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Facebook Auto Post  - Hello friends, this time Akuh.net will provide various Facebook auto-posts, automatically and can be used in many accounts at once with automatic login

What is a Facebook auto post?

Facebook auto-post here which I discuss mainly for posting in many Facebook groups, it will be very easy to do this way and I share this method for free, why is it free? because there are many out there who sell this script, but because akuh.net made my own so I just share it for free

Why post in many Facebook groups?

The main goal, of course, is to promote the thousands of Facebook groups with just one click, so you don't need to be tired of sharing links or posting in many groups

This bot uses imacros, why imacros? because it's easy to operate and of course because it's free, what I want to share this time is only a script, so you have to install imacros first and this script only runs on Mozilla

Script imacors auto poster Facebook group

It runs on Mozilla and can only be run on a computer or laptop, very easy and very useful

can post to hundreds of groups on your Facebook, make sure your Facebook account is good so you don't get blocked

To make your Facebook good or how to make your new Facebook good, I have shared in a previous post entitled how to manage multiple Facebook accounts at one click, if your Facebook is new I suggest checking the article first

How do you promote using a Facebook group at this time, is it maximum? If you haven't, here are surefire tips to maximize promotion through Facebook groups.

1. Join Multiple Groups

Take another look at your Facebook, how many Facebook groups have you joined? If the number of your group is still less than 100, it means that it is still not optimal. You have joined more than 100 Facebook groups, are there 100 groups that match the market for the product/service you are selling. If you don't have more than a hundred Facebook groups that match your services/products, it's time for you to join many groups.

2. Choose an Active Group

In addition to joining many groups, choosing an active group is also an indicator to maximize promotion to Facebook groups. If you join many groups but the members of the Facebook group are passive, this is also less than optimal. To select an active Facebook group, one of the indicators is the number of group members that are more than 1000 people. Because usually Facebook groups with more than 1000 members are more active than groups with only hundreds of members.

 3. Don't do Spamming

Do not do product promotions that are too frequent or against group rules. spamming is a bad act, you can even be penalized if you violate it. Continuous promotion to multiple groups can also result in your Facebook account being penalized by Facebook. So do a fair promotion, by promoting a reasonable product/service you will get a positive response.

4. Don't Just Promote

If you have useful information related or unrelated to the product/service you are selling. Share the information in your Facebook group. Sharing useful information will improve your image in the eyes of other Facebook group members.

5. Write a Clear Description

If you are selling a product/service, don't be lazy to write a complete product description. By writing a complete description, you can let people know more about the product/service you are selling.

6. Use Call to Action

Call To Action is an invitation in the form of a link or image to do something. Example: Want to know how to effectively promote using iPhone? click here. The word here is Call To Action, this is very important to get prospects for the products/services you sell. You can also track how many people have clicked on your call to action. To do the tracking, you can use services such as bit.ly, short, adf.ly, etc. By tracking, you can evaluate your promotional strategy whether it has been effective or not.

7. Use Imacros Script

The last one, of course, use the Facebook Auto Post which I prepared below, but before that make sure to install macros first

Install Imacros In Mozilla
Install Old Imacros In Chrome

Facebook Auto PostScript

2 Acc 10 Group 
this will post to 5 different Facebook groups for each 1 account

2 Acc 20 Group
this will post to 10 different Facebook groups for each 1 account a total of 20 different groups

3 Acc 30 Group
this will post to 10 different Facebook groups for each 1 account a total of 30 different groups

4 Acc 40 Group
this will post to 10 different Facebook groups for each 1 account a total of 40 different groups

5 Acc 50 Group
this will post to 10 different Facebook groups for each 1 account a total of 50 different groups

Tutorial to use it

Open the imacros folder in C:\Users\username\Documents\iMacros\Datasources
Create a new file:

account.csv: you put your Facebook username and password here "username,password"
group.csv: you put the groups link here
share.csv: you put a post or whatever you want to post here

Akuh.net is not responsible for this tutorial
This tutorial is only for education

Video Tutorial

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