How to Make Google Drive Unlimited Free

Perhaps many already know what Google Drive is, where we can interpret the name as an online storage service founded by Google since 2012.

Many users take advantage of this cloud because of its easy access and simple operation.

But unfortunately, Google only limits the storage capacity of 15 GB for free services, users can still get space capacity if they subscribe and pay a certain nominal every month.

Due to the reasons above, sometimes many people want access to unlimited storage on Google Drive for free or at least exceed the available 15 GB capacity. Answering the concerns above, there is actually a way to make unlimited google drive.

No doubt, there are a lot of Google Drive users out there, easy access and powerful security features can protect some files from damage and viruses or malware in any form.

How to Create a Free Unlimited Google Drive Account

To get unlimited Google Drive storage space can be done in various ways.

The ways include: using Google Unlimited folder shares, changing settings in Google Photos, or buying a Google Drive account from someone who has a Google Suite Business account (because the price is more affordable).

To create Google Drive is with the help of some sites below

Unlimited Google Drive 1

Unlimited Google Drive 2

This site provides a shared folder linked to their Google Drive account, where we can fill the folder without limitation (unlimited).

The steps to get the unlimited share folders to include the following:

  • The first thing you open is one of the links above
  • Later you will be asked to fill in the name of the storage drive, and enter the Gmail address used.
  • If you have filled in your Drive name and Gmail address, click the Submit button.
  • Wait a few moments until Successfully appears.
  • Check the Google Drive page

How long is Google Drive storage?

Google Drive will store your files:

  • As long as the google drive service is still there.
  • As long as your Gmail/Google account is still active.
  • As long as your Gmail / Google account is not banned/violates used.

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