How To Make Facebook Auto Liker Bot

How To Make Facebook Auto Liker - As you have seen lately there is a lot of talk about BOTs, especially Facebook BOTs. What once seemed like a novel tool that was only available to large brands is now available to entrepreneurs, info producers, and any type of company for free or paying very little

What is a Facebook BOT?

A Facebook BOT is a program that combines different technologies to automate tasks and interact automatically with users.

The best way to understand how a BOT works are by comparing it with the switchboard that we hear when we call large companies, this switchboard gives us different options and if we want to, we will end up talking to a human at the end. The same happens with BOTs, we automate messages but then there is always a way to talk to a person.

What are BOTs for? Main advantages

The main advantages of creating and implementing a BOT on a Facebook fan page are as follows:

  • You can improve the customer service you offer
  • You will increase traffic to your website or mobile application.
  • You can pre-filter users interested in your products and services
  • You will increase your sales
  • You can integrate your Facebook Ads ads with your BOT to sell and report 24 hours a day
  • You will decrease the basic support
  • Facebook BOT functionalities

As you may have previously read, BOTs can be our best ally if we implement them correctly. Next, I would like to show you some of the functionalities that you can implement with a Facebook BOT.

How to create a Facebook bot 

The reality is that BOTs can be basic or advanced. Some companies delegate the creation of BOTs to their programmers to connect their platforms and do very advanced things. Creating a BOT depends on how far you are willing to go. In a single post, it would be very difficult to explain all the necessary steps so that your BOT is working 100% and has no errors, in addition to that each BOT creation tool works differently. They even use different terms to say the same thing.

Still, I would like to go over with you what you will need to create a BOT step by step. If you follow these instructions, you will have the starting plan to start configuring your BOT.

First, you need to install imacros, yes imacros because we will create a Facebook bot for free here, you can download imacros at the following link:

Install Imacros In Mozilla

Install Old Imacros In Chrome

After installing it now you open Mozilla and follow the video instructions below to make Facebook auto liker

Very easy isn't it?

You can download the script made in the video below

Facebook Auto Liker

That was a quick guide on how to make a very easy and free Facebook auto liker good luck is not responsible for this tutorial
This tutorial is only for education
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