How To Disable A Key On Keyboard Windows 10

How To Disable A Key On Keyboard windows 10 - Some of us may be asking, "How do you disable keyboard keys in Windows?" or asking "What do we do? We need everything with that button." Well, it's possible that some really don't need it because they think the netbook is still fine.

But, have you ever found someone's netbook whose buttons already exist, for example, the A button on the keyboard is no longer dressed. Certainly, it will be useful to be sensitive once we really don't touch it. Disappointed not? When you're busy writing a job, then you type it wrong because the button feels really annoying.

How To Disable A Key On Keyboard Windows 10

One of the steps to reduce it by disabling the keyboard keys. What's the trick? No, read the description below.

  • Download and install the Simple Disable Key program
  • When it is installed, open the program. In the Key menu, you can enter the letter you want to disable by clicking on it on the keyboard key. Next, in the Modifier Keys menu, the key you want to combine with that letter can't work. Here, we will select All Combinations.

  • Next to it, click the Add key tab to the right of that option.

  • Nach, then there is a discussion pop-up menu that instructs you to choose when the button is deactivated. There are 3 options, namely Always, Program, Schedule. We will choose Always.

  • Over! You can see in the following image if the button has been included in the list as shown below. Don't forget to click OK!

  • If you want to re-enable the keys, click Enable All Keys. As for removing the keyboard key from the list, click Remove to the right of the key list. Later, the key will be automatically removed from the HotKey list.

Really easy right? Here's how to disable certain keyboards in Windows 10. Currently, you can use your own if the key doesn't work as usual.

When it's finished, Disable A Key On Keyboard Windows 10, don't forget to reactivate it so that the keyboard keys work again

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