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For game fans who have a gaming PC, it is likely that many are using graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD. Undeniably, using a graphics card will improve FPS quality and image sharpness on a PC.

NVIDIA and AMD as the two most used graphics card brands, because they offer high quality for every game you play. However, did you know that you can easily manage and adjust the composition of a graphics card?

This can be easily accessed by using the service from Kustom Resolution Utility. The Kustom Resolution Utility is a tweak, which allows PC users to easily customize their graphics card.

By using the Kustom Resolution Utility, you can connect NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards using software. In addition, for those of you who want to increase the power of the graphics card, you can use the Kustom Resolution Utility.

Features and Advantages of Kustom Resolution Utility

Custom Resolution Utility is a free software, which allows you to connect the features of the graphics card you are using on your PC. Using the Kustom Resolution Utility¸you can combine a graphics card with the highest possible resolution boost.

This software can be referred to as portable software, which does not require a CRU in its use. Until it can be operationalized without driver installation.

Custom Resolution Utility is really easy to use, the interface appearance is not difficult. So, it is really suitable for them as beginners in improving the quality of their gaming PC. For those of you who are interested, here are many other interesting advantages of the Kustom Resolution Utility, one of which is as follows:

Increase Resolution

If you play games that require a high level of resolution, then Kustom Resolution Utility really provides support for use. This software can easily improve the quality of the highest resolution, which can be optimized by your graphics card.

Manual Resolution

You want to set the resolution quality manually? It's easy, Kustom Resolution Utility is equipped with a manual adjustment feature which you can use to adjust the resolution quality, either horizontally or vertically.

Simple UI

The Kustom Resolution Utility is equipped with the simplest interface, you need to adjust the quality of the diagrams on the PC by using the features of the Kustom Resolution Utility.

Download the Latest Kustom Resolution Utility

Custom Resolution Utility is equipped with a smaller size, besides that this software does not require special drivers, so it does not have a legal installation that requires preparing a certain space. Until the performance is really strong.

Custom Resolution Utility is a solution for those of you who want to improve the quality of graphics on a PC. For those of you who use NVIDIA and AMD services for graphics cards, because of that this software can easily connect and set the best resolution for your PC. Download the latest and free Kustom Resolution Utility for Windows from the link below:

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