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Providing protection for PC devices is very important, to avoid the various dangers of viruses that target. In this article, we will review one of the multi-functional software, which in addition can secure your PC, can provide optimization, and other premium services.

Total AV is a versatile software that offers many interesting advantages. This software is planned to be able to provide protection from virus terror, this software can easily find out and block all access from Malware and Ransomware viruses.

This virus is the most common virus we encounter, whether it's from using the internet to transferring data. More than that, Total AV provides an attractive service from their advanced features.

Total AV is equipped with a Virtual Private Network or VPN feature, which you can use to surf the internet anonymously or anonymously. Total AV will hide your ID and IP address easily and safely.

Features and Advantages of Total AV

Total AV is a versatile software that offers many interesting features, which makes Total AV often used is because it offers the All in One feature in a single software.

Think, you can save more space in storage and RAM by using one software. Total AV is given the power to clean your storage from junk, VPN, Antivirus, privacy protection, to optimize PC performance.

Very good right? By using only one software, you can easily take advantage of its versatile and of course important features for PCs. Nach for those of you who want to know, there are many other interesting advantages of Total AV, one of which is as follows:

Anti Virus

Total AV is equipped with antivirus features that you can use for free, this service you can use to clean and protect your PC from the terror of Malware and Ransomware viruses.

Free VPN

Surfing the internet anonymously is one of the best features of a VPN. If you want to use a VPN service, you don't need to use 3rd party software. Because now Total AV is equipped with advanced features for their VPN.

Maximize Storage

Is your storage room full? It could be because it supports the garbage from your browsing activities on the internet using a browser. Nach, easy cleaning of trash in storage by using the Delete Junk feature of Total AV.

Privacy Protection

We use the browser service to login to social media accounts or banking. Nach, this method is certainly not safe if it is not equipped with a strict protection, hackers may use your personal data irresponsibly.

Total AV is equipped with a privacy protection feature, Total AV will automatically save your account Username and Password, you don't need to enter your account login manually because Total AV is equipped with an Automatic Login feature.

Download Latest AV Total

You can use Total AV itself for PCs with the operating mechanism of Windows 7, 8, 10, and the latest Windows 11. In addition, Total AV can be operated smoothly on macOS and Linux.

Secure your PC device from the language of hackers, viruses, and maximize PC performance now you can easily do. Total AV is one of the best solutions for the convenience and security of your data, this software is equipped with garbage cleaning in your storage space. Download the latest and free Total AV for Windows via the link below:

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