Difference between Headset, Headphone, Earphone and Handsfree

Difference between Headset, Headphone, Earphone, and Handsfree - The term earphone, earphone, or headset must be familiar. These accessories are a necessity for listening to the audio on a cellphone or netbook. What's more, when you want to hear the sound from electronic devices clearly, this accessory is certainly very helpful.

But many people know the role of this device to listen to sound directly to the ear. But actually, these devices have dissimilarities.

Do you already know about the differences between these devices? This time Els Computer will explore the Disparities of Earphones, Earphones, Headsets, and Handsfree in the discussion below.


Difference between Headset, Headphone, Earphone and Handsfree

A headset is an audio device that has two devices combined into one. Where on the headset there is an input device, namely a microphone or microphone, and an output device, namely a speaker.

Judging from the shape, earphones are intended for larger devices, wherein the speaker section covers the ears. This shows a more optimized sound. Judging from the visual design, usually on the top of the head and the speaker on the right side has a microphone.

How to use earphones are generally often attached to a netbook, PC, or mp3, in addition to being attached to a mobile device. Generally, earphones are used for video chat, video calls, skype, and others. On the connectivity side, the earphones have 2 3.5mm jacks that will be attached to the soundcard on the PC.

As for the role of the 2 jacks, the first jack is for input, namely the microphone, and the second jack is for output, namely the speaker. But along with the changing times, the connectivity features of these earphones are increasingly diverse. Such as Bluetooth and USB network features that are integrated into it.


Difference between Headset, Headphone, Earphone and Handsfree

Not much different from earphones. In terms of shape, it is almost similar to earphones, the difference is that earphones do not have an input jack, namely a microphone so that the function side creates differences.

Generally, these earphones are widely used for mobile devices such as in some western countries including East Asia the use of earphones, used to listen to music along with the changing times, the more attractive and varied designs and colors of earphones.


Difference between Headset, Headphone, Earphone and Handsfree

Judging from the role and benefits, headsets are almost the same as earphones. But the headset has a smaller form that is shorter and easier to carry anywhere. It's even more comfortable to wear than earphones because of the larger size.

Having a headset has hands-free without using additional audio buttons. Its use is really easy, just put it on the outer ear, so that the use of this device can be used in any condition without disturbing comfort.


Difference between Headset, Headphone, Earphone and Handsfree

Handsfree is a type of headset that is added with certain tools, such as a microphone and function buttons. Where in terms of shape, handsfree is more similar to a headset.

The Handsfree has an additional one button on the microphone, where this button is used to receive or end calls, or is used when playing media, this button is used to play or mute.

Currently, Handsfree is included in the dashboard on mobile devices. Besides, in terms of connectivity, this device uses a cable and a great Bluetooth feature.

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