How To Restore Laptop Screen Color To Normal Windows 10 Mode

How to Restore Laptop Screen Color to Normal Windows 10 Mode - Blue screen of death is common in Windows 10, but the pink screen of death (PSOD) is relatively uncommon. If your screen suddenly turns pink when you upgrade your version of Windows 10 or Windows 10 toggles between the normal screen and the selection screen and then completely switches to the Pink screen, don't worry. Here are the solutions.

If the pink screen of death error occurred, try shutting down the computer the hard way and restarting the computer to see if the problem is resolved. If not, it goes to the next methods.

Why is my computer screen pink?

The color of your PC screen, pink or red, is largely caused by misconfigured hardware and software. In detail, hardware-wise, loose or damaged cable is the most to blame. When it comes to software or settings, the video card driver and incorrect monitor settings must be responsible for the pink screen on Windows 10 laptops.

How to fix the pink screen in Windows 10?

For what makes your computer screen pink, you'd better try to remove pink PC both hardware and software.


Check the PC display hardware

For starters, you are supposed to check if the Windows 10 hardware is in good condition. It is natural that if the video cable or monitor is not plugged in properly, your PC will turn pink.

  • Make sure the video cable has been plugged in firmly without damage.

  • Plug in all external devices, including a USB device, second monitor, and microphone to avoid interruptions.

Once you can ensure that all the hardware is working fine, but the computer screen is still pink, you should move forward to troubleshoot the Windows 10 software or settings.

Enter safe mode

For users whose PC screen turns pink, you can not log on to Windows 10. In these circumstances, it is best to first enter into the safe mode before taking more steps to get rid of the pink screen. Here you better enter Safe Mode with Networking.

In safe mode, you have the right to better deal with the PSOD in Windows 10.

Uninstall the display driver

It is said that the problematic driver for your video card can lead to the pink screen of the computer. So you are supposed to remove the graphics driver in safe mode and get a new one after that to see if you can bring the normal display back to Windows 10.

  • Open Device Manager.
  • Then expand Display Adapters and then right-click on the display driver to Uninstall the device.
  • Confirm to uninstall the video card driver.
  • Go to Control Panel > Program and Features to uninstall the graphics panel and graphics, driver.

After that, you can reboot to allow Windows 10 to reinstall a display driver for you, typically Microsoft's basic display driver. With the new driver, start your PC to check if the Windows 10 screen will turn pink again.

Update the graphics driver

Sometimes when the pink screen of death occurs, the graphics driver may be in a yellow exclamation state. Updating the graphics card driver will help to solve the problem to some extent. Or even if the pink screen disappeared, Microsoft's basic display adapter cannot afford you improved display performance, therefore you need to update the graphics card driver as well.

You can of course try to download the drivers from the manufacturer's website and install it in safe mode.

But in terms of getting the latest video card driver, Driver Booster can save you time and energy to the maximum. It will scan your driver database of over 3 million and download the drivers automatically.

On the other hand, Driver Booster can allow you to roll back the driver if necessary as it can backup and restore the drivers. For some customers, perhaps downgrading to the older graphics driver can bring the normal pink screen back.

  • Download Driver Booster and then install it, run it on Windows 10.
  • Then click Scan. In this regard, Driver Booster will start looking for missing, outdated, and faulty drivers on your PC.
  • Identify the display adapters and then update them.


Here, if you noticed that Windows 10 has no network, you could not download the video card driver, you can also make full use of Fix Network Failure in Driver Booster. It will detect the network problem and fix it if possible.

Then you will see that Driver Booster is automatically updating your Intel, or AMD, or NVIDIA driver in Windows 10. The updated graphics card driver needs to restart the computer for it to take effect. So after restarting the computer, check if the pink screen of death error remains or has been resolved.

Uninstall error programs

If you installed some error programs or some programs that conflict with each other, it may also cause the pink screen of death, so try uninstalling the error programs.

  • Enter safe mode.
  • Open the control panel.
  • Click Programs and Features.
  • Look for error programs, especially recently installed programs.
  • Double-click to uninstall the program or right-click to uninstall it.

After uninstalling the bug or programming suspiciously, restart the computer in normal mode.

Change a monitor under test

If you use a laptop and the above 2 solutions can't solve it, you can try using a desktop monitor to test it. Maybe the laptop screen has some error. Try connecting the desktop monitor to the laptop using the VGA cable or the HDMI cable. And of course, you have to configure the external monitor as a laptop screen.

If the external monitor looks good, maybe your laptop screen is wrong or broken, or the cable is broken. Try to contact the official repair shop to repair or replace a new screen.

Set your monitor settings as default

After testing, if you find that the other monitor shows as normal as opposed to your screen, your monitor is probably having problems, for example, you have carelessly changed its settings.

On this occasion, you can also choose to restore Windows display settings to default. To do that, you need to find the Menu button on your monitor, which is often located next to the Power button, and then change the settings to the default with the arrow keys.

After finding the factory reset option in the middle of the screen, determined to press it in the hope that the pink computer screen of death (PSOD) can be resolved.

Of course, if you know how to install Windows 10 system, you can do a clean install of Windows 10, this can help you To Restore Laptop Screen Color to Normal Windows 10 Mode

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