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AirDC++ is a software that allows its users to be able to share files using a Peer-to-Peer system. This system itself is a system used to create a computer network, using more than two computer devices.

With this Peer-to-Peer feature, each connected computer can easily share whatever files they send. Apart from sending, this Peer-to-Peer system can also be used to retrieve files.

However, what if you create a Peer-to-Peer network with computers in remote locations? Or even different countries? You can do this using Wireless P2P, you can easily create this Peer-to-Peer network using special software.

One of them is using AirDC++. In AirDC++, there is a term Hubs, where you can join using other AirDC++, and various shared files.

Features and Advantages of AirDC++

AirDC++ is a complex piece of software, which allows its users to share files and connect using Hubs with other AirDC++ users. Then create a P2P network without connecting a computer directly.

The great thing about AirDC++ is that you can join Hubs from all over the world, meet new people, and have unlimited archives. AirDC++ is equipped with professional features that can send large data sizes.

Registered, AirDC++ itself you can use to send data up to more than 1 Terabyte. This site is of course very large, really suitable for those who want to share computer programs with large size.

Interested? For those of you who are interested, here are some other interesting advantages of AirDC++, one of which is:

No Regional Limits

P2P ideas may only be recognized by computer networks in the same area, or may not be far away. However, in AirDC++ you can connect P2P networks all over the world without regional boundaries.

Real-Time Monitoring

AirDC++ is equipped with features that can provide real-time information for you. This is useful to be able to view shared archives, are they still valid or not.

Sharing Different Directories

AirDC++ allows you to share files across directories and Hubs or other spaces, so there's no limit for you to connect files.

Secure Encryption

This software is safe to use, where there is very little data leakage. Because AirDC++ uses NMDC and ACD encryption. Thus, the shared program or data is kept safe when transferred.

Download the Latest AirDC++

For those of you who often use services from Peer-to-Peer networks from various different bases, here the interface appearance of AirDC++ is almost the same. Where you can see the origin of Regions, Hubs, to connect data in other directories.

AirDC++ is software that allows users to connect to P2P networks from all over the world, so you can connect unlimited data and share programs. Download the latest and free AirDC++ for Windows via the link below:

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