Best Way To Manage Multiple Email Accounts

Best Way To Manage Multiple Email Accounts - Hello friends, this time will share a tutorial on how to manage multiple email accounts at once and it's very easy, Why do you need multiple emails?

The reason many people still use email is first that it's free, then business communication, there is also the need for social media. This article will be very useful for those of you who manage multiple emails for all your needs

Alright, just in this article uses Thunderbird as an application to manage multiple emails on Windows, besides being very easy to use Thunderbird, you can enter multiple accounts at once.

What is Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a mail client application (MUA – Mail User Agent) that functions the same as Outlook Express, Eudora Mail, Evolution, Sylpheed, and the like. Thunderbird is a derivative product of Mozilla. At first, Mozilla always packaged its applications with a Browser and Mail Client. However, Mozilla is trying to break down its product and make it much more attractive and lightweight. The Project Browser is named: Firefox, where the Project Mail Client is named: Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is produced for several operating systems, including Windows, Linux (Unix), or MacosX. Thunderbird has the ability to change themes and can be added with a plugin. Thunderbird can also import settings and mail from Outlook Express, Mozilla, or Netscape. Thunderbird can function as an RSS feeder, which is to read or check RSS-style blogs.

Mozilla Thunderbird Features

Email tab

Thunderbird has an interface similar to a web browser. The email will be opened in a new tab so the user can read the entire email.

Contact book

Thunderbird allows users to add new contacts to the contact book.

Multiple channel chat

Thunderbird allows users to communicate in real-time using social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, and others.


Thunderbird allows users to customize their emails with additional functionality or to enhance their style.

Change folder

Thunderbird allows users to create new folders or rename existing folders.

Spam/phishing protection

Thunderbird has the ability to protect your account from annoying spam or phishing.

Advantages of Mozilla Thunderbird

Has a Tab Feature that allows you to display e-mail in multitab, just like the Mozilla Firefox Browser. This is an innovative breakthrough and makes it easier for users to read e-mails.

Has a search feature that is both multitab and equipped with filters and indexes that allow you to search for the desired e-mail more quickly.

Has an Archive feature to fill in e-mails that you still need and will save.

It has additional features such as the ability to change the e-mail theme as well as a myriad of add-ons that can be installed in the Thunderbird application.

Disadvantages of Thunderbird

Since it is not a Microsoft product, Mozilla Thunderbird Outlook does not have a cross-functional program with Microsoft Office products such as Word and Excel. Also, while Outlook also includes task scheduling and software, Mozilla Thunderbird is just a news and email client.

How to Use Mozilla Thunderbird to manage multiple emails

Mozilla Thunderbird is based on open source or free, you can use it freely

Download Thunderbird

After the installation is complete, run the program via a shortcut on the desktop or search for it from the start menu, usually, after the installation is complete, the Account Wizard display will appear, select the email account menu to create an email client service.

Then fill in the requested data such as your name, email address, and password. Then press the Continue button.

In the next window specify the configuration options for the protocol you want to use, POP3 or IMAP. A slight difference between POP3 vs IMAP is fundamental, if you choose the POP3 protocol (Post Office Protocol version 3) then all the emails you want to open and read will be downloaded and stored on the computer that is used and can be reopened without an internet connection. As for the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) protocol, apart from downloading, an email will be stored on the server and there is synchronization between email clients.

Or you just let it autofill

When finished setting press the login button, and done. You can view your email accounts in the pane shown to the left of the Thunderbird app.

To login to another account, just click login email

After logging in with all the emails you need, then back up all the login info in the Thunderbird data folder


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