Understanding Joystick How It Works And Its Use On Computer

Understanding Joystick How It Works And Its Use On Computer - If you are a gamer, you must be familiar with Joystick. Well, it's a hardware device that is often used by gamers to play games.

Generally, gamers use this tool to help when playing games to make it easier because the joystick can point in all directions so because there is this tool playing game becomes more perfect.

For those of you who don't know what a joystick is, please read the discussion below so that you understand more about what a joystick is.

Define Joystick

What is Joystick? A joystick or also known as a control lever is a computer input device in the form of a lever or stick and can be moved in all directions, while game paddles are generally in the form of a box or square made of plastic and equipped with several buttons that will regulate the movement of an object on the computer.

In addition, this tool can transmit several 2D or 3D directions on a computer and this tool is generally used as a companion to play a video game equipped with more than one button.

This joystick is an automatic pointing device. On the Joystick, there are usually buttons that can be disconnected or federated with the whiteboard or keyboard.

Joysticks began to be recognized in the '20s when the name joystick was concluded as an airplane controller stick. Joystick or in Indonesian known as the control lever is a computer suggestion tool in the form of a lever that can point in all directions. This tool can transmit the direction of two or three dimensions on the computer.

Furthermore, the joystick developed into an electric device. The 2-axis joystick was invented in 1944 in Germany. And tools were developed to direct the Henschel H 293 bombing kite at ship targets. In 1967 Ralph H. Baer, ​​maker of TV video games and Magnavox. Then make the first video game using two potentiometers to calculate the position and an analog joystick.

And around 1985-1986 people increasingly recognized the term joystick through video games, which at that time were famous for Nintendo and Sega games. Along with the most rapid technological changes, joysticks were developed in computer devices (hardware).

Similar to using a mouse, joysticks include buttons, which are sometimes recognized as the culprit. The difference between the mouse and the joystick is that the majority is on the joystick, the cursor/hint will continue to move to the joystick even though the joystick still remains in the measured state unless the lever is up. While the mouse will only move when moved.

Usually, the use of a joystick to set the machine or character in a computer program. The shape of the joystick is usually divided into a base and a stick that can be moved left, right, front, back, or can also be rotated to handle cursor movement on computer devices.

The movement of the pointer or cursor is controlled by the contribution of the lever maneuver on the joystick. The joysticks that we often see are divided into additional buttons, which are similar to control devices commonly found in arcade games so that they can increase the role of the joystick.

What Is The Use Of Joystick In Computer

The joystick is an input device that can be used to adjust the movement of the cursor or pointer on a computer device. The movement of the pointer/cursor is controlled by moving the lever on the joystick.

The role of the joystick is mostly used to program games and, sometimes, it is used in graphics programs. In addition, we can find joysticks on input devices for people with disabilities or wheelchairs, heavy equipment controllers, and even airplanes.

Joysticks have been widely used in several sectors. But in this article, we will review the role of the joystick on devices that are commonly used by many people, namely computers and games.

Compared to keys on a keyboard, joysticks offer better control due to their flexible movement. The role of the joystick can also be useful in terms of input devices for people with disabilities. At least one button is on the majority of the joysticks on the front of the stick for the trigger and another button on the top of the stick. Many joysticks have other buttons at the base.

Generally, joysticks are often equipped with software that allows the user to share the role of each button. And, using a serial port or a basic USB network, the joystick can be connected to your computer. For flight simulators and flying action games, the role of the joystick will be increasingly felt because it is similar to airplane control. However, the role of the joystick is used by some gamers for other types of video games, for example, first-person shooters and fighting games.

How Do Joysticks Work

The joystick is an automatic pointing device. The movement of the cursor on the joystick is controlled by the movement of the lever or perhaps by pressing the lever. Joysticks generally have buttons that can be disconnected or associated with a whiteboard or keyboard. In its operation, the joystick does not require a large location. The joystick has a toggle K/T difference.

  • The role of the joystick is divided into several types, namely:
  • As a companion for playing video games equipped with more than one button.
  • To control video games.
  • Joysticks are also widely applied to the same machines in motorized wheelchairs and trucks.

Joystick Types

Atari digital joystick

There are various types of joysticks, and one of the most common, known as the "Atari" digital joystick, is often used in computers. This joystick was first introduced in the Atari 2600 video game, which is equipped with left, right, up, down, and shooting buttons.

Joystick Logitech Rumble

Logitech has been introducing its Joystick products since 2003, the F series Joystick is the newest line of Joysticks and the F310 is the first product of the F series.


  • Easy to set and use with your favorite games-from old standbys to new titles
  • Customize your experiences using profiler software to emulate keyboard and mouse input
  • Feelings of every hit, fall, and explosion in-game that support vibration input
  • Unique D-Pad design makes it responsive to quick changes in direction
  • A familiar shape and button layout gets you in the games faster

Joystick Logitech Racing Wheel

This type of joystick is like the steering wheel of a car. This type of joystick plays a special role in car racing games.


  • Support Software (at release): Logitech Gaming Software
  • Network Type USB
  • USB VID_PID: 046D_C24F (PC Model)
  • USB procedure: USB 2.0
  • USB Speed: Full Speed
  • Alert Light (LED)
  • Rotation: lock-to-lock 900 degrees
  • Hall-effect steering sensor
  • Dual-Motor Force Input
  • Protection against heat
  • Nonlinear brake pedal
  • Patented carpet grip mechanism
  • The heel grip has texture
  • Self-calibration

Joystick Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

This type of joystick is a joystick type in the form of an oval upwards and has a special role for games such as airplane games.


  • Accurate Twist steering control
  • Research shows that the controlling power of flight is honed from feeling and the accuracy of reactions.
  • 12 programmable buttons

Every command in Extreme 3D Profits right at your fingertips and is ready to execute commands when you need them without shifting your concentration of sight to the horizon.

Some profile setups require Logitech Gaming Software to be enabled first and do not support Linux and Windows-based operating mechanisms versus earlier.

  • 8-way hat switch

Move easily and quickly from first-person thinking to top-of-the-line weapons, and there's plenty to come back for.

  • Cause of rapid-fire

Grab the Extreme 3D Pro's trigger as tight as you expect or need it, and trust that every move of your finger will be recorded without a single trace.

  • Comfortable grip

Fly one vision back or incapacitate more opponents comfortably, even after several hours of long fighting.

PC Joystick with Turbo Role

Unlike the standard joysticks on the market, MetalStrike 3D is good for flight replication games with a 4 axis design and has Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, and Power controls.

The turbo role for auto loop can play a combat game in the air with good firing power of automatic weapons. Going deeper, MetalStrike 3D has 13 programmable buttons, an 8-way "point of view" hat switch, so you can fly your plane like a real plane.

Then MetalStrike FF has the advantage to do battle in the air. Equipped with a force input role, MetalStrike FF gives you the real experience of taking off, landing, and stalling in a replica game and gives you real experiences like touching, colliding or shooting while competing in the air. The innovative role of its air control keeps your hands cool and dry and makes flying more realistic.

Joystick Controller

This type uses potentiometric. The scalar on the joystick controller is used to translate movement into an output signal. This type is made of plastic, nylon, glass full of nylon, and stainless steel, besides being used for games used in the industrial sector or equipment for heavy work such as forklifts, cranes, agricultural machinery, steering vehicles.

Joystick Advantages

Comfortable to hold

The advantage of a joystick or controller compared to other game controllers is a matter of convenience in the setting. By holding, the Joystick allows the thumb and fingers to move freely to adjust the rhythm of the game. Often, the body can also move freely to the left or right following the rhythm of the games being played.

Better resistance

The joystick has a basic controller in the form of two joysticks that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, an analog button, a directional button, and an LR button. All the buttons are deliberately made to withstand various excessive movements of gamers when playing games that sometimes unconsciously make emotional movements or even slam the controller.

Easy maintenance

Still related to the first point, the brief design of the controller provides advantages when you have to clean your controller from dust, food crumbs, oil, or various types of spots. Some types of controllers allow it to be easily removed and cleaned inside. In 2018, Xbox released an anti-smudge controller to make it easier to maintain the controller.

Compatibility with Platform

Joysticks are increasingly playable in several game modes, even across games. In the past, joysticks or controllers were always entangled with their respective game machines, because now there are more and more joysticks or controllers that can be used for various gaming machine bases. There are two models Xinput and Dinput on the Joystick is a mechanism that allows the Joystick to be adapted to various game bases. On the Rexus Gladius GX1, these two mechanisms can be switched manually by changing the switch on the back of the joystick.

Wired and Wireless

Old joysticks or controllers come in two connector options, wired and wireless. Based on radio frequency, wireless joysticks such as the Rexus Gladius GX100 can be connected to game machines, computers, or mobile phones using the receiver's USB connector.

The impact of the game is getting stronger

Is there a gaming keyboard or mouse that has a vibrating effect on the keys? There doesn't seem to be any. On Joysticks, this effect has been included for a long time and has become increasingly popular since Sony called this vibration mechanism the DualShock. By combining the impact of the game on the micro electric signal that makes a slight vibration of the buttons, the game will feel more real. Not only that, but Joystick manufacturers are also competing to give their products an immersive effect, such as the effects of rain which are claimed to be felt by using the DualSense controller which will soon be running.

Easy to do various movements

The controller does have shortcomings in terms of accuracy so it is not suitable for FPS games, although there have been many Joysticks equipped with auto-aim features. However, when it comes to precision and flexibility of movement, the controller is superior to the keyboard or mouse. That's because there is a joystick that can move 360°.

Can be played anywhere

The compact design of the controller makes it easier for players to carry it on the go, compared to a mouse and keyboard that requires a flat place to place it before playing. The wearer can wear it while lying down or perhaps with some comfortable status.

Prices vary and are relatively affordable

Joysticks come with several prices and quality options. For example, for one type of Sony-branded Joystick or controller, there are various price levels, ranging from KW1, KW super, factory original, original package, and whatever the term is. That allows users to buy according to the budget they have.

Anyone can play

Joystick with a special design made for gamers with disabilities. Currently, it is found that some manufacturers such as Microsoft and Logitech even release controllers and other special gaming devices for gamers with disabilities.

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