Asus Touchpad Not Working

Your ASUS netbook's touchpad is unusable or maybe unresponsive? Don't worry, there are 6 steps to activate the ASUS netbook touchpad quickly and easily, guaranteed to be direct!

The majority of netbook users often use a touchpad rather than a mouse. This is due to the use of a compact and comfortable touchpad.

Generally, the mouse is used when playing netbook games or other intense activities. However, for the problem of searching or writing, many people prefer the touchpad.

However, sometimes there can be problems with the touchpad that cause it to not play a role. I do not know by accident or because of an error in Windows.

If the touchpad on your ASUS netbook doesn't work, there's no need to worry. This is the easy way to turn on the ASUS netbook touchpad!

ASUS Netbook Touchpad Trigger Not Working

Generally, the thing that can make the ASUS netbook touchpad not work is an error in the mechanism or user negligence.

For example, a netbook's touchpad may lock accidentally since a Windows Update is a common problem. If so, you can turn off Windows updates so the same thing doesn't happen again.

Another factor is user usage. Do not eat in front of the netbook which can make the netbook dirty due to crumbs or use the touchpad roughly.

In addition, the netbook's touchpad may not work because it has not been activated. If this is the case, you can immediately follow these 5 steps to reactivate it.

Steps to Activate ASUS Netbook Touchpad Via Keyboard

The steps to activate the ASUS Windows 10 netbook touchpad are the same as turning on the ASUS Windows 7 netbook touchpad or other versions.

You can immediately fix a netbook touchpad that cannot be clicked by using a keyboard shortcut.

Generally, the button to activate the netbook touchpad is on the top side and has the letter F prefix. You just press the keyboard so that the netbook touchpad can be active again.

Combined Keyboard to activate ASUS netbook touchpad:

  • Fn and F9
  • F3
  • FN and F5
  • FN and F6
  • FN and F7

Steps to Turn on ASUS Netbook Touchpad with Up-date Driver

ASUS netbook touchpad still not working? Chances are your netbook drivers aren't up to date again. There are two steps to activate the ASUS netbook touchpad through the driver update.

First, you can use the Driverpack Solution Online software which can download all the latest drivers automatically.

Second, you can manually update the driver via the tool manager. This is the trick to update the netbook driver to fix the ASUS netbook touchpad!

  • Click the search field on the start menu, write Device Manager, then open.
  • Right-click the touchpad driver, select the option Update Server Software.
  • Click Search Automatically for Drivers.

You just have to wait a moment because now, your netbook will automatically search for the latest touchpad drivers.

If already installed. Try turning off the netbook first, then turning it back on to check if the touchpad is working or not.

Steps to Activate ASUS Netbook Touchpad Disable Service Input Tablet

If the steps to activate the ASUS netbook touchpad above still don't fix your netbook touchpad, then try this step.

Therefore, you can disable it so that the Asus netbook touchpad can play again. Here are some steps.

  • Press Windows + R at the same time.
  • Write Serviss.msc then click OK
  • Right-click the Service Input Tablet setup, specify Disable.
  • Re-start the netbook, then check if the touchpad has worked again or maybe not.
  • Steps to Activate the Netbook's Touchpad by Checking Touchpad Settings in BIOS

Another step when your ASUS Netbook Touchpad turns off is to check the BIOS setup. The BIOS acts as a basic setup for various things on a netbook, including the Touchpad setup.

So generally the Touchpad settings in the BIOS can be activated immediately. However, sometimes it can be disabled without us knowing it due to BIOS updates or enhancements.

Some steps to check them include.

  • Turn off your netbook.
  • Turn the netbook back on and press F2 immediately before the operating mechanism runs.
  • After entering the BIOS then look for the Internal Pointing Device settings.
  • Then set the settings to Enable.
  • Then exit the BIOS by selecting Save Changes and Exit.

Steps to Turn on ASUS Touchpad with Uninstall Driver

When you try to re-install the Up-date Driver, you can't because you can try uninstalling it. This step can be executed through the Manager Tool as in the initial step.

Keep in mind, even if we uninstall or delete the Touchpad Driver, it will be safe. Because when restarted, the Touchpad Driver will be automatically reinstalled.

Some of the Uninstall Driver steps are one them,

  • Write Device Manager in the Search Start Menu field and open it.
  • Searching for Touchpad Drivers
  • Right Click and specify uninstall

After finished, restart your netbook. Then check whether your netbook's touchpad has played a role again or not.

What to pay attention to when all steps don't work

If the ASUS netbook's touchpad isn't working, then you can pay attention to the following things:

Make sure that the netbook charger is working properly. The problem is that a shattered netbook charger can affect other elements of the netbook. Try charging the netbook using another charger and check if the touchpad works or not.

Check the netbook battery is still in good condition or maybe not. If the battery has a problem, the touchpad can also be affected.


That's the step to fix the Asus Touchpad Not Working, if all elements of your netbook are still normal, then the touchpad should immediately be active again.

If the ASUS netbook's touchpad doesn't work regularly even though you've used various steps, the last resort is to take it to a service center.

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