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AES Crypt is a software algorithm that is used to encrypt data. Then the data can only be read by someone who has the key or encrypts the data. Encryption is a technical process by converting information into a secret code.

Their encryption allows to obscure the data you receive, send, or you put. Actually, an algorithm can be used to generate random data. In the future, the receiving faction will return the scrambled data by using an encryption key.

Thus the person who receives the data can understand the data or information he receives. The message that has not been encrypted is called plaintext. In the meantime, the encrypted message is named ciphertext.

Features in AES Crypt

Of course, you have files that are important or even confidential. You don't want someone to know about the file or even access it carelessly. Therefore, you need to secure your files via AES Crypt software.

With AES Crypt, no one can connect to the data you encrypt. Only you or some people who know the encryption key can open it. AES Crypt software works by taking advantage of the position of the byte matrix.

The size of the matrix is ​​4 x 4 which is called state. AES will do the iteration on the next form conversion will convert from plaintext to ciphertext. Using AES Crypt software is quite easy.

While you may need to use it at first, you won't have much trouble. What's more, AES Crypt is free software. You can use it freely without worrying about being burdened with subscriptions. Some of the features in AES Crypt include:

  • AES Crypt allows you to encrypt files with high security
  • Only you can open the file when you have the encryption key again
  • AES Crypt as software that is easy to use. Does not require special power to run the menu that is in it
  • Has a file capacity that is not large to make it lightweight software. You don't even need to use a device with special details
  • AES Crypt can perform its role well on many versions of Windows OS

Download Latest AES Crypt

That's the information about AES Crypt. The software you need right now to secure your important files. That way, the file will be safe from some people who try to access it.

You just enter the keyword about 16 digits. Make sure the keywords are only recognizable and difficult for someone to guess. Download the latest and free AES Crypt via the following link:

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