Free Antimalware For Windows 7

Free Antimalware For Windows 7 - Worried about your PC device being attacked by dangerous viruses and malware? If so, it's better to use the best PC/netbook antivirus program

The presence of more and more computer viruses and poses a threat to the data security of several users, make antivirus programs one of the anticipatory methods that are often used today.

Unfortunately, of some of the best anti-virus programs on the market today, not all of them offer free or free access.

Just like with Android antivirus programs, the best free antiviruses offer a variety of useful features that can protect your netbook or computer from virus attacks.

The following is a reference for the best free antivirus 2021 that is very reliable in keeping your PC and netbook safe from viruses

Free Antimalware For Windows 7

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Always successful in getting into the top ten best anti-virus programs every year, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free or previously known as Kaspersky Free Antivirus is the reference this time.

The popularity of the Kaspersky Security Cloud Free program itself, of course, cannot be separated from the various best features it sells, such as Password Management, Core Protection, to the Secure Connection (VPN) feature.

Not only that, this antivirus program has a simple and easy-to-use UI.


Free Antimalware AVG

Want to download another best free netbook antivirus? If you're so, the AVG Free Antivirus program might be your thinking,.

Legally taken by Avast Software in September 2016, AVG Free Antivirus is increasingly developing with various features such as Site Protection to monitor and protect searching activities, and there is a Real-time Security Updates feature.

Not only that, AVG Free Antivirus is one of the best and lightest antivirus programs that won't slow down your netbook's performance.


Free Antimalware Avast

Avast Free Antivirus is the most popular antivirus because it can be proven to "treat" PCs from various malware

Some of the features offered by this program include CyberCapture to clean terror viruses and WiFi Inspector to secure WiFi networks.

In addition, there is also a Smart Scan feature that functions to detect security terrors, Games Model which manages notifications, and Behavior Shield as program supervisor.


Free Antimalware Bitdefender

Not much different from Avast, this antivirus developed by a Romanian company has a variety of features that both protect computer and netbook devices from various viruses, s.

Several features that Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition has include On-demand Virus Scanning to destroy various types of viruses, Anti Phishing to create account protection, Behavioral Detection to monitor programs, and many more.


Free Antimalware Avira

Being one of the oldest antiviruses, Avira has been around since 1986. Popular for its compact performance and cool user interface, this antivirus is often used by PC or netbook users.

Several features in Avira Free Antivirus include Cloud Protection to analyze files, Browser Treking Blocker to monitor searching activities.

Until PUA Shield acts as an antidote to risky programs aka virus risk


Free Antimalware ZoneAlarm

Only available for PC users with Windows operating systems, ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus offers a variety of good protection features that are not inferior to paid antiviruses.

Some of the best features that it sells are Individual Firewall to make your PC not identified by hackers, Real-Time Security Updates so that your PC is always protected, to Gamer Model for gaming activities without problems.

Interestingly, all of these features can be tested for free or for free.


Free Antimalware Panda

Antivirus named cute animal from China is also one of the lightest antiviruses to use.

However, Panda Free Antivirus has features that cannot be said "lightly".

A number of these features include Real-time Updates, USB Protection to monitor USB devices connected to a PC, and many more.


Sophos Home

Haven't found a free PC antivirus program that fits your needs yet? If you are so, you can download this PC antivirus called Sophos Home,.

Also known as one of the best antiviruses in its class, Sophos Home can eradicate almost all types of terror viruses that may harm your device.

In addition, this program has been given various protection features such as Predictive AI Threat Detection to recognize and block new malware, Parental Web Filtering to manage content for children, and others.

Sophos Home

Total Security

Known as one of the PC antivirus programs with the most features as well as the most complete, 360 Overall Security may be an alternative for you to use.

Some of the features provided by this program such as Realtime Detection, Document Protector, Intelligent Blocking, and various other features are guaranteed to make your computer or netbook more secure.

Although not as famous as the antivirus program Avast and others, this program has reportedly protected more than 687 thousand users around the world.

Total Security

Adaware Antivirus 12

After going through the rebranding process, Adaware Antivirus 12 has finally come as one of the best antivirus options that you deserve to use.

This program comes with various security features such as Real-Time Protection, Website Protection, Email Protection, Parental Control, and several other features that are no less useful.

Unfortunately, this program is only available for netbooks with Windows operating mechanisms, so Apple netbook users have to look for other free alternative PC antivirus programs.

Adaware Antivirus 12


TotalAV is a newcomer to the anti-malware space but its strong malware-fighting capabilities have helped it gain a high track record in the world of cybersecurity. Apart from full malware and virus protection, TotalAV is equipped with several additional features, for example:

Performance and Optimization Tools: clean your hard disk and make your device run smoothly.

Safe Site: a browser extension that helps you avoid fake sites and "phishing" scams that trick you into providing your individual information.

Password Vault: keep your login credentials organized and secure.

Safe Searching: Virtual Private Network (VPN) with unlimited data.



Many trust Norton AntiVirus as an anti-malware because it is careful when it comes to virus scanning to its roots. Not only that, Norton is equipped with a Languard feature that is useful for scanning data on a PC that will be shared. Norton 360 is by far the best anti-malware. It uses artificial intelligence as part of its malware detection engine, protecting against ransomware, spyware, and many other viruses. Norton 360 has many additional features, including:

Parental Controls: blocks inappropriate websites and allows you to monitor the online activities of users in your home.

Secure VPN: keeps your data private when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network and allows you to connect to unreachable websites in your area.

Privacy Manager: generate strong passwords, store them securely, and help you log in to your account with 1 click.

Cloud Backup: provide high-security online storage for your sensitive documents.

Norton's world-class protection is a great choice for anyone who needs a robust and comprehensive anti-malware program.



Malwarebytes is the first malware-fighting software package on the market and it remains one of the best in 2020. anti-malware-3 Malwarebytes is easy to use, completely comparable, and intuitive. Malwarebytes Premium is a fully capable antivirus and anti-malware product, offering real-time protection and behavior analytics.

There's a free version from Malwarebytes (which activates after a 14-day free trial) but that's just not good enough to be seen as standalone antivirus. Malwarebytes has one of the best anti-malware approval engines out there. While the free version is only good when using an antivirus with real-time protection, Malwarebytes Premium has some of the best 100% anti-malware protection. If you need a compact and lightweight anti-malware program with an effective approach to cybersecurity, Malwarebytes is a good option.


Norman Malware Cleaner

Norman Malware Cleaner is one of the best software for detecting and removing malware. This anti-malware software will automatically remove identified malware without asking the computer user. Norman will stop the malware-calculated process and will restore the malware-affected registry to the correct value. This software keeps the computer's performance constant.



Now, this adware is spreading everywhere. The malicious threat of adware can disrupt one's browsing activity by adding excessive advertisements to every page, forcefully changing browser standards, and installing other malicious software. AdwCleaner from Xplode can spot all these infections.

AdwCleaner is a lightweight program that focuses on removing PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), hijackers, and aggressive toolbars that install on popular browser sites without admin authorization. The AdwCleaner scan is absolutely spot on and takes a little while to complete. In addition to excellent adware removal, AdwCleaner can prevent adware attacks because it packages programs as hosts for questionable content.


IObit Malware Fighter

Iobit has now upgraded an anti-malware product called IObit Malware Fighter.

IObit Malware Fighter was developed with an online database which means it can protect your PC from the dangers of web malware.

And why IObit Malware Fighter is a good fit, it's because this program has improvements all the time.

IObit Malware Fighter

Comodo Internet Security

Comodo has the power to safeguard the most amazing mechanisms for PC protection.

How not Comodo has been proven and has many features, one of which is antivirus, firewall, sandboxing browser, and shopping portal.

Not only that, Comodo has a defense technique that consists of three groups called Standard Deny.

Comodo Internet Security


The references above can be used as recommendations for dealing with problems on your netbook or computer that is attacked by malware. Can be used as a deterrent from the entry of malware into your computer or netbook. Many software can be used for free and some are paid for. The difference is in terms of features, paid software has more complete features than free features. There is nothing wrong with trying if it is an important requirement for you.

If you want to do some searching on the internet, look for a website that has used SSL. If not, then the chances of your netbook or computer being attacked by malware will be high. Stay away from downloading songs, videos, games on illegal websites because it could be that the website has been invaded by malware. So if your netbook or computer has not been installed with anti-malware for a long time, you will feel the consequences because of the malware.

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