How To Instal Git

How To Instal Git - What is Git and Why is it Important?

Git is a tool that is often used in software development projects, Git has even become a tool that must be understood by programmers because it is widely used everywhere, On this occasion, we will learn Git from the ground up.

This article will only discuss the introduction of Git only. and how to instal git, To learn more about Git, I've provided a link at the end.

Get to know Git

Git is a version control system (Version Control System) is a software project created by Linus Torvalds.

The version controller is in charge of recording every change to the project file that is done by many people or alone.

Git is also known as distributed revision control (distributed VCS), meaning that the Git database is stored not only in one place.

Everyone involved in coding the project will maintain a Git database, making it easier to manage projects both online and offline.

In Git there is a merge to call the activity of merging code.

Whereas in VCS (Version Control System) centralized… the database is stored in one place and any changes are stored there.

Centralized VCS has several drawbacks:

  1. All teams must be connected to the network to access the source code;
  2. Stored in one place, what if the server has a problem?

Because of this, Git is here to cover the drawbacks of a centralized VCS.

What does Git do?

Git will actually monitor all changes made to the project files. Then save it into the database.

Before using Git:

After using Git:

What's the difference?

When we want to save all changes to a file, we usually create a new file with "save as". Then, the files will accumulate in the project directory as in the illustration above.

But after using Git

There will be only one file in the project and the changes are saved in the database.

Git will only save the delta changes, it will not save the entire contents of the file which will take up a lot of memory.

Git lets us revert to the revised version we want.

Why is Git Important?

So apart from version control, git is also used for collaboration.

Currently, Git is one of the most popular tools used in developing open source and closed source software.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and various other giant companies use Git.

So, for those of you who have dreams of wanting to work there, then you must be able to Git.

In addition, here are some benefits that you will feel after you can use Git.

  • Can store all versions of source code;
  • Can understand how to collaborate in projects;
  • Can contribute to open-source projects;
  • It is safer to use for collaboration because we can know what was changed and who changed it.
  • Can understand how to deploy modern applications;
  • Can create a blog with SSG.

How To Install Git Clone

Here are some ways to install git on various operating systems ranging from the window, Debian, fedora, mac

How To Download Git On Windows

Installing Git on Windows is not like Linux, where you type the command directly installed.

Download Git

install git windows

  • Then double click the downloaded Git installer file.
  • Then the Git license information will appear, click Next
  • Next, determine the installation location. Then click Next
  • Next is the selection of components, leave it like this then click Next
  • Next, select the start menu directory, click Next
  • Next is the PATH Environment setting. Select the middle one so that git commands can be recognized in Command Prompt (CMD). After that click Next>.
  • Next is the line-ending conversion. Just leave it like this, then click Next
  • Next is the terminal emulator selection. Just select the one below, then click Next
  • Next is the selection of extra options. Just click Next
  • Next is the selection of experimental options, just click Install to start the installation.
  • When finished, we can immediately click Finish.

How To Install Git On Debian

sudo apt install git

sudo apt-get install git

How To Install Git On Fedora

sudo dnf install getopt

How To Install Git On Red Hat-based

sudo yum install git

How To Setup Git On Mac

Copy & paste the following into the terminal and hit Return

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"brew doctor

brew install git

Installing From Source

sudo dnf install dh-autoreconf curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel \ openssl-devel perl-devel zlib-devel

sudo apt-get install dh-autoreconf libcurl4-gnutls-dev libexpat1-dev \ gettext libz-dev libssl-dev

sudo dnf install asciidoc xmlto docbook2X

sudo apt-get install asciidoc xmlto docbook2x

How To Install Git In Python

Installing GitPython is easily done using pip. Assuming it is installed, just run the following from the command line:

pip install GitPython

How To Check Git Version

git --version

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