device. As the name implies, this device is a tool used to store various data. The storage device itself consists of two kinds, namely internal storage, and external storage.

Examples of internal storage are hard disk and RAM. While external storage, for example, is an external hard drive, CD, DVD, and flash.


The next component of a computer system is software. Unlike hardware, the software is an invisible component.

The software in the computer is an important component because it executes all the commands that enter the hardware

The software can also be interpreted as a collection of electronic data that is stored and managed by a computer, it can be a program or a connection to execute various kinds of instructions.

Software is divided into three, namely system software, application software, and additional software.

System software is the main software that is very important because it stores the components on the computer as a whole.

Examples of software include Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11, Linux, IOS, and others.

Application software is a category of software used by users to complete certain tasks, In this case, it can be said that the software is complimentary software on a computer that is used as a means of data processing.

Examples are web browsers, office software, games, antivirus, and others. While additional software is software that performs special or additional tasks while protecting the hardware. Examples such as Data Recovery, Disk Defragmenter, Sceensever, Backup, and others.


The last component that assesses the components of a computer system is brainware. Brainware is the person who runs or operates the computer.

Brainware is very important because computers cannot be useful if they are not operated by humans.

So brainware is everyone who is involved in computer utilization activities. Examples of brainware include programmers, systems analysts, operators, and administrators.

Hardware Components

Hardware components are a component that can be seen directly with the eye in real form and can be touched. One hardware component, it also consists of several components that make up a computer device.

And if one of these hardware does not work, then the operating process of your computer will be interrupted or not running. Based on usability, hardware (hardware) is divided into 5 categories namely.


The motherboard itself is a place where various electronic elements are connected to a PC. In addition, the motherboard also has a bios chip or pusher program, lanes, and connectors to connect each device. The motherboard itself is found on a PC.

Because it is included in the most important device or element, of course, the role of the motherboard and its parts you need to know. The role of the motherboard and its parts are definitely different. Depends on the type of use.

In addition to knowing the role of the motherboard, you need to know some of the parts on the motherboard. On the role of the motherboard and its parts.

Input devices

Input devices work to enter data from outside into a computer with a processor to be processed into the required information. Another function of input devices is that they can be used to enter commands. based on function, input devices are divided into 2 viz.

A direct input device, a direct input device and without the need for other media such as keyboard, mouse, light pen, scanner, etc.

Indirect input devices, input devices that use certain media before being processed by the actual processing device such as punched cards, diskettes, hard disks, etc.

There are many types of these input devices. For more details, here are some examples of computer devices that are included in the input devices.


A keyboard is a computer keyboard that consists of keys such as letters of the alphabet, numbers, and several other commands specifically for computers. It is through the keyboard that the commands given by the user are entered into the computer. The combination key keyboard can also generate certain commands.


The mouse is a pointing device that works to enter data and commands into the computer in addition to using the keyboard. The name mouse was given because the cable that sticks out is shaped like a mouse's tail. Although the mouse belongs to a peripheral device that is outside the main computing device, it is also an important part of the computer hardware on most systems.

Microphones and Headphones

Microphones and headphones function to record and input sound so that it can be stored in the computer's memory. In addition, this device is also included in the computer output device where we can listen to the sound. Later the resulting sound will be stored in the computer's memory.


This touchpad has the same function as a mouse. Touchpads are usually used on laptops and notebooks. Using the touchpad is easy, with only your fingers to move the cursor/pointer. In addition to the touchpad, there are also other similar models, namely the pointing stick and trackball.


A joystick is a computer hardware device that resembles a lever and can move in all directions. This joystick serves to send 2 or 3-dimensional directional signals to the computer. In general, joysticks are used as a complement to play games or videos that are equipped with more than one button.

You can also use the joystick as the main control device in the cockpit of aircraft such as jets and military aircraft, controlling machines such as cranes, trucks, wheelchairs, surveillance cameras, and lawnmowers. In addition, miniature finger-operated joysticks are also adopted as input devices for small electronic devices such as cell phones

Light Pen

A light pen is an electronic pointe commonly used to modify / design images with a monitor directly. The way this tool works is by sending a light sensor to a computer then it is recorded and displayed on the screen that has been provided


Webcam or called Web Camera is a camera term that can be captured by a computer. In general, the webcam function is almost the same as the camera function, which makes it easier for you to process messages such as chat via video in real-time.

Webcams usually consist of a lens mounted on a circuit board that can be used to capture an image signal, a casing (cover), and supporting cables. A webcam equipped with software, where this software functions to take pictures from digital cameras at certain time intervals to go through an internet connection.

A webcam is not designed to store images. Because the main function of the webcam here is only to record and transmit images captured directly by its components. Until now, webcams can still be found in the market with prices that vary depending on the features and ability to capture images.

Output Device

The output device or output device is a device element called the side of the individual computer, the output device is a device that works to display data that has been processed by the processor side, initially the data is taken by the input device or input device. The presence of an output device or output device is very important because it is included in the primary device for the operation of an individual computer.

Output devices are divided into various types, some of which you are certainly very familiar with because they are often used to run or run on the computer you are using. To clarify, here are examples of output devices or output devices that you need to be familiar with:


That is a device that is used to find out the activities carried out on the computer and display information that has been processed. This monitor is one of the most important and must-have devices because, without a computer monitor, you will not be able to see any activity.


Printers are output hardware that works to retrieve electronic data stored in a computer and then make the device in real form. Like when you have finished creating a document on the computer then print the document and make it into an archive.

This printer is one of the most popular devices used for printing text and photos. In general, printers are divided into several parts, namely the pen, which functions as a device that takes paper from the tray, and ink/toner as a printer on the paper.


A scanner is an input component, which is a device that is used as a monitor or to digitally duplicate documents or objects and store them in a digital format. The scanner itself has many types and forms. Here are some forms of scanners on the market:

  • Drum Scanner

As the name implies, this drum scanner is shaped like a drum or tube. This type of scanner is an extraordinary type of scanner. Because, the resulting image resolution is quite high, where the resolution reaches 24000 PPI (pixels per inch). There are several advantages obtained from the drum scanner, namely, it can scan ancient documents, the amount of vibration produced is very minimal, it can scan large paper documents.

  • Flatbed Scanner

Called a flatbed because of its flat physical shape, like a bed. This is the type of scanner that is often found in the world of document scanning. This is because of its small size and compatibility with several standard paper sizes, such as legal, letter to A3. To scan documents using CCD (Charge Coupled Double) technology.

  • Film Scanner

The type of scanner used to store photos and videos uses negative technology. But my goodness, this type of scanner is rarely used. By using a film scanner, you can convert and convert objects stored in the negative film into digital form.

  • Roll Scanner

A roller scanner is a type of scanner that has the same function as a flatbed scanner, which is to scan a document or image physically in the form of sheets. What distinguishes it from a flatbed is the method used. If the flatbed uses CCD technology with a movable eye to open the document, while the roller uses a movable document.


Speaker is a transducer that functions to convert electrical signals into audio frequencies by vibrating its components in the form of a membrane that works to vibrate the air so that sound waves arise towards the eardrum and can be heard.

In each sound-producing system, it also determines the sound quality in addition to the previous sound processing circuit in the form of electricity or an amplifier circuit.


Likely, the majority of computer users have never used this output device, remember that projectors are generally only used for presentation media to make it easier for the audience to see the data presented on a computer before that projectors could only display data in the form of paper documents that were reflected using strong light to brought back to the big screen and it is not connected to the computer.

But with the development of time, in the end, the projector can be connected to a computer and can even display presentation data presented by the computer.

Actually, the role of the projector is the same as the monitor output device, but the need for the projector is emphasized more for presentation purposes, not for the use of computers in general, projectors are generally installed in face-to-face buildings, teaching, and learning classrooms and others.

Processing Device

A processing device or process device is a device that is useful for processing a lot of data from input devices. Some examples of device processes are CPU (Central Processing Unit), motherboard, RAM, ROM, Hard disk.

You can find this component on a computer device such as a CPU which contains several components that offer and become the brain of the computer. The following are some of the components included in the units offered, among others.

Power supply

Do you notice when the power source goes out, but the computer is still on? That's because of a device called a power supply. A power supply is a hardware device that has a function to supply power/voltage to computer components. The power is supplied to the motherboard, hard drive, heatsink, and others.

Regarding the function, the power supply aims to convert the AC current into DC voltage. Currently, there are several types of power supply, namely:

  • AT power supply

This type of power supply is a form where the power cable will have a separate motherboard into two connectors, namely the P8 connector and the P9 connector. Thus, at the time of installation, it is necessary to be careful so that there are no errors in the installation.

  • ATX Power Supply

This type of power supply has a cable with several 20 pins that have been arranged into a single unit for the motherboard. It is very rare for errors to occur in the installation of this type of power supply.


In simple terms, the motherboard or commonly called the Mainboard, Baseboard is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This board is one of the most important components of a computer. Because, with the motherboard, every major component in the computer can relate to other components. The motherboard is what accommodates all the components that have an important role in the system, such as the CPU, RAM slots, VGA ports, USB ports, and others.

Regarding function, Motherboard has a function to provide access for each component in communicating with each other. In addition, the motherboard also serves to increase the flexibility of the computer itself. You can connect some additional devices, such as joysticks with the help of the motherboard.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is one type of computer hardware that is used as a storage medium. However, it is different from the Hard Disk which is also used as a storage medium. As the name implies, Random means random. That is, RAM is indeed used as a storage medium, but temporary storage and can only be accessed when the computer is turned on and random.

When an instruction occurs by the processor, it is RAM that serves to store data from that instruction. So, RAM will work if the computer is still on, if it has been turned off then the instruction will disappear from RAM.

The general form of RAM contained in a computer is a chip. You can add the chip if there is a RAM slot on the motherboard. The greater the RAM specifications contained in your computer, the faster the computer's performance will be. Because, to retrieve stored data, with high RAM it will speed up the process of loading data and programs to be accessed. Now, the RAM specifications that are commonly used are DDR 3 RAM. Although there is actually DDR4 RAM, it is still rarely found.

Processor (CPU)

CPU (Central Processing Unit) is one of the hardware of the computer that is used to handle the instructions given. The CPU is often also referred to as the Processor which is the brain of a computer. Because the CPU regulates all activities and programs contained in the computer.

Let's just say, when you press Alt + F4 it will automatically close the program that you are open. The one that manages these instructions is the CPU. As the main component, the CPU has an important function that you should know, which is to receive the given instruction, process the instruction, and then execute the instruction.

Usually, when you buy a computer, the first thing you see is the specifications of the computer. For example, a 32-bit processor is clearly different from a 64-bit processor. That is, a computer that has a 64-bit processor can work much better than a 32-bit one. That way, you have to be more careful in determining the CPU specifications to suit your needs.


A heatsink or PC Cooler is a piece of hardware that has a physical form such as a fan-made of copper and aluminum. Not without reason heatsinks are designed on every computer or PC. Where the main purpose of the heatsink is the same as the fan you know, which is to provide a cold temperature on the processor so that the processor's performance remains stable and the hot temperature of the processor can be discharged through this heatsink.

However, now many types of heatsinks are on the market. Each manufacturer designs heatsinks with different physical forms, but the function remains the same. In general, the heatsink works by accepting the heat generated by the processor, then the heat spreads throughout the heatsink until it gathers at the core of the heatsink. Then the fan contained in the heatsink is what removes the heat.

VGA Card (GPU)

VGA Card (Virtual Graphic Array) is computer hardware that is used to process and translate the output into the monitor. VGA Card is often also referred to as a Video Graphic Adapter. The presence of a VGA card in a computer has a great influence like other vital components. The use of VGA is more directed to things related to graphics, such as 3D design or gaming.

The main function of the VGA Card is to convert the digital signal generated by the computer into a graphic display through the monitor. That way, computers that do not have VGA, usually have the screen display becomes less good and unattractive. Now, many companies produce VGA Cards, including NVidia, 3DFX, S3, ATI Matrox, SiS, Cirrus Logic, Tseng, Trident, and so on.

LAN card

LAN Card is often referred to as NIC (Network Interface Card), Ethernet Card, or network card. This device is used to connect several computers to the network, especially in the LAN area. For example, a computer network in a building, a house, an office, and so on. Usually, the LAN card is installed in the PCI slot on the motherboard.

In general, there are two types of NICs, namely physical and logistical NICs. Examples of physical NICs are Token Ring, Ethernet NICs, and so on. While logistical examples of NICs are Loopback Adapters and Dial-up Adapters.

Each NIC has been assigned an address number known as a static MAC address. The meaning can be changed by the user. Currently, along with the development of technology, LAN cards have two main types, namely wired LAN cards and wireless LAN cards.

WLAN card

WLAN Card or Wireless LAN Card or commonly called WiFi Adapter is a computer device associated with a network. Its function is the same as a LAN Card, which is to connect a computer with network access. However, the presence of a WLAN makes it easier for you to make network connections without having to carry cables everywhere just to connect to the network.

Wireless Cards allow computers to connect to a network without using cables. The way this Wireless Card works is that it will receive a wireless signal from a network device, such as an Access Point. In general, the components in a WLAN are:

Mobile or Desktop PC, where for a mobile PC can be attached to the PCMCIA port, while for a desktop PC via a PCI Card or USB.

Access Point, a device that can convert radio frequency (RF) signals into digital signals via cable media.

WLAN Interface, equipment installed in Mobile or desktop PCs in the form of PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association), PCI Card or via USB port

The antenna is used to amplify transmit power.

Sound card

As the name implies¸Sound Card is related to the needs of audio and sound in a computer. Let's just say, when you listen to sound coming from a computer using a headset or speakers, the sound you hear is processed by the Sound Card. There are several types of sound cards based on how they are installed on a computer or laptop, namely:

  • Sound Card Installed

In general, this sound card is installed directly (attached) to the computer motherboard. This type of sound card is a chipset that is attached directly to the motherboard so that its performance is influenced by the processor.

  • Onboard Sound Card

This onboard sound card is plugged into an ISA or PCI slot. The advantage of this type of sound card is that the sound quality produced is better than the onboard sound card.

  • External Sound Card

Generally, this external sound card is plugged into a computer using a USB port. This type of sound card is suitable for recording sound.

Storage Device

Hard Disk

As mentioned earlier, the Hard Disk (HDD) is one of the computer hardware that is also used as a storage medium. Generally, on the hard disk, there is a disk, where the disk has a role to store data permanently. When you turn off the computer, the data you have previously saved will be accessible when you have saved the computer. television, if you delete the data manually or get a virus.

Much different from RAM which can store data or instructions as long as the computer is still on, with a hard disk you can store data, such as programs, documents, images, audio, or video permanently on your computer. With RAM, you don't need to be afraid of losing data, because Hard Disk has the ability to backup, which is to restore lost data.

If you've heard the term partition, it's a partitionable Hard Disk. The definition of partition here is that you can divide the storage owned by the Hard Disk into the first several parts. Usually, Hard Disk is partitioned into 2 parts, namely as storage of personal data and operating system data storage.

Currently, there are many types of hard drives, here are the types of hard drives:

  • SCSI hard drives
  • ATA/AIDE hard disk
  • Hard Drive Attack
  • SATA Hard Drive


SSD stands for Solid State Drive or Solid State Disk, which is a device for storing data using an IC (Integrated Circuit) which acts as memory to store data persistently.

In general, SSD has the same function as a Hard disk. However, SSD is an innovation in data storage. With SSDs, data is stored on NAND-based flash memory chips that are connected to each other. The chip has a higher speed than a flash disk.

If you used to know the floppy disk, now its position has been shifted by the hard disk. Likewise with the hard disk must be shifted by the SSD. Even so, SSDs are not widely known by computer users. Because the price is so high and quite fantastic.


Peripherals are just a few additional devices in the computer which if they are not there have no effect on the computer's work. The following are some of the devices that can be classified in an additional unit, among others.


A modem is a device that has a small size and serves to connect a computer / PC with the internet network. In addition, the modem also has a model that can be used to store data by inserting a microSD into it


Flashdisk or USB drive is a storage medium in a computer that is very flexible and non-volatile. Where the data will not be lost even though there is electricity in it. as long as the data is not deleted, the data will remain in any condition.

Flashdisk can be connected to the computer via the USB port located on the motherboard. Regarding form, flash has simpler components compared to other storage media such as hard drives. The reason is that this flash is an alternative or replacement for a hard drive to store data and is easy to carry everywhere because of its fairly small size.

Initially, the flash had a capacity of 512 MB, but along with the development of technology, the capacity of the flash began to decrease and became more varied from 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB to 16 GB, and so on. In addition, this flash is also a favorite because the price is more affordable compared to hard drives.

Card reader

The card reader is an input device used to read memory cards. Card readers can be standalone devices connected to a computer or integrated into printers, scanners, copiers, and multifunction devices.

In fact, most of these devices are now equipped with a built-in card reader. Card reader alone to PC with USB cable.

Most memory card readers can accept multiple formats, including CF (Compact Flash), SD (Secure Digital), and Sony Memory Stick. However, some card readers also allow other formats, such as Microdrive, SmartMedia, XD and Memory Stick Pro Duo Card.

Initially, it was only designed to be able to read one type of memory card, such as SD only or CF only. However, now there are many multi-card readers, namely card readers that can read various kinds of memory cards. According to the type, card readers are divided into:

Single slots. Often called 2in1, 3in1, 5in1, and so on. As the name implies, it only has one hole and can read memory types from T-Flash, SD Card, Nokia, MMC, RSMMC, and RSMMCDV. lots of slots. This memory card reader has four slots. It is also known as 9in1, 12in1, 15in1, and others. But, now commonly called "All in 1".

There are many types of cards that can be read, ranging from Memory Stick Duo, Stick Pro Duo, CF, XD, MicroDrive, Secure Media, and so on.

The card reader has the speed to read and transfer data which is quite good in its class. It can read an average of 37.4MB/s of memory and write about 17.6MB/s.

With this speed, it can help activities, such as moving and filling your external memory. Most card reader owners are digital camera users who want to transfer photos to a computer.

Students and employers also pocket it to store important data, such as assignments, presentations, and reports into memory.

Software Components

Software or software is different from hardware, software is a device that cannot be seen by the eye. The function of the software itself is also important because it functions as an application that executes commands that enter the hardware that comes out of the hardware.

The software can also be interpreted as a collection of programs created to facilitate users, it can be an application or a network that carries out commands.

On, in need of some software to support its performance. Here are 10 must-have software on a computer.

Computer Operating System

System software is the main software that must exist in a computer. This operating system is a liaison that functions as a controller, a liaison between hardware and other software, controllers and is responsible as a computer application manager.

It can also be said, this operating system was the first software as the basis before other software applications can fill the computer. Now there are various kinds and types of computer operating system providers that are already very popular, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Meanwhile, currently, the largest presentation of computer users is using the Windows operating system. Because this window does have a wider marketing network than the others. It is also easy to use and can be installed on almost all brands of computer hardware.

Microsoft Office

After we understand a device system on a computer, it is time we move on to device applications. What exactly is the application tool? An application device is computer software that has an applicative function or is installed and connected to the device system.

So without the device system earlier, this application device can no longer be used to run. One of the most popular application sets and is available on almost all computers is Microsoft Office.

Microsoft office is one of the software that is deliberately made for office needs. That's why because of Office, then Microsoft is the vendor company that makes the application.

Microsoft Office has many office application software that has several specific functions such as Microsoft Office Word as word processing software, Microsoft Excel as number processing and calculation software, and Microsoft PowerPoint which is used for presentation needs, and there are still several other devices.

Web Browser

Well, let's move on to the internet web browser computer software. What is a web browser? Maybe you hear the term internet browsing more often. Yup, that's right, it is computer software that functions to facilitate our activities in cyberspace / the internet.

For this one software, there must have been many people who know, and even people who have never used it must already know how the nature of its actual use is.

Who doesn't know Google? but what is meant this time is not google, yes, but what is often known as chrome. Chrome is software to access the internet that is quite widely used. Not only that, of course, there are other web browsers that you can use, including Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari, etc.

Even with this windows operating system, we have also got software for browsing the internet known as Internet Explorer. However, because running it is quite heavy, many people prefer to use software or other applications.

Image Processing Software

which is no less important than other software is an image processing application program. The function of this software is as more specific software, namely to edit images and pictures. The following are some image processing application programs that are quite popular and you can use.


The first software to process images is paint. Paint is computer software provided by the Windows operating system as a complement to editing images or pictures.

This program is very simple and its use is also simple so it seems that very few people use it. In fact, it's actually a favorite for doing simple editing, you know.

Adobe Photoshop

Next up is Adobe Photoshop, which is the most widely used professional image/photo processing software. This is an application that spawns a lot of software that is quite reliable and of good quality.

With a variety of extraordinary features, this software is capable of performing various modifications and visual effects on photos/images. But you have to learn it first.

Corel Draw

This image processing software also has quite detailed features and functions such as photoshop. By using this software you can create logos, edit images, and draw in unique ways. the risk of course you have to study more deeply before using it.

Video Player Software

The computer is the only device that has multifunction. Besides being used for work, you can also use the computer to watch movies and videos. Well, here the role of one of the software is a video player.

Now there are lots of video player software and windows that provide video player software that is quite capable, namely Windows Media Player.

Is that all? Of course not, because there are still lots of software that function as video players such as Media Player Classic, GOM Player, etc.

Screen Recording Software

As the times progressed, computers also provided many interesting features. One of the features a computer provides is recording its own screen. Some operating systems embed a built-in application to record their screen. By using this application, it's easy to record PC screen

Example software for recording computer screen: hit paw screen recorder, CamStudio, open broadcaster software, bandicam screen recorder, icecream screen recorder, and others

Video Editor Software

Video editing is getting more enjoyable. With the presence of YouTube and Instagram, almost everyone is trying to create video-based content.

Not only complete equipment but making good videos also requires taste in video editing. like a puzzle or puzzle, you have to be smart in combining the pictures you have.

Without software or video editing applications that are easy to use, those of you who are beginners will have difficulty starting and executing the video.

The following is an example of software for video editing; apple iMovie, windows movie maker, luma fusion, adobe premiere pro, in a shot, sony vegas, final cut, wondershare, and many more

Audio Player Software

In addition to video players as we discussed above, there is also computer software that can only play audio files. But mostly both can be done.

This means that every video player device can also be used to play audio files. Windows this time only suffices for one application and can be used as a video player as well as an audio player.

Maybe you still remember when you first learned about computers. Winamp is one of the software that plays a major role as the most popular music player software used at that time.

This software is connected to hardware that has previously been controlled by computer software. So you can hear the audio sound on the speakers that have been installed.

Audio Recording Software

Next is computer software that functions as an audio recording system/sound recorder. Unlike a sound or audio player, this device is connected to a sound card that can be used to record sound through devices such as microphones.

Yup, again windows have also provided this device. It's just that it's very minimal and you can't edit the sound recordings. By using this Windows default software you can record sound with additional devices in the form of a microphone or using a cellphone microphone.

In addition, there are many more audio recording devices that are quite popular. Even this software is equipped with various audio editing features, effects and you can record multi-track sound like a music studio. One example of computer software for audio editing is Cool Edit Pro.

Antivirus Software

It turns out that not only humans can be infected with viruses and bacteria, computers can also be exposed to viruses that interfere with performance and make errors. Viruses are annoying software and only random people make them.

Then with the outbreak of a computer by a virus, many large companies will create software that functions to ward off and clean these viruses.

Anti-virus software is now very much. And some of them have special specifications. But some are already popular and you can rely on them to clean various attacking viruses such as avast, Norton, set, and others.

Software Maintenance

Do you use this software on your computer? yup, that's right, this computer program was created to maintain some of the settings on the computer.

Like when you are opening a computer, it will definitely leave traces stored in its memory which over time becomes a lot. There is also an error so that it is not detected manually.

Now by using this software you can clean and stabilize the computer. An example that is still popular today is CCLEANER. You must have it right? because the specifications are very complete and detailed so that it is widely used by all circles.

Device Driver Software

The last software is device driver software. What is meant by the driver here is the controller, controller, or drive. Device drivers are usually used to connect hardware or accessories that are installed on the computer so that they can function according to commands through the operating system.

To find this software is very easy because it is clearly widely used in almost all computer components and additional computer accessories. An example is the printer driver.

Printers are hardware devices that can be connected to a computer by requiring additional software. What if it's not this driver guys because it can connect our computer system.


Brainware components are those who use computers or are commonly referred to as users. Computer users themselves can generally be divided into several, among others

Operator, who is responsible for processing data on the computer. When data processing occurs, the operator must comply with the rules in using the application that has been determined by a programmer.

Programmers, those in charge of making various computer applications that will be used by many people. At this time, programmers have much sought after along with the development of a very complex world of technology. The more skilled a person is, the more large companies need him.

Graphic designers, those who pursue the world of graphic design and usually also pursue the world of visual animation. Apart from graphic designers, there are also video designers.

Administrators, those who are involved in the processing of computer systems designed by systems analysts. Administrators can also act as multiple verifiers, depending on the policy.

Basically, a computer has 3 important components, namely hardware, software, and brassware. These three devices have different functions and tasks. Hardware serves as computer hardware such as monitors, keyboards, and others. The software serves as computer software such as operating systems. And brainware serves as a computer brain device that is running the computer itself.

When the three components of the computer do not work, the performance of the computer will be disrupted. That's why as brain devices we must be able to run a computer according to their respective duties and functions. Not only that, running a computer without knowing the function of each computer component is like opening the widest possible opportunity to damage the computer.

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