Freeware Antivirus For Windows 10

Freeware Antivirus For Windows 10 - I've tested some of the most popular antiviruses on the market on many Windows 10 devices, and I've ranked them by malware diagnosis, internet security, and overall rating. I got ten Windows 10 antivirus which is called the best of the best.

But it is not an easy task. There is a lot of bad software out there. Even some of the more popular brands don't offer the level of protection I would expect. Even if they have a good malware diagnosis rate, many of them still give me false positives. Others are making my PC sluggish, mostly bugs or the price is too expensive.

But the antiviruses on this list protect all types of Windows devices home PCs, office PCs, gaming PCs, and multimedia PCsat affordable prices.

Freeware Antivirus For Windows 10

Norton 360 Best PC Security Suite of the year

Norton 360 is the gold standard for antivirus software. This antivirus engine is empowered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning evaluations excellent at protecting against all cyber security terrors.

I've tested many Windows 10 antiviruses for security, and Norton is counted among the best, getting a 100% diagnostic rate score. Norton's proprietary SONAR mechanism against malware provides secure virus protection against all cyber terrors.

Norton 360 package includes:

  • Antivirus protection. Guaranteed 100% protection against the most powerful viruses and malware, including ransomware and spyware.
  • Cloud backup. Store important files up to 75 GB securely on a dedicated Norton cloud.
  • Integrated firewall/firewall. Approval at the network level for cyber security terror.
  • Parental monitoring. Mid-level set up to make sure kids are safe online.
  • Secure VPN. High bandwidth speed with unlimited data and several server locations.

Norton offers several browser extensions planned for internet security, all of which performed very well in my tests blocking all phishing links and some malicious sites I tried to access.

Norton is really easy for some novice users to use, and it didn't slow down my PC, unlike many of the other antiviruses I tested. The scanning engine is pretty light can watch movies and change videos while the antivirus scanner runs without draining my CPU power.

The entire Norton 360 package is amazing value for your money. My boyfriend and I first tried the Norton 360 Deluxe Package assuming we could get a refund within the 60-day money-back guarantee period if we didn't like it. But after trying most of the other antivirus software, here are the ones we decided to always use.

The scope of Norton's cyber security features performs better than most other antiviruses. The software is easy and fast to use, the user interface provides support for multiple languages, but not even Indonesian, and Norton ensures that all PCs remain completely protected against cyber security threats. If you need a high-powered Windows antivirus, Norton is the best option out there. There's a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can give it a try and see if you like it.


Bitdefender Total Security Best for Great Malware Protection

Bitdefender Overall Security uses the most powerful cloud-based anti-malware engine that doesn't slow down your Windows computer I'm really impressed with how smoothly Bitdefender works on my PC, not affecting my CPU or RAM (even during a full freeze).

Bitdefender offers 3 layers of malware protection to keep Windows computers safe:

  • Great terror defense. Using machine learning to identify malware (including ransomware) closely analyzes PCs for disturbing behavior, blocks terror immediately.
  • Ransomware remediation. Store critical data if any troubling activity is identified and return that data if the threat has been removed.
  • Create file protection. Blocks some disallowed programs from connecting files or folders, similar to secure iOS sandboxing protection.
  • Bitdefender offers some excellent additional features as well, including deep anti-phishing protection, an insanely fast VPN (only 200 MB daily), and some of the best parental monitoring on the market.

Bitdefender caught more phishing sites in my tests than the majority of its competitors, its VPN removes geo-restrictions without significant speed reductions, and the parental monitoring feature makes it easy for me to filter out unsafe content and receive alerts when my kids leave their already secure location. set initially.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus includes several features including real-time antivirus blocking, anti-phishing protection, and Wi-Fi network blocking, while the Internet Security plan offers secure firewalls and Bitdefender parental monitoring. Both plans cover 3 Windows devices, but if you're looking for a scope for up to 5 devices, including Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad, then Bitdefender Overall Security is the best option.

Bitdefender Overall Security provides complete malware protection with cloud-based antivirus supported by machine learning. Bitdefender offers multi-layered protection and is equipped with the most powerful security and privacy features, including secure sandboxing, anti-phishing protection, fast VPN, and good parental monitoring. Unfortunately, this software is not available in Indonesian. You can try Bitdefender risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


TotalAV Best for Windows Performance Optimization Tool

TotalAV has the most powerful anti-malware engine with good antivirus support, real-time protection, identity protection tools, and some of the best PC performance optimization tools I've tested.

Its performance optimization tools include:

  • Junk and duplicate file cleaner.
  • Easy-to-use program uninstaller.
  • Startup program manager.
  • Site browser junk file cleaner.

My boyfriend and I have tested a number of these features on our Windows 10 device. My boyfriend has over 18 startup programs that make his netbook startup time really slow. The Startup Manager feature really makes it easy to remove all those unneeded startup programs which speed up startup time by about 4 minutes.

The junk cleaner found 8 GB of useless files filling up my hard drive, so I can really free up space for my video software.

TotalAV has 3 packagesAntivirus Pro comes with an anti-malware engine and optimization tools and includes 3 tools. Internet Security adds VPN and covers 5 devices. Overall Security adds an ad blocker and password manager and covers 6 devices. And all TotalAV purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

TotalAV is my favorite antivirus for device cleaning and optimization tools. The antivirus protection is really good and makes cleaning and speeding up PC really simple even my tech-novice boyfriend finds it easy to use. The UI has TotalAV translated into 10 languages, but unfortunately not in Indonesian, and the antivirus engine and PC optimizer/optimizer have been included in TotalAV's cheapest package. You can test it using a 30-day money-back guarantee.


McAfee Overall Protection Best for Additional Security Features

McAfee Overall Protection has excellent malware scanners potting over 99.7% of malware in my tests. It has some of the best features for an internet security suite, including:

  • Site protection tools. Equipped with Wi-Fi blocking, smart firewall/firewall, and anti-phishing protection.
  • Battery optimization. Offer options to reduce battery usage on netbooks.
  • Tune-up mechanism. Improve computer performance by deleting unneeded files that make PC operation sluggish.
  • File shredder and file encryption. Safely delete or make it unreadable in the event of a robbery.
  • Liability scanner. Scan and install necessary Windows enhancements and programs.
  • Secure VPN. Encrypts internet highways with ideal bandwidth speeds and unlimited search data.

Identity theft protection (the US only). Supervise credit reports for irregularities and cover sizable insurance payments.

I really like McAfee's site protection McAfee is aware of some of the phishing sites that Chrome and Edge bypass, and the Wi-Fi network scanner sends me an alert whenever any switch occurs on my network. Plus, the firewall provides active protection against network-based hacking threats.

McAfee Overall Protection is an amazing value, offering the best features for up to 10 devices (including Android, Mac, and iOS devices), and the best-discounted rates for a 2-year subscription.

McAfee offers excellent malware protection along with many additional security features. I was really impressed with McAfee site protections like anti-phishing, Wi-Fi blocking, and secure VPN. McAfee comes with lots of useful extras such as a tune-up tool, file destroyer, and identity theft protection (US users only), this antivirus has a 2-year package that is very attractive from any antivirus on my list, and provide a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.


Avira Prime Best for Quick Approval and Automated Software Enhancements

The Avira Prime plan really impressed me with its antivirus engine it had a very high diagnostic rate and low false positives in my tests. Using cloud-based technology for super fast and precise scanning speeds, this antivirus gets a 100% diagnostic rate score on both old and new malware samples.

In addition to the powerful virus scanner, Avira offers:

  • PUA shield. Protects some potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that can hide in legitimate software.
  • Firewall/firewall manager. Maximizing the arrangement of the firewall/firewall based on the expected level of security.
  • Site protection. Protects all types of content from malicious sites and phishing sites.
  • Email protection. Scan additional e-mail attachments to check for malware or risky links.
  • Software updater. Automatically update/update many popular programs.

Some out-of-date programs can make the mechanism vulnerable to terror, so I'd like to know if Software Updater recognizes some out-of-date programs and automatically makes improvements. It finds 17 programs on a PC that need the most improvement some of which haven't been updated in five years and it picks up and installs all the fixes/updates automatically.

I tested the Avira Prime Plan which includes Avira's Phantom VPN (with unlimited search data) and protects up to 5 devices, including Mac, Android, and iPhone. While not as cheap as the Norton 360 Deluxe Package, all the extra features this package offers still make Avira Prime an amazing value for your money.

Avira is definitely the most reliable antivirus program out there has a prime diagnostic rate that's hard to beat. This antivirus is powerful but really light at the same time. My favorite add-on feature is Software Updater, as it makes life easier by automatically doing the tedious important work of software upgrades/updates!


BullGuard Best for some PC Gamers

BullGuard offers an excellent anti-malware engine with some good additions and a unique games booster that maximizes PC performance during gameplay.

I tried BullGuard on my PC games with several other games, including Half-Life: Alyx, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and Fortnite. I tested my CPU performance, RAM usage, picture frequency/frame rate, and load time and I was surprised to find that BullGuard significantly improved my computer's performance in each of those clusters!

In addition to boosting performance, BullGuard offers several other internet security protections, for example:

  • Firewall/Firewall.
  • Parental monitoring.
  • Cloud backup manager.
  • VPN (separate purchase only).
  • Identity theft protection (US, Canada, and EU only).

I've found that some of BullGuard's additional features can be popular or overlooked. The firewall/firewall is fine, but parental monitoring didn't work to block the majority of inappropriate content in my tests. However, BullGuard's identity theft protection is excellent, providing real-time credit monitoring via Experian's international network. BullGuard's VPN is pretty good, but I wish it came with some of BullGuard's premium plans rather than asking some users to pay more.

The most basic packageBullGuard Antivirus is just an antivirus and games booster and only includes 1 device. If you want all the features, you need to buy BullGuard Internet Security (most of the features listed above) or BullGuard Premium Protection (adds ID protection and network scanner).

BullGuard has a good malware scanner, plenty of extras, and a great games booster that increases picture frequency/frame rate and reduces load times during gameplay. I'm not a fan of BullGuard's user interface (which, by the way, only comes in English, German, Danish, French, and Spanish), and parental monitoring could be better again. However, all the other features are great if you're looking for a secure and accessible antivirus for your gaming PC, then BullGuard is a good option.


Panda DomeBest for Encrypting Files and Save Affected PCs

Panda Dome has a good antivirus scanner and some most useful and unique security features.

Here are the safeguards that made Panda stand out in my tests:

  • File encryption.
  • File destroyer.
  • PC Security Kit.

Panda Dome really made it easy for me to encrypt some important work documents with a secure password to keep them safe from malware and ransomware.

Security Kit/Rescue Kit cleans PCs that have been hampered by malware it's really useful for emergency situations where a device is completely unreachable. You just load the Security Kit/Rescue Kit into a USB drive, plug the USB drive into the affected device, boot up the device, and Panda will automatically remove the malware and make the device usable again.

Some of the most powerful Panda plans are very expensive compared to other brands that offer some of the same features (and include more and more devices) at a much lower price. But I took the affordable plan Panda Dome Essentialwhich includes real-time malware blocking, a Wi-Fi scanner, and a VPN (with 150 MB daily).

The Panda antivirus scanner performed well in my tests, and I really liked some of the extra features especially the Rescue Kit. But I'm not impressed with some of the other features, and I think that some Panda plans are too expensive. However, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it's 100% worth trying Panda to see what the best antivirus for your PC is. Finally, which is no less important, you should know if the UI does not provide Indonesian language support.


Kaspersky Total SecurityBest for Ease of Use

Kaspersky provides a secure malware scanner for Windows and several additional features that are very good and the most intuitive dashboard.

Kaspersky's real-time malware detection engine detected many viruses, spyware, and ransomware in my tests.

Kaspersky has:

  • Anti-phishing. Block some untrusted sites from taking your data.
  • Save money. Safe shopping and banking in a secure dedicated browser.
  • Privacy protection. Make sure some outside programs are not connected to the webcam or microphone without permission.
  • Parental monitoring. Blocks unsafe content and locates devices.

Kaspersky's Antivirus package is pretty good if you're looking for basic protection for Windows. But some multi-device plans for up to 10 devices (including Mac, Android, and iOS) better value. The Kaspersky Total Security plan is priced similarly to the Norton 360 Deluxe Plan but Kaspersky might be a good choice for some users who need a more basic interface.

Kaspersky Total Security is a high-level security program that is super easy to use and navigate. If you're looking for an easy, install-and-forget antivirus for your Windows PC, Kaspersky is a great choice and it comes with a 30-day no-loyalty money-back guarantee.


Malwarebytes Best for Basic Cyber ​​Security Protection

Malwarebytes is a simple virus scanner with a good malware diagnosis rate in my tests, the scanner was as good as Malwarebytes wanted it to find around 90% of test malware (malware), but real-time protection blocked almost 99% of similar files result in it's the same with some of the biggest names in the industry, like TotalAV.

Malwarebytes has excellent spoof protection, near-perfect diagnostic rates, and a decent VPN. While Malwarebytes VPN doesn't have as many features as its standalone VPN competitors, it's still a good option for users looking for an easy-to-use VPN with fast speeds.

Unfortunately, Malwarebytes lacks other features, but its minimalistic form and lack of additional features may appeal to users looking for a basic antivirus program.

Even so, Malwarebytes has a similar price tag to Norton and Bitdefender, both of which give it more significant cybersecurity protection. But if you're interested, Malwarebytes has a 60-day money-back guarantee, so there's no risk if you give it a try.

Malwarebytes is a malware scanner with good tamper protection you can upgrade to Malwarebytes' most expensive plan to get a VPN, but the benefits are just that. If you're looking for more and more roles, check out the other brands on this list. But if you're into a minimalist antivirus, Malwarebytes is a great choice. All Malwarebytes plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Trend micro best for Secure Search and Online Banking

Trend Micro has a good malware scanner and decent internet security tool for some Windows users.

I think it's really cool how Micro Trends shows which sites are safe to multiple users offers a simple color-coding mechanism for ranking Google search results from green (safe) to yellow (unsafe) to red (risky).

Trend Micro includes:

  • Monitoring data breaches.
  • VPNs.
  • Password managers.
  • Safe browser.

I really like Micro Trends' data breach surveillance, which uses encryption to search online databases for passwords, logins, and credit card information that could be vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

MicroTrends VPN doesn't provide a very fast network, especially to its international servers, but it is an efficient way to keep your online activities private.

If you're looking for intuitive site protection and a good malware scanner, then Trend Micro is a decent option but I think it needs to provide some premium features again to compare with some competitors at similar prices like Norton and Bitdefender.

Trend Micro has a good cloud-based malware scanner and some good extras like data breach monitoring and emails phishing protection. I think the price to be too expensive, but it is a lightweight program that has some good internet security protections, and the interface provides support for 20 languages, but unfortunately, Indonesian is not included in it.

Tren Micro

ESET Smart Security Premium Great Malware Protection and Great Diagnostics

ESET provides a powerful anti-malware engine and diagnostic tool for security professionals although ESET is a good option for the most tech-savvy users, most other users should look elsewhere.

However, ESET's malware scanner uses powerful heuristics to capture zero-day malware threats obtaining near-perfect diagnostic rate scores in all of my tests.

ESET has:

  • Great diagnostics.
  • Anti-phishing.
  • Data and device encryption.
  • Anti-theft.

ESET's powerful diagnostic tools are among the best on my list they provide an in-depth list of all my device files, all of their drivers, registry entries so that any expert can easily analyze any changes that occur to my system in an emergency.

ESET is a good anti-malware tool with some signature security features the best value plan is ESET Internet Security which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ESET provides secure antivirus protection along with some distinctive features for mid-level users. If reports of using in-depth mechanisms and device encryption tools sound like a compelling addition, then ESET is an excellent option. If you don't understand what some of these features are, then please check out one of the other programs on my list. Write if the UI is localized in several languages, but Indonesian doesn't count as one of them.


Cylance Uninterrupted Malware Blocking

Cylance has a minimalistic anti-malware scanner that uses built-in intelligence to run smoothly in the background it's really great, caught most of the malware in my tests.

However, Cylance's engine evaluation technology isn't as great as that of the other antiviruses on this list, and some of its programs lack most of the features I wish a premium antivirus for Windows had, that's why it doesn't rank higher. in these details.

Cylance is a good option for users who don't have any experience with using antivirus, but there are better options, even for non-technical users at all. However, my parents absolutely love CylanceI use the program's remote access feature to check the security of their device and they don't have to do anything!

Cylance provides a good AI-based malware scanner and that's about it. It's a good choice for novice users, but I don't think Cylance's engine evaluation technology is great enough to compete with big names like Norton and Bitdefender. Cylance is available for up to 10 users, the UI is in English only, and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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