Antivirus For Windows Server 2008 R2

Antivirus For Windows Server 2008 R2 - Computers in the office of course save important files. It even stores various types of data that are important for office operations. Unfortunately, due to various things, the data can be lost or corrupted so that it cannot be opened again. 

When that happens, this will definitely make the company lose so that the data on the computer must be captured. The most common trigger that makes data on a computer disappear is a virus. This virus will cause folders on your computer to turn into shortcuts that can't be opened, even more heartbreaking, the virus will make folders on your computer disappear.

Antivirus For Windows Server 2008 R2

Plus for the computer server in your office, you need an antivirus that can protect programs, data, databases, and others. Here's a list of the best premium antiviruses for servers that you can refer to:

Avast Business Antivirus Pro

Avast Business Antivirus Pro uses built-in intelligence and behavioral analytics to detect all types of terrors. The software has cloud analytics which will scan files for any unknown terrors.

The software is easy to set up, and once you install it, it will check all uploads and downloads for any troublesome activity. Due to the next batch of endpoint protection, all your devices can be remotely managed from a central point.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro offers great features, and is compatible with all versions of Windows Server, starting with Windows Server 2008 R2.

VIPRE Endpoint Security Server

VIPRE Endpoint Security Server is another excellent antivirus for Windows Server 2019, but it also provides support versus older Windows Server. This program offers excellent protection against zero-day exploration and ransomware.

The software is easy to configure, and you can install and configure it in a matter of moments. Of course, the remote management feature is there so you can easily manage all the devices on your network.

The software has mid-level ransomware protection and built-in real-time behavior control for maximum security.

Norton Security Deluxe

The first antivirus is Norton Security Deluxe. Surely you are no stranger to this premium antivirus. Norton Security Deluxe is indeed an amazing product because it is based on business objectives. Norton can provide enterprise technology support that uses the cloud and promises to be 100% virus-free. What's attractive about Norton is that it provides a full money-back guarantee if this antivirus is not 100% virus-free. Not only that but your browser can also be protected with code settings and various types of tools that can be used to enhance computer performance.

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender is antivirus software that can be installed for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. By using this software you can find out the software that has expired and passwords that are not strong enough. Bitdefender can offer protection from the dangers of ransomware where it uses two layers of defense against virus types to make it even more secure.

ESET Internet Security

ESET is the best premium antivirus for servers that are often used because the costs are more affordable, but the tools they have are more complete and easier. The features that this antivirus has are also easy to use and will make your site safe. Besides being able to be used for scanning mechanisms, ESET offers social media scan features, anti-theft tools, network protection tools, and can protect server computers from the terror of ransomware viruses.

AVG Ultimate

AVG ultimate will be able to provide compact protection on your computer server. Besides the mechanism it has so good, AVG can also be used to protect various types of files that are on the server computer. Not only that, AVG offers password manager features, VPN, and driver enhancements at a very affordable price.


The best premium antivirus for the latest server is McAffee. This antivirus claims that the software it has can protect various types of viruses and can be installed without restrictions. In its refinement, McAfee is equipped with a scanner that can protect e-mails and can scan sites. There's also a password manager that can identify annoying devices.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security

If you need a reliable antivirus for Windows Server 2019, then you should consider using Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows. This software uses multi-layer protection which will keep all your networks completely safe.

Due to the Deterrence Exploration feature, the software will keep an eye on all vulnerable programs and protect them from zero-day terror. This software can intercept your HTTPS highway and block risky websites.

Using real-time behavior analytics, antivirus software can spot any troubling activity on your server and automatically block malware from running.

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