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Here you are looking for ways to get more traffic to your website for free well today I'm going to be doing a review and is it a good way to get traffic to your website so stay tuned

So basically what is like? sharing service or you can also buy points you can also earn points and basically you will use these points to get people to visit your various web sites and they have all kinds of different options you can upload your website for example and drive traffic to there you can promote Twitter so if you have a Twitter account you can do that, you can have your own tweets that you use, you can also request retweets

Facebook, I think it might be downright now but that's an option also there's Instagram so you can get likes on your posts, new followers, you can use it for YouTube Pinterest, go on and on right, so there's a lot of different options with this and that basically what happens is when you upload a YouTube site or channel or you know any Twitter account the problem can use your points to get people to follow you back to like posts post comments on posts to subscribe to your channel visit your website and so on

It seems like a very good option for you to know, bring in new free traffic to your website and to some extent it can, but I think it's the right and wrong way to use a site like this because if you use it the wrong way I think you are just wasting time doing this now one aspect it's pretty cool is that you can actually earn free points by doing various things so like after you log in or add your YouTube account here, for example, you can subscribe to other channels to earn points which you can earn likes from others earn points and like I said you can upload others or you know just attaching your channel can help you get more subscribers to your channel for example

But I think what a lot of people are doing which I think is a bit of a waste of time is actually adding a website here because one thing to really understand is when you get the traffic you want it to actually be targeted traffic where I think a lot of people when they start promoting their business they just think that every visitor is a good visitor and it's actually just a waste of time because then again imagine if you you know selling steak or you sell meat properly and you put an ad and as a vegan restaurant, it probably wouldn't work out the best right there wasn't anyone there eating meat

So it's really the same idea as your business and just understands if you are marketing to everyone you are really marketing to anyone and you also really want your traffic to actually come from targeted sources that people actually want to see so again it's crazy I just refreshed the page here so people can upload you know there is stuff here so its a website you know you can add a description and then a link to your site

They incentivize visitors so okay I visited now I see my shoes got 50 points right so in this example just now as I just said I never even saw what the website was about so even though it was interesting to me I couldn't take any action except once again my only goal to actually visit that website is to earn points for myself to try and get other people to visit my website and so again it doesn't really accomplish much because of people that you know in this I don't see what their website is,

so there is no way for me to buy or order or visit any other page on their site as I can't even see it properly so that's one thing to keep in mind I feel like the website options here are quite a waste of time as again I visit the site is to earn points there is no reason for me to actually be there so again I may not be their target market, I may not be in their niche so the chances I will actually buy are very very unlikely and again if you just got visitors to your site that's cool but if no one takes any action no one buys anything you know download newsletter nothing really important so I think that this aspect is not necessarily the best because your traffic is very untargeted and the chances that they will take action are very very low

That can definitely be a great way to get some extra points not buying points it's an option where you can buy points I think you can get a decent amount of points just you know go to different websites

I think if you're going to actually use something like this it would be worthwhile if you're using it for some kind of social proof or to get more exposure to your site so it's like a website option where people just visit and get points I like to think that it is a huge waste for you as a business owner because it is not targeted and again those people may not fit your niche, your target market and site may not even load,

Get free likes

I think things like Twitter can be a useful thing where if you add a tweet to this by getting more likes to get more retweets for example it could actually result in more exposure to that tweet plus more social proof so people see it maybe like wow got a lot of likes it got a lot of retweets maybe I should give this a second look so it can be another source to actually get more exposure to your site and it would actually be beneficial for the same kind of thing with Instagram if you get more likes

Get free comments

More comments I thought it could be useful, I don't necessarily think followers is a great option because again it's very untargeted people so I mean sure you can get a lot of followers for the sake of numbers but I don't really think the quality must be there so you may really search especially if you want you to know to promote business or earn income with Instagram I don't think that's the best option either

Get free subscribers

I think YouTube has validity for that, I think it can be a good choice to actually use for example like I have a YouTube channel that tells you hundreds of hours of watch time every day, but they are not enough for a thousand subscriber signs so I can use this option to basically push them beyond that limit and then be able to monetize that YouTube channel and start generating ad revenue every month you know this can be a good option to get some subscribers at least push it now a solid subscriber

You won't know if they will unsubscribe from your channel very quickly it's a bit on the air most likely I think a lot of them do it's not necessarily the most profitable thing anymore if you're trying to get new subscribers to your channel but if you're trying to get a boost, get someone to stick around maybe until you know the threshold of adding some social proof to your channel that there are subscribers that people subscribe to regularly I thought it could be a useful way to use this together thing with likes where you can really help you out get more likes, more, more, more, more, see more about it

again I don't always know how long people will actually be on you so this can really help I guess negatively affect your watch time on different channels if you use something like this which is probably not the best because then again it will hit you in search rankings on YouTube which ideally is what you want you to want your ranking to be because you will really get a lot of free traffic and not some kind of gimmick like this so it can be a good example for you to know to get likes I tested it on some comments it wasn't that great so I ended up turning it off because it was useless they are totally spam and again not really anything you want on your channel

So it's just a waste of time-wasting points so there are different ways to do the same you know your Pinterest is getting more reap or whatever it might be another option but overall I feel like a site like this is like net traffic has several benefits if you want to get more social proof I think maybe the best option is retweet

Since you know will actually get a bit more exposure from that audience on Twitter the downside they might not be super targeted so it might not be the best choice but I think the biggest waste is definitely going to be the website choice here because again most people just visit them to earn points for themselves and then on top of that the page might not load and then those people don't even enter your target market and so I think that's one thing in general with this site is you won't target visitors to whatever it's you're promoting so it's not really worth it

If you are going to use it to increase likes on Instagram post more tweets more likes on a tweet I think it can be a viable option to give your content more social proof so that your real followers or real people for high view your content maybe give it a second look and spend some more time


So that you don't waste time just looking for free points has prepared several scripts below that can be used to get points for free and automatically, of course, you have to install Imacros to run it, you can install it first

Install Imacros In Mozilla
Install Old Imacros In Chrome

Script Imacros Traffup

Instagram Follow
Instagram Like

Pinterest Follow
Pinterest Save

Soundcloud Follow
Soundcloud Like

Twitter Follow

Youtube Like
Youtube Subscribe

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