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TeamViewer Host is one of the software that offers advantages as a remote PC. Although there is much existing software, by offers the Remote PC feature, apparently there are many who decide to use the TeamViewer Host service.

TeamViewer Host itself offers many waivers, especially for those of you who work remotely or at least can monitor all PC devices in your office.

Then you don't need to visit the PC device that you need to connect data, but by using the TeamViewer Host. TeamViewer Host allows you to connect from one PC to another.

Simply put, you can easily take and transfer data to the PC you connect to, so it's really easy to use. Besides that, TeamViewer Host is often used because of its light performance and only requires an internet connection.

Features and Advantages of TeamViewer Host

TeamViewer Host offers many attractive advantages to review, one of which is the Remote PC feature. You can connect your PC devices at home and in the office so that when you need data from your PC at home, you need to access it and retrieve it.

Accessing it is also very easy, where you only need a password for the security of your PC. The ID address is required so that TeamViewer Host is connected to the PC.

Really simple right? Although simple, this role is very helpful for users to be able to connect PC devices, transfer data more easily, and save time.

Well, for those of you who want to know, there are many other interesting advantages of TeamViewer Host, one of which is as follows:


Holding a meeting or meeting, now you can easily do it using a PC. TeamViewer Host allows all PCs in the office to be connected, and create an online room or online meeting that has a fast and slow network.

File Transfer

Do you have a master file on your home PC? Do you want to access it but are hindered by the distance? No need to fret, by using TeamViewer Host, you can connect to a PC at home, and retrieve important data that you expect by copying and pasting.

Computer Remote

You can use TeamViewer Host to connect and manage programs that run on other PCs, simply by using TeamViewer Host you can control two PCs at once on a single device.

Download TeamViewer Host Latest

TeamViewer Host itself can be easy to use, where this software only requires the ID code of each PC you connect to. In addition, you must also enter the device password if any.

TeamViewer Host is a Remote PC software that you can use to make it easier to connect files on two different devices. So, you can save time, besides that you only need internet access to use this feature. Download the latest and free TeamViewer Host for Windows via the link below:

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