How To Get A .Me Domain

How To Get A .Me Domain - My post this time is sharing tricks on how to get or claim a free domain from NameCheap. Who doesn't want a free domain? I'm sure every webmaster wants it for their website to make it look more professional

What Is The .Me Domain

.me is a private domain. The .me domain name will highlight one thing: you. It's an invitation to get to know yourself and the things you do. Potential buyers of this eye-catching domain to showcase portfolio include:

  • Visual artist
  • Graphic designer
  • Web developer
  • Photographer
  • Writer

But it's not just those who can use the .me domain. You can also use it to show everything you like. You just need a great idea and the will to make your work known to the world (and we know you have both).

Why register .me?

You are a person, not a company. Your career is in your hands. No need to be afraid of being late or worrying about superiors who are always watching. With a .me domain, you're in control. You decide the goals and how to achieve them.

When you get the right domain, it will be a promising start for your brand. Imagine how great it would be to have a custom email address ending in a .me domain. This domain will let people know who to contact for great ideas.

Domains for individuals and freelancers

When people evaluate individual providers of goods and services, this is different from businesses. You are not an unknown entity and potential customers will consider their personal relationship with you.

After all, nothing is more reassuring than getting to know someone personally. Show your presence. Tell everyone. Your decision to buy .me can determine many things. Getting this great domain is one of the most important aspects of your brand. There's no mistaking it, you're the type who likes face-to-face communication.

How To Get A .Me Domain

  • Please visit the site Namecheap for students

Free Domain .Me

  • Enter the domain name you want then check its availability, in this article I created the domain
  • If available, click add then click complete order next to it to continue the check out process

  • Enter your edu / student email address in the email column then click finish

  • Check the incoming message section, you should see a verification link, please click it to verify student email ownership

  • The dot me domain has been successfully claimed, now all you have to do is log in to your Namecheap account. If you don't have one, please create it first
  • After logging in to your Namecheap dashboard account, you will immediately see the order confirmation page display, please click confirm the order

That's the tutorial on how to get a .me domain, for a list of campus emails or student emails that Namecheap accepts, click here

Any question? write in comments
This tutorial is for educational purposes only
if this tutorial doesn't work please comment, will update soon

Video Tutorial

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