How To Grow Your Youtube Channel In 5 Steps Free Youtube Subscribers

I have to give you a NEWS: although many say otherwise, YouTube WORKS. Youtube is doing well. Simply, YouTube has changed and you have to know how to adapt. Do you want to know the best? I am going to explain to you how to adapt easily and how to grow your channel in the new era of YouTube!

Is it true that Youtube no longer works?

Yes, ok, everything can be improved. But YouTube is doing well! The only thing that has happened is that the rules have been changed and you have to know how to adapt. I'm going to show you that YouTube is doing well and I'm going to explain how you can grow your channel with 5 super easy steps that WORK. Let's go there!

In this lesson, you will learn a strategy with which you can create a YouTube channel and earn a salary within a year if you do it well. It is the SEOTUBE strategy and consists of 5 steps.

These steps are based on consumer psychology, SEO, and common sense, and will help you get your YouTube channel to grow as far as you want. I insist: as long as you do it well.

Step 1.- Make Evergreen Videos

This first step is where many YouTubers fail, who base their content strategy on exclusively creating trending videos.

Yes, this is very good, because by creating trending videos you have a greater chance of going viral and being seen by many people.

The problem is that when that trend ends, no one ever sees those videos again, which are lost and forgotten in YouTube limbo. And this is a great handicap for many YouTubers, who are forced to constantly create trending videos because, if they do not, they stop making money, since the videos they created at the time are no longer searched for or seen by anyone.

On the other hand, if within your content strategy, you include Evergreen videos, things change. These are videos that people search regardless of the passage of time.

you have to find keywords that people always search for, create Evergreen videos and rank them. In this way, even if you don't upload new content for a while, nothing will happen because you will have temporary videos that people will still watch at any time.

Evergreen videos are not going to have the virtualization, at least initially, that trend videos can have, but the important thing is that they will add and add over time.

If you are creating several contents of this type, you will be able to count on a secure base of views.

Step 2.- Make video series

This is great because we will be able to multiply by a lot of what we have achieved with Evergreen videos.

What matters most to YouTube is watch time. So if we get a person who comes to see one of our videos, stay on our channel to watch more videos, we will be greatly increasing the playback time, which will make YouTube better position our videos and recommend them to more people...

This is why it is important to do SERIES, through playlists or SEOLists.

Step 3.- Make CTAs or Call To Action

Youtube has a fabulous thing, which is the cards. It allows you to include up to 5 cards in each of your videos, which appear dynamically and with the text of your choice.

You can even include emojis or whatever you want to modify the CTR.

This way, you can steer people from one evergreen video series to another.

Step 4.- The slipstream

I will insist: what really matters to YouTube is the playback time. Why? Because the more time people spend watching videos, the more ads are shown and the more money YouTube makes. Yes, you too, but YouTube much more and that is what interests him after all. There's no more.

YouTube has already said that it is very important that our videos generate playback time in the video itself or drift to other videos that have a long playback time.

Does this mean that you are interested in linking videos of other YouTubers from your own videos? Exactly!

Why? How does that benefit you?

As it turns out, if from the videos you have created using the SEOTUBE strategy you link, with the use of CTAs on cards, videos of other YouTubers with a long playing time, YouTube will detect that whoever enters your videos ends up generating much more playing time, even if it's not on your channel.

Consequently, it will be in charge of exposing and promoting your videos as much as possible, because YouTube is interested in that, in any way, people generate hours and hours of reproduction.

Step 5.- Ytbpals

Get free youtube subscribers this way


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