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Microsoft is one of the companies that have launched a lot of software that is most helpful for human tasks, until, in today's digital age, various tasks are carried out using the software. One of them is using software from Microsoft.

When creating various types of documents, you need software that you can use easily if in the past we needed a typewriter, but it really lacks features because you don't make a mistake.

Nowadays, you can easily create documents using the help of a computer or netbook, just as we know if the computer has a keyboard that you can use to type documents.

However, this can't be done if you don't use software contributions, one of which is the software currently being used by some people, namely Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is software that you can use to write and print documents without restrictions.

But, what if you lose an archived Word document, and can't find it? Computers are equipped with features that can search documents or archives with a special search engine. However, this will only look for the document title, not the contents.

DocFetcher Features and Benefits

The good news for us finally launched software that can easily find the contents of a content document, DocFetcher a special software that you can use to search for content in Microsoft Word.

You may have lost a document in that it describes certain content, but by using a computer search engine you will only find an archive that matches the title, not the contents.

By using DocFetcher, you can type a word that is in a document that has disappeared, DocFetcher will automatically search for content according to the word you noted. In more detail, here are many other interesting advantages of DocFetcher, read below:

Content Search

You can use DocFetcher to search for content in a document, so when you type a word, what you want is the content of the relevant content, not the title of the document.

Preview Tab

To help you in finding documents, here is a tab that contains a preview of the document that matches the content you are looking for so that you are not wrong or wrong when looking for the right content.

Find Location

Another best feature of DocFetcher is the search for exact location feature, by using the Find Location feature, in addition to getting the appropriate content you are looking for, you can easily find the storage location of the document.

Generally, we tend to forget to set the appropriate storage space, in the end, we are wrong in saving the document and forgetting it. With this feature, once you find a document, you can search for its location.

Download the Latest DocFetcher

DocFetcher is the software that most helps you in finding documents and content, unlike the standard Windows search engine that can only search for the title of the document. Because of that DocFetcher can search for the contents of the document you are looking for, so it is really optimal and more effective in finding archived documents. Download the latest and free DocFetcher for Windows via the link below:

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