Easy Ways to Install WordPress on an Ubuntu VPS

Easy Ways to Install WordPress on Ubuntu - Hello friends, this article will review an easy way to install WordPress on the azure ubuntu VPS server but you can also install it on google cloud, digital ocean, Alibaba cloud or AWS ec2, after previously kuh.net made an article how to get a free domain name for 1 year, in this article akuh.net will use the previously created domain

But before starting in this tutorial I will use wordops

About WordOps

WordOps is an open-source DevOps tool specifically designed to make it easy to install, deploy, and administer servers for WordPress.

WordOps consists of several software, namely:

  • Nginx
  • PHP
  • MariaDB
  • Redis
  • WP-CLI
  • Netdata
  • Git
  • phpMyAdmin

Main features of WordPress:

  • Easy to install
  • Fast and automated in deployment
  • Customized Nginx
  • Multiple backend cache support
  • SSL/TLS from Let's Encrypt
  • Server monitoring with Netdata

WordOps Prerequisites

Before installing WordOps, we must first know the minimum device requirements needed.

WordOps can be installed on low-spec hardware such as the Raspberry Pi.

  • 100MB storage
  • 512 RAM

Recommended If you want to use WordOps for your production needs, it is recommended to use hardware with the following specifications:

  • Multi-core CPU
  • 20GB Storage
  • 2GB RAM

WordOps is also compatible with Ubuntu running on the Windows Linux Subsystem (WSL).

Operating system

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS /19.04 x86_64

Debian 9/10 x86_64

Raspbian 9/10 armv7


SSH: 22

HTTP: 80

HTTPS: 443

WordOps Backend: 22222

Install WordOps

This tutorial uses the Ubuntu 18.04 operating system from azure free 1 year

  • Root login

sudo su

  • Updates ubuntu 

apt update && apt upgrade -y

  • Install wget

apt install wget

  • Install wordops

wget -qO wo wops.cc && sudo bash wo

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