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Windows 11 is Microsoft's latest operating system as the successor to Windows 10. Like all versions of the original operating system, there are always eye-catching visual changes. One of the most prominent in Windows 11 is the Start Menu and taskbar icons that change to the centre, just like the appearance of macOS.

Apart from the appearance of the taskbar, many other changes really deserve to be appreciated because they can increase user productivity, so it's not just the visual factor that is a concern. An example is an increase in the Snap feature, which can place all open windows in a row.

Some New Features in Windows 11

The Taskbar and Start Menu Are More Attractive

The change of the taskbar icon to the middle status is quite controversial because, apart from that, it is similar to macOS. This shift violates the standard of Windows, which has placed the taskbar icons in order starting from the status on the left side. But apparently, Microsoft provides an option to restore the layout of the taskbar icons as usual, so users who don't like the design change can immediately disable it.

Some corners of windows, such as the File Explorer window and the Start Menu in Windows 11, look bent so that they are more in line with Microsoft's Fluent Design idea, unlike Windows 10, where the edges of the window are made sharp. Besides, the presence of several new icons also strengthens the attractiveness of the impressive and refreshing design of Windows 11.

If everything still doesn't taste good enough, try clicking the Start button and seeing what it looks like inside. At first glance, it looks completely different because Live Tiles don't exist. There are only a few sets of static icons that have a small size and are classified as Pinned and Recommended.

Multitasking Is More Convenient

Furthermore, when you drag the mouse arrow over the maximize button in a software window, there will be a group of layouts called sides of the Snap feature for multitasking. Once you click on one of them, the size of the software window will be reduced, and the place will be placed according to the layout you specify.

Support for Android Programs on Windows 11

Windows 11 can be used to run several Android applications, and some of these applications are in the Windows Store. In a Windows 11 event held on June 24, 2021, Microsoft's representative faction ran the TikTok program on the OS as part of a demo.

Unfortunately, not all PCs can be used to run Android programs even though Windows 11 has been installed. The problem is that the hardware used must support Intel Bridge technology.

Download Windows 11 Latest ISO

In 2015, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 was their latest operating mechanism, but that claim did not apply again with the presence of Windows 11. It was even reported that Microsoft had thwarted the Windows design project for this dual-screen monitor for Windows 11.

And as one might have guessed, the advent of Windows 11 invited a lot of backlashes. According to the TorrentFreak site, some curious users managed to grab the ISO file containing the latest operating mechanism before the release of the Windows 11 information moment. Download the latest and free Windows 11 ISO via the link below:

Download Here
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