How To Disable A Key On Keyboard windows 7

How To Disable A Key On Keyboard windows 7 - Generally, errors on the internal keyboard will continue to exist even though we have used an external keyboard, therefore we must first turn off the internal keyboard so that it does not press itself continuously, for those of you who want to turn off the internal keyboard with this step you should also prepare an external mouse, because generally, the touchpad on a netbook will turn off too.

This will make it more difficult for us to carry a netbook everywhere we have to carry a keyboard and mouse so that our netbook can work again, but what if we want to save on the cost of buying an external keyboard which is cheaper than fixing the internal keyboard on a netbook.

How To Disable A Key On Keyboard Windows 7

  • The first step is to Device Manager, by opening your windows start menu, right-click on Computer then select Properties and click Device Manager

  • On the Device Manager, look at the keyboard side, then specify the keyboard driver used on your netbook, then right-click, select Update Driver Software (usually the name is Standard PS/2 Keyboard, mine has disabled the keyboard)

  • Next select Browse my computer for software tools

  • Click Let me select the list of device drivers on my computer

  • In this section remove the checkmark on Present suitable hardware, there will be many options as below, please specify a driver that deviates or may not match your netbook driver, for example here I am using an Acer netbook, and I select Key Tronic, then press next

  • There will be a warning if the driver we specify is not compatible, just fine and press the Yes button.

  • Finally, press close, because of that the internal keyboard on your netbook has been successfully turned off, don't forget to pair an external keyboard and mouse.

How to disable a key on keyboard windows 7 in this tutorial is to use an unsuitable driver so that the internal keyboard doesn't work because the driver used is not suitable.

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