Keyboard Disabled On Laptop

Keyboard Disabled On Laptop - Just as we know, there are some netbook users who prefer to use an external keyboard. Generally, the possibility of feeling bothered when using the default keyboard.

I'm a technician keyboard user, which feels a little different from a regular keyboard. Anyway, it becomes more enjoyable for typing,

Every day the keyboard is used, so the default keyboard is rarely used

Since I disabled my netbook's keyboard, if this happens to something or maybe an accidental press, I don't have to worry about it interrupting the task

Keyboard Disabled On Laptop

Disabling the keyboard on a netbook is actually easy.

Well, in this opportunity, there are at least 3 steps that I will share, one of which is as follows:

Turn Off the Netbook Keyboard with the Button

  • First, we will turn off the internal keyboard via an existing key. This can be called the easiest and simplest step.
  • Try checking the keys between F1 to F12. In some types of netbooks, generally, there is a button with a keyboard symbol.
  • Press the key with the keyboard symbol with a combination of FN or Ctrl + Alt.
  • Besides that, you can also check on the right or left side of the netbook. sometimes there is a special button to turn off the device, and the keyboard is one of them.

Turn Off the Netbook Keyboard with Device Manager

In this Manager Tool, all netbook devices are identified. No added internal keyboard.

Through Device Manager, the internal keyboard can stand on its own. The trick is to use the following steps:

  • First, open the Tool Manager. The simplest step to open Device Manager can be by right-clicking the Start button > Define Device Manager.

  • In Device Manager, will know many tools. Click in the Keyboard menu, then specify the internal keyboard identified in that menu. Generally, the name is Standard/PS2 Keyboard.

  • Right-click the keyboard, then specify Update Driver Software.

  • Continue to click Browse My Computer for Driver Software.

  • Click the Let Me Pick From a List of Devices option.

  • Uncheck the Show Compatible Hardware menu. That way, there will be devices that are not installed because they do not fit the netbook.

  • Choose one of the options whose drivers do not match your netbook.

  • If you have, there will be a verification message. Please click Yes.

Some of the steps above, serve to make the keyboard driver installed on the netbook disabled, by replacing it so it doesn't match.

Permanently Disable Keyboard

In the initial step, the keyboard that is in a disabled status is automatically disabled.

This is because Windows has a feature, which function is to reinstall the driver automatically when the netbook is restarted.

The next step option, here we can also make the netbook keyboard permanently disabled. So, later the driver does not do the reinstallation.

Here are some steps:

  • First, in the search field, please write "gpedit.msc", then click OK.

  • Next, go to Computer Configuration File > Open Administrative Template > Go to System > Then open Installation Tool.

  • Open the Installation Restrictions Tool menu. Next, look on the right, because that's where you will find many options. Click Hold the installation tool.

  • There will be a new window. Please specify the Enabled option, then click OK.

  • Then, try to retry several steps to disable the keyboard as previously explained. That way, when the netbook is restarted, the keyboard status remains disabled.

How to Enable?

The keyboard status has become disabled. But if you have the initiative to return it, then the trick is also easy, then an external keyboard should also be a netbook that can be used.

The trick remains the same. Please repeat several steps to turn off the netbook keyboard the same as previously described. Then, what will be decided later is the PS2.

By selecting the PS2 option, the netbook will recognize and re-pair the keyboard automatically.

If it's not successful and the keyboard is still off, it means there's a chance it's locked, or there's an error.

There may still be other systems that can be used. For example, by using a certain program.

However, because it feels less simple, so I prefer to discuss just a few steps above.

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