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In this increasingly great era, we can access various waivers with just one click. One of them is by containing publicity, did you know that now you can easily do publicity versus your own, just by using a computer.

Microsoft has been launching Microsoft Publisher for a long time, including this software that has been around since 2010, and until now Microsoft continues to update various features that are equated with increasingly great times.

The interesting thing about Microsoft Publisher is that you can easily create various types of publicity for free, aka without taking any fees. Plus, Microsoft Publisher itself is included in one of the software from the Microsoft Office group.

In this opportunity, we will review Microsoft Publisher versus 2019, which was launched the other day. Unlike the original version, in this place, there are various types of new looks and the addition of some good features that you can use.

Attractive Features of Microsoft Publisher 2019

Microsoft Publisher 2019 is a side software of Microsoft Office, which you can use as software to create publicity for free. Here, you can create various types of publicity, such as magazines, newspapers, posters, circulars, to the most interesting calendar.

Usually, companies will create a calendar versus their own, where there is a brand and design that represents the company. Nach, you can do this by using Microsoft Publisher 2019. The trick is also easy, you need to create a new Tab, then select Calendar, and choose the calendar design you want, easy and efficient.

In more detail, here we collect many other interesting advantages of Microsoft Publisher 2019 software, read below:

Easy and Free Access

What's interesting about Microsoft Publisher 2019 is that this software is part of Microsoft Office, which is usually there automatically when you install Microsoft Office on a PC or Netbook. So you can easily access it, besides that you can use its features for free.

Office Button

Well, in this menu, you can connect various types of waivers to save the design results, here you can create new tabs, save tabs until you decide to print the design results easily.


You can use Microsoft Publisher 2019 to make a magazine design easily, you can write text on the contents of the magazine by adding some Headings to it. You can add an image that fits in place.

Publication Pattern

Here, you can set the side for the content pattern you want to create. You name it, such as Page Options, Color, set the Font type, and there are many more. This menu is directly related to the arrangement of pages to the margins of content such as magazines and newspapers.

Menu Tabs

In this menu, you can use it to insert an image using the Insert menu, you can insert a table by selecting the Table menu until the Change menu replaces the image as desired.

Download Microsoft Publisher 2019 Latest

Now, Microsoft Publisher has come in the 2019 version which of course has a difference in terms of appearance, for its worksheets have an interactive appearance and can be provided with several good features in the ribbon section.

You can use Microsoft Publisher 2019 to create designs for various publication needs. Download the latest and free Microsoft Publisher 2019 for Windows via the link below:

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