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Backing up archives can usually take a variety of steps, one of the most common being using a Flash Drive. However, many complain about the capacity of using Flash Drive.

Usually, Flash Drives have a smaller capacity. Not to mention the number of cases when the Flash Drive is not successfully connected and saves the archive, resulting in corruption. Of course, it makes computer users ask for simpler alternatives.

The digital age is increasingly developing, allowing us to easily solve various problems more easily, including storage. Nowadays, we have been spoiled with digital-based storage, or generally more closely called Cloud services.

You are free to choose what base you use to store personal data, usually, you have to subscribe to get this server-based storage.

MozyHome is one of the bases that you can use to store important data or archives, interestingly, you can use this service for free to store your various data.

Features and Advantages of MozyHome

Service Cloud is one of the solutions in today's digital era, therefore using a Cloud service you can easily store large data, not only that but you get many functions that are not provided by a Flash Drive or external HDD.

The advantage given by MozyHome as one of the digital storage services is the effectiveness when used. Think, you don't need to forget to bring a Flash Drive, you need to remember the MozyHome account username and password.

MozyHome makes it easy for you to connect data remotely, so when you use another device, you need to access it using a username and password, easy right?

For those of you who are curious, here are many other interesting advantages of MozyHome, one of which is as follows:

Free 2GB Storage

For those of you who register at MozyHome for the first time, you have free access to storage of up to 2 GB without the same subscription. This size includes large for storing document data such as Word, Excel, to PPT.

Data Security

MozyHome uses data security with 128-bit and 448-bit Blowfish encryption. This security is very high and has the least chance of hacking. Your data is also safely placed in MozyHome.

Netbook/PC/Server Backup

MozyHome itself is usually used for those in large companies because it can easily perform backups on computers that have problems. Therefore, it is not surprising that MozyHome is often used by large companies in the IT sector.

Because MozyHome can make it easier for you to store all the data that is on your netbook/PC, because of its reliable remote feature, this makes MozyHome really needed.

Download MozyHome Latest

MozyHome is software with a large enough storage, even though you have to update a premium service to get unlimited storage access.

But another role is that MozyHome can remotely PC and save all the data on it. Download the latest and free MozyHome for Windows via the link below:

Download Here
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