How to Make a Google Voice in Your Own Words

Google Voice has gone viral in recent years because it is often used for social media content. You're bound to see content with Google's voice more often than dubbing someone's original voice. Moreover, short videos on TikTok or Instagram usually use that unique Google voice.

Google's own voice is taken from the voice in Google Translate. Its main function is so that people can know the correct pronunciation or pronunciation of a foreign language. Now its uses are more diverse because it's easier to make Google voices in your own words.

Google Voice Benefits

Before discussing how to make a Google voice, you should first find out what the benefits of Google voice are. Here are some of them:

1. Voice of Social Media Content

Most of the people make Google voice in their own words for their social media content needs. The reason is that social media content is getting more and more diverse, starting from Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and so on. With Google's voice, you don't have to do the dubbing yourself.

2. Mobile Ringtones

In addition to voice content, Google's voice is also often used as a cellphone ringtone. You can make it as a WA ringtone, SMS, or even an alarm. The words alone of course make the ringtone sound unique.

3. Sending Voice Notes

If you want to send a voice note but don't want to find out that it's your voice, then you can use this Google voice. Not a few people who use this method to do this.

Tips for Making Good Google Voices

Now that you know the benefits of Google voice, here are some tips to make a good Google voice:

1. Write clear and easy-to-read text

The first tip is to use clear and easy-to-read text. Try not to use slang or language that the computer doesn't understand. The reason is that the computer can go wrong when reading it so that Google's voice results become weird.

2. Select the language according to the contents of the text

When making a Google voice, you have to choose a language. Make sure that what you choose matches the content of the text. The reason is that Google's voice will adjust the accent and pronunciation of the selected language. If it doesn't fit, of course it will sound weird.

How to Make Google Voice Without Apps

You can make Google voices without an app. Because you don't use an application, you can make it on a PC, computer, or tablet. Here are a few options:

  1. Situs

Here are the steps to make a Google voice with the site:

  1. Step 1: Enter the browser then visit the site or click link ini.

  2. Step 2: You will immediately be on the start page. Type the words that you want to make Google voice in the Text field.

  3. Step 3: Voice section of the website to select the language.

  4. Step 4: Press Submit.

  5. Step 5: Wait for the conversion process. If you want to listen, press Play, while to download press Download.

  6. Done.

  1. Situs

The method is actually almost the same, namely as follows:

  1. Step 1: Go to site or press link ini.

  2. Step 2: Type the words you want to change in the Text to Speech field.

  3. Step 3: Select the language in the Voice column.

  4. Step 4: Press Convert to Voice.

  5. Step 5: Download by pressing Download.

  6. Done.

  1. Situs

This site offers more unique sounds, including Spongebob and others. The steps for using are:

  1. Step 1: Go to site or click di sini.

  2. Step 2: Select the type of sound you want in the Category Filter.

  3. Step 3: Type the text you want to change.

  4. Step 4: Press Speak, then Download to download it.

  5. Done.

How to Make Google Voice with Apps

Those of you who use a smartphone can also make a Google voice using the following applications:

  1. Telegram

Who would have thought that the Telegram application could actually be used to make Google voices, the steps are:

  1. Step 1: Enter the Telegram app.

  2. Step 2: Press the search field then type @TTSBot.

  3. Step 3: Start using the bot by pressing Start.

  4. Step 4: Select Speak on the available menu. Then type your own words that you want. When finished press Send.

  5. Step 5: An audio file will appear. Press Play to listen and Download to download.

  6. Done.

  1. Narrator’s Voice

Narrator's Voice is an Android-based application that you can download on the Play Store. The steps for using Narrator's Voice are as follows:

  1. Step 1: Download and install the Narrator's Voice app via link ini.

  2. Step 2: Enter the app, then select the three dot icon on the top left.

  3. Step 3: Select the Configuration menu, then select Articuno (Effect).

  4. Step 4: Go back to the homepage and then type the words in the available fields.

  5. Step 5: Test Google voice results by pressing the Play logo.

  6. Step 6: If it is OK, download it by pressing the button on the right. Don't forget to name the file.

  7. Done.

  1. TikTok

This method can be used for those of you who want to use Google voice as a voice for TikTok content. The steps to make a Google voice with TikTok are:

  1. Step 1: Sign in to TikTok app then create content.

  2. Step 2: Select the Text menu and add the text you want. When finished press Done.

  3. Step 3: Press the text again, wait for Text-to-Speech to appear. If there is, click on the option.

  4. Done.

But unfortunately this method can only be used for TikTok content. You cannot download it for other content needs.

How to Install Google Sounds as WA Ringtones

Already have a Google voice file in your own words? You can set it as a ringtone with the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Move the Google sound file that you have downloaded to the Ringtones section in Internal Storage. In addition to this method, you can go to Settings, Sound and Vibrations, then Ringtone. In the Ringtone section, press the Add sign at the top right and then add the Google sound file earlier.

  2. Step 2: After that, enter the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.

  3. Step 3: Open the chat page, then press the three dots on the top right.

  4. Step 4: Select Settings or Settings if you want to change the ringtone.

  5. Step 5: In the notification menu, change the ringtone in the form of the Google voice that you added earlier.

  6. Done.


#1. Can MP3 be used as a ringtone other than WA?

The Google sound results that you make can not only be used for WA ringtones. You can use it for everything including SMS ringtones, alarms, and more. If you want to make an alarm ringtone, all you have to do is make the words as needed.

#2. Are the sites and apps safe?

Don't worry, the applications you use can be downloaded via the Play Store. So it can be said if the application is a safe application. It's the same as a secure site.

#3. Is there only one type of voice to choose from?

In some applications or sites, there is a choice of sound. So not only one voice can be used. The more votes, the more diverse content you can create.


That's a discussion about how to make a Google voice in your own words. Google Voice does have a lot of benefits, it's no wonder it's mostly done for specific needs. You can try one of the methods above because they are all equally easy.

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