Keypad Not Working On Laptop

Keypad Not Working On Laptop - Steps to fix the keyboard that isn't working on the laptop must be understood by netbook owners who want to do it independently without the need to go to a repairman.

One of the troublesome issues for some netbook users is if a side of the keyboard doesn't work on the netbook. Of course, this can get in the way of work and be quite frustrating.

However, the keyboard is the most important aspect of a netbook. But because it is often used, the keyboard is one of the sides that are most prone to breakage.

Keypad Not Working On Laptop

Two things that can cause the key not to work on a netbook can be caused by software and hardware.

Try to connect the BIOS on your netbook to find out the cause of this crash. The trick is to turn off and turn on your netbook device again.

Press the F2 or Delete key many times while the netbook is booting. If you can log in and use the keyboard, then the fault may be in the software or vice versa.

Here are ways that you can do to fix the mobile netbook keyboard not working, being less responsive, or broken.

Keyboard crash in Software

A common problem that occurs is that all keyboards do not respond suddenly. This generally appears because there is a problem with your keyboard software/driver.

Love restarting your netbook which might fix this problem. If you can't restart from the start menu, hold down the power button for 5 seconds and the netbook will restart.

If this step does not solve the problem, you can try reinstalling the keyboard driver on your netbook.

Sometimes the drivers that take care of your keyboard can run into problems, especially if you frequently install 3rd faction software and/or you frequently shut down your netbook without the Shut Down command.

Open the Start menu or in the search field write "Device Manager." Find and specify in the "Keyboard" section. Right-click on that section and specify "Uninstall Driver."

Do a restart, and Windows will automatically install the default drivers for your keyboard that can be built normally.

Keyboard malfunction on Hardware

Another trigger that supports this damage occurs is that there is a problem with the hardware. Suppose there is dirt or dust that has accumulated to block the response on the keyboard.

The most basic thing you can do is tilt the netbook at an angle of 45 to 75 degrees and shake the netbook to get rid of the dirt inside.

It's even better if you use a keyboard washing vacuum that can easily clean every gap in your netbook's keyboard keys.

Netbook batteries can sometimes cause problems with the keyboard not working, especially if the battery is too hot.

Your netbook can try shutting down, running out of battery, and plugging in the power cord. Try restarting the netbook without the battery installed. If the keyboard works when the battery is removed, chances are you will need to swap the battery for a new one.

If some of the above systems can not solve this damage, chances are there is a keyboard connecting cable inside the netbook that is loose or destroyed.

You are advised to immediately contact or come directly to a legitimate service center so that it can be handled by a more competent one

Restart Netbook

The next step to deal with the netbook keyboard not working is to restart the netbook. When suddenly the netbook does not work together, the problem is usually in the software or driver. This can result in the hardware connected to the netbook not working properly.

The key not working on the laptop in its entirety, usually due to a problem with the software or drivers installed on your netbook. Steps to fix this netbook keyboard can be done by re-starting the netbook. Generally, the keyboard will work normally again.

If it seems that the keyboard still has problems, try entering Safe Model. One of the signs that the netbook's keyboard is completely destroyed is that it can't enter the Safe Model menu.

Fix Keyboard Driver

The Hp laptop key not working, it could also be because your keyboard driver is not activated. In addition, there are destroyer programs that usually make the keyboard less responsive. The steps to deal with this problem are quite easy, you can check and confirm the problem from the Manager tool.

  • Click the start menu in the lower-left corner.
  • Type "Device Manager" in the search box.
  • Press the "Enter" button.
  • Look for the words "Keyboard".
  • Click the arrow to the left of "Keyboards".
  • Right-click on "HID Keyboard Devices".
  • Specify "Replacement".
  • Restart your Netbook.
  • Check your netbook's keyboard.
  • It should have Working again.

Restore Windows

A netbook keyboard that suddenly doesn't work can be caused by a falling mechanism. This usually happens after we install software or programs that collide with the running mechanism. A locked netbook keyboard can also be caused by us accidentally setting the keyboard.

To restore the machine to a previous state, you can take advantage of the Windows feature called System Restore. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Click the start menu in the lower-left corner.
  • Click "Control Panel".
  • See the "Mechanisms and Security" side.
  • Select "Back up your computer".
  • You will switch pages.
  • Click "restore your system or computer setup".
  • Define "Unlock Recondition Mechanism".
  • Follow the Wizard's instructions.
  • The netbook will reboot (re-start).
  • Try using your keyboard.

Regardless of battery

Keyboard error problems are generally caused by the state of the battery. The current created by the battery can spread to the keyboard and cause an error. How to fix this kind of netbook keyboard by trying to use the battery.

Make sure your netbook has been turned off. To bring it back, plug in the charging cable. Try turning on your netbook and check whether the keyboard is still experiencing an error or maybe not. If the keyboard is working normally, the trigger is that the netbook battery has a problem.

As a way out, you can swap the netbook battery. Always try to use a legitimate battery and charger from the manufacturer of your brand of a netbook. try to use unauthorized batteries and chargers. Although cheap, unauthorized products can cause netbook hardware (keyboards, touchpads, and so on) to be problematic.

Full of dust or leftover food

Dust or food residue falling between the keyboards is the most important aspect of why some keyboards don't work.

Just as we have seen, one of the most important aspects of triggering a netbook keyboard is not being found, there is dust stuck to the keyboard. To solve this problem, you can clean the keyboard from dust. The trick is pretty easy, turn off the netbook first, then tilt the netbook at an angle of 75 degrees and shake the netbook to get rid of the dust.

Switch Keyboard

If all the steps above have been carried out and it seems that your netbook keyboard is indeed destroyed, the solution that can be taken is to replace the keyboard. To do this, you can take your netbook to the manufacturer's service center of your netbook brand in the nearest city.

The steps to fix the netbook keyboard error above can be applied to various versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. Likewise for various netbook brands such as ASUS netbooks, Acer netbooks, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Compaq, Lenovo, and others.

With the keyboard in perfect condition, now you can easily take screenshots using your keyboard keys. For those who can't, read Screenshot Steps On Netbooks And PCs so you can share what you're watching easily.

So the article about the Keypad Not Working On Laptop. Follow the steps above carefully. When you are having trouble

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